Nissan ‘No Charge to Charge’ For LEAF Expands To Hawaii

DEC 15 2018 BY MARK KANE 36

2 years of free charging of the new Nissan LEAF in Hawaii

We didn’t hear much about the NissanNo Charge to Charge’ promotion in the past two years, although it’s not only still running but even expanding to Hawaii in partnership with Greenlots, EVgo and Hawaiian electric companies.

The “No Charge to Charge” (NCTC) is for customers who purchase or lease a new Nissan LEAF from certified dealers. It enables free charging (AC and DC) for up to two years from participating charging networks.

In the case of Hawaii, NCTC works retroactively for purchases/leases done after Nov. 1, 2018.

The “No Charge to Charge” was launched in 2015 and at the time it was a major incentive for LEAFs. Currently, the promotion covers 55 markets across the U.S. and according to Nissan – is accessible to 93% of LEAF owners.

“Nissan North America, Greenlots, Inc., and EVgo are bringing the popular “No Charge to Charge” (NCTC) promotion to the Hawaiian Electric Companies’ service territory. It provides up to two years of free fast-charging for those who purchase or lease a new Nissan LEAF from certified dealers in Hawaii after Nov. 1, 2018. A fast charger can fill a LEAF battery pack from empty to 80 percent in 30 to 45 minutes.”

“Anyone who purchased or leased a Nissan LEAF after Nov. 1, 2018, at a participating dealership can receive one complimentary 30-minute DC fast charging session per day for two years.

Participating Hawaii stations, marked with an EZ-Charge logo, are at the following locations:

Hawaiian Electric Ward Avenue office

Maui Electric Kahului office
Haiku Shopping Center

Hawaii Island
Hawaii Electric Light Hilo and Kona offices
Waimea KTA
The Shops at Mauna Lani
Keaau Shopping Center
Papaaloa Country Store”

Brian Maragno, director, EV Sales and Marketing, Nissan North America said:

“As a pioneer in bringing affordable EVs to the mass market, Nissan understands that EV owners want to be confident in their ability to drive longer distances. With the ‘No Charge to Charge’ program, Nissan is making public charging easier and more accessible to LEAF drivers in Hawaii.”

Jonathan Levy, EVgo vice president of strategic initiatives said:

“EVgo is committed to make it easier and more practical for EV owners to drive their EVs, and Nissan has been a leader in doing just that for LEAF drivers. This is a continuation of what is already a fantastic partnership with Nissan to bring fast charging to LEAF owners from Hartford to Hawaii, and EVgo looks forward to continuing to expand our fast charging network as more American drivers go electric.”

Lin-Zhuang Khoo, Greenlots senior vice president said:

“Part of our mission at Greenlots is to partner with utilities and automakers to make consumer-friendly EV charging programs a reality around the world. Our grid-connected fast chargers will be installed across Oahu, Maui and Hawaii islands as a part of this project, and both locals and tourists alike will benefit from the ease and flexibility that allows them to drive an EV around the islands worry-free.”

Brennon Morioka, Hawaiian Electric electrification of transportation director said:

“We’re happy to partner with Nissan to provide charging solutions to new Nissan LEAF owners. We are always eager to work with EV manufacturers and dealers to encourage adoption by Hawaii residents and this promotion comes at no cost to our customers.”

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Great idea! Because Hawaii has vast land mass where people drive thousand miles from home, they really need to clog up the whole island with bunch of free charging Leaf. You people in Hawaii will really appreciate waiting for Leafs.

Free charging SUCKS!!!!!

I don’t get why you are so negative.
First, Hawaii probably has a great temperature range for Nissan batteries.

Second, Hawaii is moving to wind and solar power and anything that reduce the need to import oil is a good thing.

Third, the islands are not that large, with a full charge one should be able to go anywhere you want to go.

Fourth, Leafs are smaller cars, and one thing I understand Hawaii does not need is more big cars.

There are several plugshare comments that lament that they will not get another EV thanks to all them free charging Leafs clogging up chargers after Leaf’s tapered to nothing. Great way to promote EV, show people how awful it is to use public chargers.

Sucks to be them.

But on the same token where I live there are a lot of Chevy bolts clogging up the quick charge stations. A lot of them are Lyft drivers renting their Bolts through a service that includes free charging. So they drive around all day and charge for free all day. The other day there was a Chevy bolt clogging up the charger for over an hour at a 100% and 15 kWh hours dispensed. Meanwhile I was in-and-out of there with my BMW and picked up 23 kW in my 30 minute session with the Bolt driver no where to be seen. If that was the only CCS outlet I would have ticked.

If only you knew what charging stations are like in Southern California. You got Bolt slow charging all the way to 90% SOC and leaf just topping up to 100% while owners go shopping in Walmart.

I’ve seen too many leaf owners plugging at DCFC so that they could get great parking space while topping off their 95% SOC battery.

Not out here in the IE. The chargers are usually empty.

I use to work in the IE. I’m probably the first EV owner around that region. The EvGo in Ontario Mills Mall is always full. I would drive down to Upland to charge.

It’s the American way. Extreme rudeness expressed as little to no consideration of others.

You need to travel more…

The Leaf is a great car but free charging at dealers sucks. ICE blocking, broken equiment and rude Nissan saleman/dealers detracts from EV ownerships that it’s worse than paying for electricty.

I read the title and imagine you shaking your fist in the air screaming, “FREE CHARGING SUCKS!”

Free charging SUCKS!!!!! will be on my tombstone. Another day closer to my grave, and I have to waste time waiting for them free chargers.

Fitting epitaph for a nutjob.

Those who want free charging are the real nutjobs. You have to be nuts to think there’s anything for free or that free charging doesn’t suck.

Go see a therapist.

Save us from your repeated posts of the same negatively.

So charging could be free, but the car owner should be charged money once the car has finished charging and sits there more than 10 minutes. Even if the taxi owner leave the car the car owners will quickly change things once they start getting billed.

PS. Set it so all cars belong to owner can not charge is the bill is not paid after a certain number of days.

Some people are never satisfied… Sheesh. You must really, really hate those Tesla drivers who have free Supercharging then (sic)
Kudos to Nissan for doing this.

I use to hate Tesla for walling off other EVs on their charging network, then i got a BEV and completely understand why they did it. Tesla, don’t ever let others charge on your network.

I’m about ready to join the darkside.

There have already been reports of Model 3 owners clogging up Superchargers in the evening hours in California, apparently because the owner demographic includes more younger people who don’t have a place to charge where they live or work. They haven’t yet settled down and bought houses with a garage, and instead live in condos or apartments.

Seems likely. I know there was one guy on You Tube who lives in his Tesla. I think it’s Model X, it’s his home, for about 6 months.

Do Not Read Between The Lines

He’s pointing out the capacity problems caused by free charging meaning that people will occupy chargers for far longer than they otherwise would. Capacity is the fundamental charging challenge.

Even a beat up 8 year old leaf with half a battery would be good enough for most people there. These EV networks of course like any other technology will move through the cycle of development. As that cycle goes over the hump inevitably there’s a survival of the fittest, most die, and there is standardization. Emperically the evolution of technology isn’t any different than the evolution of living things. And a necessary part of that evolution is a myriad of different business models that will ultimately sort themselves out. One thing that generally tends to get in the way of this natural process is the government. Fuel cell vehicles are a great example of that. That should have died out already if a few specimens weren’t being held in captivity on a breeding program free from the dangers of the real world extinction risk. But I digress. First of all, it would seem to me that the actual need of fast charging in Hawaii is very low. Semi-ubiquitous level 2 chargers in store parking lots should be great plenty. It just becomes habitual. Go get groceries? Plug it in for the 30 min you are in the store. Go… Read more »

Mahalo to Nissan and the Greenlots and EVgo DC Fastcharging infrastructure, that’s now going to allow FREE juice ups for 24 months, after purchase or lease, for New Leafs in Hawaii!

Nissan sales dropped 9% in China and 20% in USA last month. End of Nissan has started.
They are selling Leaf as low volume car.
Release Mr. Carlos Ghosn.

I will never buy another Nissan because of how they have treated Carlos Ghosn and Greg Kelley.

They will deeply regret it.

Do Not Read Between The Lines

Every month somewhere Leaf sales drop, and every month somewhere Leaf sales rise.
You have to look at its global sales.

Don’t buy a Leaf!!!! I have a Leaf that I bought in 2011 and live in Reno Nevada. The battery is now down to almost half capacity at only 45000 miles making it completely worthless for most of my driving. I called the dealer and they want to charge me $200 to test the battery and “if it fails” they will allow me order a replacement for over $8600. The dealer will only give me between $3000 and 4$000 for my car if I buy a new Leaf. In sum I paid over $36000 for a car that is completely useless after only 45000 miles. Nissan should be ashamed of how badly they support their products these days. They didn’t used to be like that. I will never buy another NIssan product again and will tell everyone I lnow how little they care about customers or their own products.

It isn’t so much the LEAF drivers slurping up free charging as it is rude non electric car drivers parking in charger spaces where I live. For some reason tne EV chargers are usually given primo parking spots close to business entrances (well, probably in reality because it reduces the expense of the wire needed to reach the charger). Of course, those spots are routinely picked off by rude drivers – I actually had an ICE driver tell me he parked in EV charger spots because he felt EV drivers get too much free stuff. Huh?, it’s not even worth trying to have a cogent discussion with the holder of such spurious notions; just move on. It would be better off to have the EV chargers at the back of parking lots or have meaningful enforcement to keep non electric cars out. Additionally chargers should have a mechanism to indicate to law enforcement when EVs are occupying the charger but not charging so tickets could issued similar to parking at expired parking meters. A proactive approach would be for some EV advocacy organization to educate business associations the true cost of installing and operating level-2 chargers. A level-2 charger can… Read more »

Your situation is unfortunate. 2011 and 2012 Leafs did particularly poorly in hot climates. I think a a Leaf with a newer battery would not have degraded as badly.

What, it wasn’t in Hawaii until now? We’ve had it in WA since 2014, and Hawaii runs close to WA in the race for #2 most EVs per capita after #1 California.

Because in Hawaii it’s effectively pointless? Oahu is only about 50 miles across the entire thing.

Right. Then one has to wonder who’ll use free charging? Almost all of them will be locals who can otherwise charge at home. These people will sit there for full 30 minutes, some even for hours, wasting everyone’s time.

One might think apt dwellers, but once they get a taste of waiting at charger for bunch of free charging Leaf tapered to nothing, you can be sure whatever interest they had in EV will be gone.

Free charging is the best way to kill EV adoption!

Assaf, didn’t think Nissan sold the Leaf in Western Australia, are you in Perth?

WA = Washington State in US. I think he said in some other comment post about WA state.

I have a PHEV and I use free charge stations at times, I have no problems unplugging a fully charged car and no issue with someone unplugging mine. I am in Colorado and usually they have long cables on 2 chargers with 4 spaces available.