Nissan New Mobility Concept (aka Renault Twizy) Available To Rent In San Francisco

OCT 19 2015 BY MARK KANE 16

Nissan New Mobility Concept

Nissan New Mobility Concept

Renault Twizy, in the form of the Nissan New Mobility Concept, finally hits the U.S.

10 units of the tiny 2-seater are available to rent right now at the Scoot Networks fleet in San Francisco. They are now called the Scoot Quad.

The cost: $8 per half-hour or $80 per day

It’s too early to say if Nissan considers this it’s second zero emission model on the market, as for now the Nissan New Mobility Concept was delivered just for this research project.

Range of the Nissan New Mobility Concept is 40 miles/64 km according to Nissan, while top speed is 25 mph (40 km/h) – so this equivalent to the lesser Twizy Urban 40 (Renault offers the Twizy in a Urban 80 trim as well – as in top speed of 80 km/h or 50 mph).

“The Scoot Quad joins the Scoot family of light electric vehicles — including a classic electric moped and a larger cargo outfit — and it is Scoot’s first foray on four wheels. The Scoot fleet is currently comprised of 400 customized electric scooters that go up to 30 mph and have a range of 20 to 25 miles. San Francisco residents use Scoots for a variety of activities such as quick commutes across town, running errands or as a fun way to explore the city.”

“Now, with the addition of the Scoot Quad to the Scoot Networks fleet, Nissan will be evaluating the role electric vehicles will play as transportation options and needs continue to evolve.

Bay Area residents can join Scoot and rent Scoot Quads starting Oct. 17. Riders simply use the Scoot Networks app — offered on both iOS and Android devices — to find the nearest Scoot Quad. Rides start at $8 per half-hour or $80 per day.”

Rachel Nguyen, executive director, Nissan Future Lab said:

“As large cities continue to grow into megacities globally, we need to understand how transportation is changing and look ahead to anticipate what transportation needs will look like in the future. Scoot Networks is an ideal partner in this research project because they are fulfilling a need that has emerged in the San Francisco market, and they share a similar commitment to zero-emissions mobility.”

Michael Keating, founder and CEO, Scoot Networks said:

“Scoot isn’t just for scooters. If it’s small, electric and fun, you will be able to find it in the Scoot app and ride it all over the city. We are proud to partner with Nissan to make a new form of urban electric mobility available to our riders.”

Link to the Scoot Networks

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“that go up to 30 mph”. Not legally. NEVs are limited to 25 MPH in most states (including California). Some states allow them to go up to 35mph.

25 MPH is too damn slow.

We seriously need a new classification that would allow vehicles like this to drive on city streets at city speeds.

In Europe it goes 50mph (tuned version 65mph!) and had has 62 miles rated range, 50 miles in practice.

If you read the whole sentence, the 30mph refers to their scooters (two wheeled step through moped like things) not these Renault(nissan) Twizy NEVs. The article clearly stated that the model we received here is only capable of 25 mph.
“The Scoot fleet is currently comprised of 400 customized electric scooters that go up to 30 mph and have a range of 20 to 25 miles.”
They are talking about the 400 electric 2 wheelers they already have, not the ten 25mph four wheelers (quads) they just received. I wish we got the 50 mph version here instead, but i can still see people renting these just for the novelty. About ten years ago, Gem cars were huge in resort towns like Myrtle Beach, SC and they are very similar to this version of the Twizy.

SF is anyway limited to 25MPH on most of its roads…

Hope they put some next to BART and Caltrain stations! And hoping it can climb the steep hills of SFO. But parking will remain an issue. Paying for full parking for this tiny car will hurt.

Parking in Europe is free, since it’s a quad and so small, always parked in any corner next to scooters and bikes

Look forward to trying it out… better than those little two seat yellow tourist mobiles… much safer as they can be seen… up high.

Agree, also a clean alternative for Segways, when longer distance and/or weather conditions are not ideal.

Wonder if they have the type 2 (Mennekes) receptacle or type 1 (J1772) so they can be used with public charging stations.

Type1 SAE J1772
see on the Wired or Engaget articles, somehave pretty nice pics.

Heard of Gull And Falcon Wing doors. These look like Hummingbird Wings. 😉

Good to see the Twizzy here. A 50 mph version would be nice…

I’d like to try the Twizy F1 Sport with the KERS system 🙂

Just like the Artega Karo, below, the actually useful higher speed version is illegal in the US.

A Quebec Company is working through Transport Canada rules process now, to bring the Twizzy’s to Canada. I got back an email from an enquiry, today!

True, the 80 Kph version is more workable on streets and some 90 Kph Roads! If the price is right, it might bump off some of the Smart ED sales!

i really do believe that there is a need to move people in the U.S. to adopt smaller cars. a part of this would be implementation of co2 taxes on automobile purchases and higher taxes on gasoline.