Nissan Releases 2019 LEAF e-PLUS Standard Feature Comparison Videos


Nissan gives us a closer look at various LEAF PLUS trim levels.

The 2019 Nissan LEAF PLUS won’t be available until this spring, but we have most of the information we need at this point. Nissan says it will start at $36,550 plus destination, which represents over a $6,500 price increase from the standard LEAF. Like the shorter range versions, the PLUS will be available in S, SV, and SL trims, conveniently named S PLUS, SV PLUS ($38,510), and SL PLUS ($42,550).

As the U.S. launch date for the 2019 LEAF PLUS nears, the automaker has released a few videos outlining the specifics of each trim level in terms of standard features. This way, EV shoppers can check out feature availability and make a buying decision. These videos also help us compare the LEAF PLUS with current and upcoming rivals.

If you were buying a LEAF PLUS, which trim would you choose and why? Perhaps you won’t be buying a PLUS at all? Do you think the extra $6,500 is worth it? How about a Tesla Model 3 or Chevrolet Bolt EV? How do you think the LEAF PLUS’ price and feature set compares to the aforementioned models?

As always, please share your thoughts with us in the comment section below.

Video Description via Nissan on YouTube (above):

2019 Nissan LEAF S PLUS | Model Review

Learn everything about the 2019 Nissan LEAF S PLUS. Available in 5 exterior colors, with all the essential connectivity and convenience features. Nissan LEAF S PLUS comes with confidence-inspiring driver assistance technology – all standard.

Video Description:

2019 Nissan LEAF SV & SV PLUS | Model Review

Video Description:

2019 Nissan LEAF SV & SV PLUS | Model Review

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They just revealed 250kW fast charging! Oh wait, wrong article. This is just the Leaf.

The LEAF is a great car, families all over the world will love the cars for generations. Check them out. In a real sense the LEAFs are several thousand dollar less than the sports car model 3. The LEAF website has a great tool for finding what incentives are available in your area. Federal, State, Employer and utility company incentives in some areas. IF you use your new LEAF in the 20-80% charge range and save 100% charges for trips out of town the batteries might last a lifetime, thats along long time.

What is the advantage of this over the TM3? Seems the Model 3 is cheaper…

For 35.000 after the tax rebate you get a fully loaded Leaf. Then a custom color is 200-800$ at Nissan. And everything else is much cheaper, including spare parts.

8500 to replace the air cooled degraded battery after a few years. No thanks.

But the Tesla battery cost even more. If you use the LEAF in the 20-80% charge range like a Tesla I would be willing to bet the LEAF batteries will last longer.

It seems 15 trolls voted on this statement. Amazing.

Hatch. But then it’ll probably come with free charging due to Nissan thinking Leaf is crap that won’t sell without gimmick, which means it’s priced about $2000 higher than not coming with “free”. Yeah, MSRP is fake news, but any positive it has is null and void compared to all other EV, not just against TM3.

Kenneth Bokor (EV Revolution Show - YouTube)

Hey right on cue BoltEV, I knew you could not wait to jump right in on another Nissan Leaf article and spread your hate towards this brand. Well you are full of you know what, but at least you are consistent.

And of course this article’s comments spiral quickly into a Tesla Model 3 topic, with all the supporters jumping in to say how great Tesla is and the Model 3, yada yada yada.

You all really don’t get the EV movement at all. Shameful.

Actively turning people away from EV by offering free charging to push crap car is shameful indeed. It is embarrassment to EV in general that such turd is being sold. Nissan could’ve made something decent in 9 years since Leaf’s been in production. Instead, they continue to turn out turd and choose to destroy EV adoption with free charging.

Think of it as public service announcement to steer unsuspecting buyers away from crap Leaf. They might be enticed by free charging, but that’s just Nissan’s way of saying Leaf is junk.

Spoken like a true troll. The LEAF is a great car.

THis Bolt fellah has done more to turn people off EVs than anyone else alive. it only takes 15 seconds to talk people out of buying any EV. He thinks he is trying to talk people into buying a Tesla.

TM3 ….. Is in All aspects light years ahead of ’em all .. *

Nissan needs to follow Tesla’s example and slash prices. All versions -$10k should restore value parity with Model 3.

It’s not cheaper since you don’t pay MSRP for LEAF.

I paid $6000 under MSRP for my Leaf (partially thanks to lease acceleration). With ~$300 down, 0% interest and $15,500 cash from govt, I won’t begin actually paying for this car until August 2021…

Reliability, economics of repairs and spare parts, lower initial cost after incentives, tad bit more range, less quick charging speed. The LEAF is a great family car, the Tesla Model 3 is a great sports car. Compare window regulators, windshields, door handle assemblies headlight assemblies, tires, insurance, fenders, bumpers, turn signal switches, etc. Sports cars are very expensive. I really don’t even think you can get spare parts from Tesla since they do not have any Parts departments. Not sure, ebay I guess for used parts.

I think it’s too expensive. Over $300/extra kWh seems too much. Tesla sometimes charge more for battery capacity increases but now they’ve the $35k model 3 that is considerable cheaper.
Model 3 is not yet available below $50k in many markets and Nissan will for sure play the price card in many places, but eventually not for long… but they do well – “squeeze it” while they can.

As a 2018 owner I kinda agree, the $6000 delta is a bit steep for that 20kWh that would get used once every few months.

But the extra 20kWh should extend the useful life (e.g. 30kWh+ available) out 5 to 10 years, which is indeed worth something,

Who is this fool that will buy it?

Do you know the LEAF (even with smaller batteries at up to 40 kWh) is the best-selling EV worldwide?

Plenty of demand in Europe and Asia, the US will look for the SUV/CUV equivalent coming soon from Nissan (2020-2021).

Because it was the only normalish-looking electric car under $40k. I know I regretted buying one because of the battery issues. Once the Model 3 is on the used market under $20k I’m getting one

You have your job cut out for you trying to sell this as a viable Model 3 alternative on internet forums. Best of luck with that!

That’s no good. Yes, Tesla just undercut everyone with a better-specced car, but if the Leaf goes down, there aren’t any non-Tesla high-volume EVs outside of China.

Granted, buying a Tesla means you’re probably getting a lot more for your money than you think and they deserve a lot of credit for that. But now US EV sales are completely dependent on the whims of a single car company.

“But now US EV sales are completely dependent on the whims of a single car company.”

Well, we sort of knew this was coming. Many have been preaching for years that unless legacy automakers committed to solid sales and built up battery manufacturing, Tesla would rule the EV world. But most automakers have tippy-toed around EVs, and they are paying the price.

Legacy automakers are too intent on squeezing the last penny of investment out of their outdated gassers to actually concentrate on building competitive EVs in mass quantities. Sure they will put out a few thousand cute EVs to pretend they are competitive and committed, but we all know the real story: They don’t want to give up on gas mobiles until the very last minute.

It’s true, you could probably go back 4-5 years at insideevs comment pages, and find people expressing their concerns about this very thing.
The slow roll-outs, the plethora of coming soon, and the general lack of anything compelling, or lame updates, that really don’t change much, are all indicators of this sort of mentality, along with concerns about the maturity of the technology.
Still no sc network, no ota, rudimentary self driving features, although some improvements are being made there.
It seems to me legacy auto is saying, don’t tell us what to make, we will tell you what to buy. People being herd animals, will follow legacy auto, believe them, up to a point, but that is changing.

Will be a much better value used if it follows the same depreciation curve as the first gen Leaf. Those things got cheap real fast.

Just sold my leaf and got great resell value on it. It cost me $6000 over 3 years for 60k miles. So not so fast, not so cheap.

60,000 miles in the UK driving an Ice car would of cost $7860 more in fuel costs, plus depreciation of the ICE car over the three years so not to bad.

Try pricing a 30kWh LEAF.

Boring……… 🙁

The real reason the Leaf is far too expensive is that Leafs (Leaves??) lead the way in depreciation, whereas Teslas hold their value better than all EVs and most ICE cars as well. Depreciation makes the actual cost much higher, because the value of your asset drops like a rock with the Leaf.

I don’t have anything against it. I prefer the hatch/crossover to the sedan.

Why did i figure out how to get a 2017 nissan leaf for FREE…that cost me $07.28 to drive after(108,000 miles); total maintenance expense(not including tires) 2 original michellan on the rear are still good.

Good for you DANDAN.

So glad Nissan put its price at this starting point makes it so easy to get the model 3 Tesla over a Nissan.

They’re going to need that $7500 rebate in the US (plus applicable state rebates) to sell many of these in the states. Not to mention deep discounts/incentives from their dealers. Otherwise, I’d say 95% of new EV buyers will opt for a Tesla or just buy the cheaper base model Leaf or even a used one for a fraction of the price. That being said, I’d take the Nissan over the POS Chevy Bolt any day!

Nissan really needs to add CCS. I’d be very wary of buying a Chademo only vehicle these days.

As a 2018 Leaf owner, I totally agree. Chademo is still at rough parity with CCS in California, but this will change and Nissan is not all that committed to BEV yet . . . Why isn’t there a 60kWh Rogue or 350Z ???

Super ugly

Excellent news, families all over the world will love these cars for generations.

I had heard a comment that ‘Level 2’ charging of the LEAF had been increased from 6.6 kw to 11 or 22 kw (presumably continental Europe). When I checked the USA website, it stated everything was still 6600 watts. Anyone have more precise information?

Also, they mention the included 120/240 volt charging cord (looks rather like the Leviton 4800 watt cord), but the only specificity they give is that it needs a ‘Clothes Dryer Outlet’. Is this cord good for the full 6.6 kw? If so you would think this would not be a CDO at 30 amperes but a more beefy range outlet, due to the continuous nature of home charging.

Drove the current leaf. Great car but at the price of a Tesla there is no way I would buy it. It cant compete.