Nissan LEAF’s “No Charge To Charge” Now Offered In Denver

JUN 3 2015 BY MARK KANE 12

2015 Nissan LEAF

2015 Nissan LEAF

Nissan again expanded its “No Charge to Charge” program, which by the end of this year should embrace at least 25 US markets.

On June 2, as the 16th market, Denver joined the club, which means that every customer that buys or leases a new Nissan LEAF in the area will get 2 years of free charging from participating charging networks through EZ-Charge (see stations map).

“The promotion includes access to fast chargers that can charge a LEAF battery pack from empty to 80 percent in about 30 minutes, as well as level 2 (240V) chargers spread throughout the Denver area.”

Andrew Speaker, director, Electric Vehicle (EV) Sales & Marketing, Nissan said:

“Nissan LEAF is an attractive option for Denver car buyers because it is fun to drive and offers significantly lower operating costs when compared to a gas-powered car. EV charging infrastructure continues to grow in Denver, and access to free public charging for new LEAF buyers helps make owning an all-electric vehicle even more cost-effective and convenient.”

According to Nissan, in Colorado LEAF can be bought from $16,348 if we include full available federal and state tax credits.

Nissan now offers “No Charge to Charge” in 16 markets for the Nissan LEAF:

  1. Atlanta
  2. Chicago
  3. Dallas-Ft. Worth
  4. Denver
  5. Fresno
  6. Houston
  7. Indianapolis
  8. Los Angeles
  9. Nashville
  10. Phoenix
  11. Portland, Oregon
  12. Sacramento
  13. San Diego
  14. San Francisco
  15. Seattle
  16. Washington, D.C.

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Why does the woman in the photo look so perturbed? Does she realize an EV is not like a gas car, and you don’t have to stay there while it’s refueling?

odds are she’s getting harassed by someone 😉

She’s thinking “I can’t believe they want me to wear THIS for the photoshoot. Who would wear this? I look like a Navajo bag-lady that stole Pharrell’s hat!”

“will get 2 years of free charging from participating charging networks through EZ-Charge (see stations map).”
I don’t see any chargers in the Denver area?

We are just now starting to get our first few NRG locations online around Denver over the past few weeks. They’re still not showing on the NRG website yet so I assume that’s why they don’t show up on that map either. This certainly explains why all of them popped up so quickly. Glad to have them here, even if I did miss out on the freebie charging deal by a year.

When Nissan had NRG’s evGo build out in Nashville-area, the units did not show up on NRG’s site for about 8 months. They were also free for use to anyone for about 4 months.

I believe that Nissan is footing the bill for a lot of these new units.

The maps have been updated on with No Charge To Charge locations. The ez-charge maps, ez-charge app and PlugShare have all been updated as well to reflect the current stations.

What about Florida?

Every EV maker should offer some type of deal like this. Driving on electricity is damn cheap and most car buyers still don’t know that.

What better what to drive that fact into their thick skulls then to give away for free?

It’s been a big success for Tesla. The program has probably helped Nissan quite a bit.

What’s funny is all the chargers around me are free. Blink, Wattson, Chargepoint, all free. I put $25 on my Chargepoint card and in 3 years I have not been able to use a cent of it.

Lucky you. I occasionally charge at free ones (SFO, city parking lots, etc.) but more often they charge (IKEA, private parking lots, etc.).

But when I really need them, they are well worth paying for. They allow for longer-trips to destinations where I will stay for a few hours. (Sports events, city shopping, parks, etc.)

Really like the convenience of the single card. Been using it in my 2015 and occasionally missing it when charging our 2013. Great system. Better even if they charge for some of the power.