Nissan LEAF – Zero Emissions Guitar Amplifier – Video


Nissan LEAF As Guitar Amplifier

Nissan LEAF As Guitar Amplifier

What can’t the Nissan LEAF do?

If your answer was to be a guitar amplifier, then it looks like you’re wrong:

“How to use 100% electric Nissan LEAF as an electric guitar amplifier.”

Says the video uploader.

As you’ll see in the video, the LEAF (as well as most all automobiles with a AUX input) can perform guitar amplification duties.

But, as we all know, it’s way cooler when your guitar amplifier is an electric vehicle.

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An easy one…:
Weren’t EVs being praised for being SILENT??? ah ah

(almost silent…)

By the way, the guys at Formula E know very well that, at Formula E speeds EVs are not that silent! In fact they produce what they proudly describe as a “futuristic sound”.
And I would agree.
For the joy of Vettel & Co…

This is not a “zero emissions amplifier”, it’s an “elsewhere emissions amplifier”.