Nissan LEAF – Will It Drift? (video)

MAY 13 2016 BY JAY COLE 12

Ok, it is finally Friday, and it has been another long week of serious plug-in vehicle news:

…from a Tesla Model S summon controversy to Nissan taking control of Mitsubishi (and its PHEV program), or Nissan releasing its own Energy Storage Solution using old LEAF batteries, to the VW Group putting out another EV concept (at least we assumed that happened – doesn’t it every week?).

Nissan LEAF...Drifting?

Nissan LEAF…Drifting?

So we figured it was time to take a step back, and watch something to take the edge off…like Autocar attempting to drift a Nissan LEAF.  Why not?

Says Autocar of the experiment:

“The Nissan Leaf is not rear-wheel drive. It does not have a massively powerful turbocharged engine. It does not have a hydraulic handbrake and nor is it inclined to smoke up its tyres at every available opportunity.

It is, in fact, Nissan’s family-friendly, front-wheel drive, flagship electric car. As far as you could get from being a natural drift machine.  So what the heck is it doing lining up alongside British Drift Championship competitors?

Well, with a little help in the rear tyre department, we’ll try to answer the question: will it drift?”

Enjoy!  Or don’t.  There is more serious EV business coming up shortly we imagine.

Hat tip to offib!

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You said it … who really cares. It’s a LEAF, like any Nissan cars of late … driving experience is not high on their list, unfortunately.

What are you on about?

The LEAF has among the best driving experience in its class. Instant torque, and smooth handling. She’s an excellent vehicle to drive.

Yeah, no kidding. We’re talking about an economy car here, not a Cadillac or a hot rod. Compared to a Toyota Corolla (which I’ve driven recently), it’s light-years ahead.

The LEAF is one of the most refined driving electric cars in it’s class. Very little torque steer, etc. For how smooth and quiet the car is, the handling is actually pretty decent. Just better tires makes the car a very respectable handler. See the C&D article where their LEAF circled the skid pad close to the level of a Porsche 911 after changing the tires/wheels.

“Very little torque steer”

One way to avoid it is by lowering the torque..


Wasn’t Nissan LEAF one of the SLOWEST EV in that Car and Driver’s EV comparison?

Sure, adding tires will make any car do better on skipads… But what will be the range of that LEAF with those kind of tires? 35 miles? LOL.

Drifting is fine, but can it race? SparkEV SCCA race car!

Also here a funny Leaf story. Minute 0.40 you will see a leight weight Leaf ;-):
1966 vw bus electric conversion, nissan leaf

Looks like fun!

Got to be the slowest drifting car I have ever seen… LOL

Why bother with drifting if you aren’t going fast or having to switch to “bald tires” to even drift…

Drifting is about style and fun, not speed.

That’s why race cars don’t drift.

If you soap the tires, will that help make it drift? Or spray oil on the road… 😉