Nissan LEAF, VW e-up! & BMW i3 Lead Norway Electric Vehicle Sales in April


Number of EV registrations in Norway in April 2014 (credit to

Number of EV registrations in Norway in April 2014 (credit to

In April, the number of registrations of new passenger cars in Norway fell by 13.4% year over year to 12,115. In the same time, the number of EV registrations more than doubled to 1,291 new cars (plus 190 plug-in hybrids) and 230 used imported EVs.

Passenger EVs controlled 10.4% of the market.

The previous monthly leader, the Tesla Model S, fell to fourth place as Nissan LEAF leads the segment with 451 new registrations (#2 overall) and a huge 197 used ones.

In the table we see that EVs made in Germany remain strong with 257 Volkswagen e-up! and 236 BMW i3. Interesting is that 10 e-up! were imported as used (they are still only a few months old at most).

And there we have Tesla Model S – 171 new and 1 used imported.

The best of the rest is Citroen C-Zero with 45 new units. Total triplets (C-Zero, i-On and i-MiEV accounted for 99).

Believe it or not but Ford was able to sell 37 Focus Electric in Norway, which probably is a new record.

Renault ZOE had just 7 new registrations, so volume deliveries probably still didn’t come.

And here is the best – one Toyota RAV4 EV directly from California to cold Norway. There is only one in the whole of Norway.

There are two e-NV200 demos, which indicates that Nissan will try to sell e-NV200 as soon as possible in Norway.

On the plug-in hybrid side, the leader is Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV with 183 units. 5 belong to the Toyota Prius Plug-In and 1 for Volvo V60 with a plug and Opel Ampera.

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The French products are not very popular it seems.

Advertising has just started

What I’ve just noticed, there is the same spot for Sweden, but in the last scene, they have a different charging box installed at the wall.

That’s the Keba, which I happen to have.

By the way. The toyota rav 4 ev is the one from the 90s. You can see the owner in bjorns last 1h30min road trip film. 14 years old and still runnin on original battery apparantly.

If the info, that it is the only one in norway is actually true 🙂 otherwise there are at least 2 🙂

It’s amazing that Nissan has managed to sell the Leaf for four MYs without any kind of battery improvement except a promise of better things in 2017. Shows you what PR can do. The car is grossly “un-ranged.”