Nissan LEAF Versus Sports Car – Video Ad

OCT 12 2015 BY MARK KANE 17

Nissan LEAF vs Sports Car ad

Nissan LEAF vs Sports Car ad

Here is a Japanese ad of the Nissan LEAF, which highlights its lively acceleration.

LEAF does 0-60 mph in around 10 seconds, which ain’t bad, although it’s a little too high to be in sports car territory..

There are other approaches to presenting the LEAF in Japan (all released in recent months on Nissan’s YouTube channel), sadly without English subtitles:

Some of them are focused around autonomous drive:

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I sure hope they start to ramp up the ads in the North American markets… It will seriously impact the success of the current and upcoming models. Ads for and intro of the new range in 2016 and the eNV-200 100% electric minivan that should be forthcoming now that the newer batteries are out. They need to build up interest in their products before the war of the 35k 200 mile cars that they Tesla and GM will be having in late 2017/18. Historical EV cred will be important in that next round.

Indeed.. I highly expect Nissan to put out some ads for the new, longer range Leaf. I’m not entirely sure when to expect these vehicles to be on dealer lots, though.

There’s still a healthy inventory of 2015 models (3100+) in Cali. Similar inventory counts in other parts of the country using the same 500 mile radius.

I keep checking to see if there’s an inventory drop which might indicate we’re close to the 2016 release.

Nice music in the ads, although listening to it six times in a row got to be too much. I have very little idea of what they were saying, but it sounded interesting.


Is there any “sports car” on the market that *actually* accelerates slower than a Leaf?

No way Nissan could get away with this ad in the US.

The finish line looked unusually close to the starting line. Since EVs have the best acceleration vs ICE at lower speeds, it could be the Leaf could beat an average sports car up to say, 20 or 30mph? I’m just theorizing. They showed a picture of the speedometer showing 7.5k/h shortly after the Leaf pulled ahead off the starting line but they didn’t show the speed near the finish. The whole race seemed to take about 5 seconds though with the camera moving around who knows how long it was really supposed to last.


No way Nissan would dare to air this in the US or Europe as people know that LEAF is pretty slow. Even its 0-30mph isn’t all that fast.

Plus, the “sports” car in the ads looks like a slower Nissan 240SX from the 1990s.

Sure, LEAF got a chance against a 20 years slow Nissan 240SX.

MMF you obviously don’t own or drive a Leaf.
It about the X…nium time you are complaining about the Leaf lack of acceleration.
The problem for you, is I own and drive one since 2012, and I assure you that I beat a lot, I mean a big lot of car from the line.
And this does include so called sports car and muscle pick-up, but also Audi, Beemer, Mercedes and Porches.
1/4 mile or drag strip doesn’t mean a thing at a traffic red light.
The quickest to jump in front is the winner, and this I assure you is just about every time me in my Leaf.
Why don’t you just rent one and see for yourself?

LOL. Typical LEAF owner ranting.

Yes, I have driven one and driven it many times. In fact, it was on my target of buying except I found it to be too slow.

So, you are good for the first 100 feet, but it quickly loses power after 40mph. That might be sufficient for crowded EU cities, but certainly NOT enough for American hwy merging.

Also, most ICE cars drivers aren’t really “racing” you at the lights so it would appear to be way faster than it is.

FYI, 2013 or later models got detunned further to save battery which made it even slower in 0-30mph and 0-60mph.

Now is not the time to push an Electric Vehicle via deceptive advertising… πŸ˜›

Go back to the polar bear hugging.

Look at the last video ad at 0:28 – there is HUD in the Japanese Leaf ???

My leaf does 0-30mph in 3.5 seconds (tested both manually + with android app) which is perfect for city driving and yes there aren’t many cars that will be go faster then me on traffic light πŸ˜€

The BMW i3 will batter the Leaf off the lights

It should.
Less weight, more power, same propulsion system, who would be suprise by that?

…and a Tesla will batter the i3. Who cares? This isn’t about your precious i3.

LEAF is among one of the slowest BEVs in 0-60mph for sale in the US.

Since purchasing a used 2013 Nissan Leaf three months ago, not one car has beaten me away from a stop light and to the maximum legal speed limit. And the Leaf does it effortlessly. I have owned a lot of cars in my life and I can honestly say that this is my favorite. Fast, quite, comfortable, no maintenance, super economical and will probably run 500,000 miles.

I never have range anxiety because I don’t drive it out of town. We now do 90% of our driving in this car.

I don’t drive it because it’s environmentally friendly, but because it saves me money and is a great car. Bought it for $12,000 with 20,000 miles. What a bargain!

I have a Ford Sports Trac truck but will gladly sell it and buy a used electric truck when one becomes available.

In 10 years electric vehicles will completely dominate the market. After driving one for 3 months I can guarantee you that.