Nissan LEAF Takes On Ford Fiesta ST At The Drag Strip: Video


The Nissan LEAF is surely not a car for racing, but can it compete at the strip?

Carnovo pits a redesigned Nissan LEAF against a Ford Fiesta ST. Being that the LEAF is not known for its drag racing prowess and the Fiesta ST is more well-versed in this type of scenario, it’s surely an interesting matchup.

The LEAF is powered by an electric motor and a 40-kWh battery pack. It puts out 147 horsepower (11o kW), has a top speed of 90 mph, and achieves a zero-to-60-mph sprint in some 7.9 seconds. The Fiesta ST’s turbo-four cranks out 197 horsepower. Its 0-60 time comes in just under 7 seconds and it has a top speed of 139 mph.

No contest right? The Nissan has all the odds stacked against it.

Regardless of the outcome here, it’s important to remember that electric vehicles offer plenty of low-end torque. While a car like the LEAF might not be what you need for racing, it feels peppy in normal driving conditions.

Unless you plan to go 139 mph and you regularly push the pedal to the floor at speeds well over 60 mph, there’s really no need for cars that offer such high top speeds. As we’ve shown on numerous occasions, allowing cars to accelerate so quickly and reach speeds well over the speed limit can lead to disaster.

Check out the video to see the results of this entertaining competition.

Video Description via Carnovo on YouTube:

Nissan Leaf vs Ford Fiesta ST – Drag Race in Spanish / Acceleration Test | Carnovo

We bring you a new drag race! This time we make the Nissan Leaf compete against the Ford Fiesta ST, which one will win? Let’s go see it!

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I suggest they re-do the test when they get the Leaf E-Plus. That little bit of added power will probably make it the winner.

My thought exactly! Despite all the crappiness of Leaf, the power from E-Plus is something to get excited about.

Something odd about Fiesta ST with 200 HP and 2700 lb is slow acceleration. Bolt with same power with about 800 lb more mass is quicker to accelerate to 60 MPH.

Gearing? A slow first gear?
It’s a 5 speed with 2 “overdrive” gears. Third gears is Approx 1:1.

OMG, it has a cheap-axe Torsion Beam rear suspension.
Meaning: Ride SUCKS.

-It takes Premium Fuel and only gets 25 MPG.
Most drivers get city mileage or worse.

I wouldn’t buy this thing with a 10 foot pole.

Well, Fiesta ST is about $22K, so one can’t expect much. It’s similar price to much slower gassers like ElantraGT and Cruze hatch.

But considering post subsidy Bolt on sale in CA is about $22K (or less depending on city and sale) AND Bolt is lot quicker, yeah, I wouldn’t touch gassers like it with any pole.

Do they accept 10-foot poles as a form of currency?

More HP on a FWD platform is a big waste IMO.

My 2018 S already has to be babied the first 10 to 20 yards on a launch.

My next EV is definitely going to be AWD, my 2018’s main job is to just get me to/from work every day (30 miles a day every day) for the next 11 years.

1. The driver of the Leaf was asleep at the wheel,…seriously. 2. The Leaf takes off much faster than this driver allowed it,…must have had the thing in ECO mode with the e-Brake on. Here is a video of a 2018 Nissan Leaf vs. a Nissan GTR for example,…much faster take off. 3. I would agree that after about 50-60mph, the Fiesta ST would catch up to the Leaf and win the race.

I wonder just how stable a real world Fiesta ST is at 80+.
We’re talking narrow width car, and short wheelbase. That means nervous, jumpy steering about 80.
I wonder what the crash stats are.

It’s actually very capable car, especially handling and steering. I suggest you look the car up before you assume wrong. It’s like saying Mini Cooper driving must suck because it’s short wheelbase … do you think they drive badly?

Short wheelbase at speed is never stable. — Physics.
In other words this is a “city” car.

If by speed you mean 80mph, as you stated above, no, there’s no stability advantage to a long wheelbase.

If you mean 120mph+, then yes, a longer wheelbase could have some stability benefits.

Regardless, your “city car” comment is nonsense.

You have no clue what you are talking about! FiST is a fantastic canyon carver, autocrosser, and yet can still be driven as a DD.

this is why LEAF don’t sell nearly as well as the Model S/3.

EVs can’t let similar priced/class vehicles beating it in 0-60mph.

I would like to see this redone with a Bolt, Kona, and Niro.

The new Explorer will have only a Hybrid version and only 1 trim (Limited). No plugins, No electrics.
So anyone expecting an electric vehicle from Ford soon will be disappointed.

Hmmm. How long will the Fiesta last with all the red-line shifting, vs. the electric motor in the LEAF?

I have a real-world concern about this because, at a Ford demonstration event in Wichita, Kansas, I watched a Fiesta ST get a seized engine after a performance demonstration. Yes, really. They had to push the car back onto the trailer.