2016 Nissan LEAF Video – Talkers Versus Doers

SEP 25 2015 BY MARK KANE 22

2016 Nissan LEAF

2016 Nissan LEAF

Talkers versus Doers, a cool advertisement from Nissan UK about the 2016 LEAF.

“There are talkers and there are doers; talkers talk and doers do things that get talked about.”

It’s so accurate that it is difficult to add any additional information.

Nissan already attracted over 200,000 doers to LEAF and e-NV200 models.

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I wish they would ‘do’ getting the next gen LEAF out. I was expecting it to be out when my lease was up, but that looks unlikely. Thinking of switching back to petrol until the next gen arrives.

That would be a disappointing drive home from the dealer….

Sorry, can you not have an option to pick up another year or two long lease at lease end?
Basically, are the only options to buy it out, or return it?

Nissan offered me a 1 year extension back in the spring (with 2 months free) and I read online that others had a 6 month extension.

I’m in the same pickle. I was expecting the 2016 by August- nothing came. Extended my lease, now I’m 2 months into the extension and my free 2 month credit is almost up, and still nothing from Nissan hinting as to a release date except the October migration to NissanConnect EV.

I wanted to transition seamlessly so I could avoid paying out the disposition fee, but it looks like that’s not going to happen. If I make 1 or 2 more payments, I’m pretty much at the disposition fee.

Sad to say, but it looks like I’ll be burning gas until 2016 is available.

Based on a previous Inside EV article, the best guess for 2016 availability is mid October. Given that Nissan has said it will be out “fall 2015”, it should definitely be here by November at the latest.

Yep, my lease ended in January and I did not get any lease extension options. Nor were any of the rather nice buy out options available. I just paid the disposition fee and my wife drove me home in our archaic Prius. After 3+ years of Leaf driving, I’ve come to realize that the Prius really is a transportation appliance with no spirit.

I know what you mean. I rented a Prius a while ago, and I found it to be an awful compromise between a weak gas engine and a weak electric motor. Plus the gas engine starts pretty rough and at awkward times when you’re pulling away from a light.

If I were to ever own a gas-powered car (ha ha ha!), a Prius wouldn’t be what I’d buy.

And some people just comment on EV blogs.


And some of us both own and operate EVs– as well as blog about them.

How is this any different than an ICE owner blooging on Car & Track’s Blog?

β€œThere are commenters and there are trolls; commenters comment and trolls go trolling for emotional responses to what they commented about.”

Who is the voice? It sounds a little like Peter Capaldi (Doctor Who)

Season 9 FTW:

/nerd hat off

Oh yeah, I bought my season pass last week! Can’t wait until Sunday! πŸ˜€

Doesn’t quite sound like The Doctor to me. But at least Nissan has figured out that when it comes to advertising, if it doesn’t have a Scottish voice actor, it’s crap.

Agreed. Sounds more like Pierce Brosnan to me (but probably isn’t him). Nice bit about the Scottish accent! πŸ™‚

What I would like Nissan to _do_ is sell electric vans and trucks in the USA.

I rarely watch tv but had the tv on in the background while cooking today and heard the “leaders in 100% electric since 2010” and realised that it had to be a Leaf commercial (but was to late to see it since it was the end of it).

And now I’ve seen it also πŸ˜›

It’s great to know it’s advertised to the mainstream buyer too.

There are certainly lot more of “EV talker” than “EV doers” out there for sure. LOL

The thing that may hurt 2016 Nissan Leaf sales. People who are able to may wait another year for the longer, double the range next generation 2017 Nissan Leaf. When exactly the 2017 Leaf actually arrives, and at what price, remains to be seen.

What I liked about this commercial is that it highlights the fact that those of us brave enough to be early adopters (and yeah, we’re still early adopters at this point in the huge infrastructure shift that’s necessary to support the cars) have the guts necessary to blaze a trail for those that come after.

Also, you *could* wait until the newer and better thing comes along, or you can actually get to work and start now. And honestly, owning a Leaf today doesn’t have a tiny fraction of the scariness of owning a gas car in 1903.

I chose to get out there, get moving, and start demanding and using more infrastructure. I’ve noticed that sales of the cars haven’t exactly been slowing down in the long term trend.