Nissan LEAF Versus England’s Steepest Road – Video


Time To Climb

Time To Climb

Video description:

“We decided to test out our Nissan Leaf and took it to the Hard Knott Pass. The car behaved as it always does, brilliantly. There was effortless power and torque throughout the journey and the best part was that it only used 2% battery covering the whole pass. Take a look at the video. The Leaf is 100% electric. The Hard Knott Pass has inclines of 33%. we made the journey both ways without drama or issue. The vehicle performed spectacularly as always. Thanks to the Woolpack Inn (Boot) for supplying free electric vehicle charging at 6.6Kw. The Leaf is one of my favourite cars. Its over delivered every time I’ve driven it. 10/10.”

33% inclines?  Apparently so, per Wikipedia:

Hardknott Pass is a hill pass that carries a minor road between Eskdale and the Duddon Valley in the Lake District National Park, Cumbria, England. It is the most direct route from the central Lake District to much of West Cumbria; however the road approaching the pass shares the title of steepest road in England with Rosedale Chimney Bank in North Yorkshire: both have a maximum gradient of about 1 in 3 (about 33%).

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Hardly surprising. You get a lot of torque. My 5kw electric bicycle can climb next to 50% grades without breaking a sweat and I’m not even joking.

SF streets are worse than that and the leaf handles it fine. I don’t like the way the newer leaf rolls back a bit when you’re in a stop. I had a 2012 and no roll backs at all. It also had more torque.

And the Leaf’s low center of gravity with all the battery mass keeps it from flipping over backwards and literally turtling:)

I think 33% makes it an 18.5 degree slope.

One thing I like about my Volt is the abundant torque at low speed. There are several hills in Seattle that severely tested my Civic Hybrid.

Does any “real car” have any issues with this?

With low gearing in EVs, why would you expect anything otherwise?

Has anyone driven the steepest street in the world in an EV?.
Baldwin Street, in Dunedin, New Zealand, is the world’s steepest street, according to the Guinness Book of World Records.
You may use a bit of power going up but enjoy the re-gen braking on the way down.