Nissan LEAF Versus Dodge Charger R/T – Drag Race Video


LEAF Versus Charger

LEAF Versus Charger

Why let the Tesla Model S and X steal all the drag racing spotlight?

Martin Loog, owner of a Nissan LEAF, decided that it was time to get his electric taxi car out on the track to challenge one of the big boys (a Dodge Charger Hemi).

How did the LEAF fare? Umm…totally destroyed the Charger as expected.  But at least now, no one can accuse InsideEVs of not spreading around the racing love to all EVs.

Video description:

“Peeter Plakk 2008 Dodge Charger R/T 5.7 Hemi V8 vs Martin Loog Nissan Leaf (electric taxi) 1/8 mile drag race @ SHELL HELIX Tartu Drag Race 2016.”

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seems like his reaction time was slow

The inverter mapping of the Leaf is somewhat slow, worse if you leave the anti skid on.
But if you shut it off, you’ll lose some traction spinning the tire.
This is all for avoiding stress on the mechanical component and maximize range and efficiency.
That’s probably why the Leaf don’t have power train unit replacement problem, although they don’t have to handle load of power and torque at the beginning.
When you floor it, there is a tiny delay in the initial launch and the full torque take a few meter building up…and fade.
It just hasn’t been made to drag race.

Well at least that issue is settled now.

Ya. But would be interesting to compare it with a Prius 2. Both cars do have exactly the same rated HP (110 HP) and are about the same size.
Owning both, I can tell the Leaf is much more responsive, but that’s probably because I don’t push the Prius ICE engine to the max.
Wife and kids say the Prius 2 is dam slow, but on the paper they have the same power. And Prius 2 don’t have gears to shift.
So I am just curious how the same rated HP car hybrid performs vs an EV.

Looking forward to your video drag race

You cannot. RPMs are locked at 5000. And the Prius has a computer delayed acceleration (for no reason IMO).

“You cannot push the Prius ICE engine to the max”

The leaf also has no gears to shift.

The Prius uses a CVT to alter the ratio to the driven wheels. That’s a gearbox at work.

Cars without ‘gears’ such as The Tesla Model S and LEAF use single speed reduction gears which are a fixed ratio at all speeds.

Prius uses “torque split device”, not CVT. They do not vary gear ratios. Excess power from the gas engine is used by MG1 to generate electricity to be used by MG2 and/or battery, hence behaving like gears.

Can’t hardly wait for Nissan to create something that can destroy a Hellcat. Give it a gentle name, like blossom.

If it could destroy a Hellcat, maybe a “Hello Kitty” version would be the way to go.

This can only happen in Estonia. FYI, the UBER in this country has an Uberelectric option

Proves once again that LEAF is a slow poke…

0-60mph times of Prius level isn’t something to brag about..

Yes, I know LEAF fans will now quoting its 0-30mph times instead to save face…

I love my Leaf but all mid range EVs really should be designed to fully leverage that instant torque, it would give that little nudge of envy to the EV skeptics. I’m encouraged that Chevy is talking up acceleration for the Bolt and the Model 3 will be quick as well. Hopefully the next gen Leaf will follow suit and all the EVs start to leave most ICE cars in their (clean and quiet) dust.