Nissan LEAF US Sales October 2014 – LEAF Becomes Undisputed King Of Single-Year Sales

NOV 3 2014 BY JAY COLE 25

The Now Undisputed King Of "Green" Nissan LEAF In Probably The "Greenest" Of Spots To Park

The Now Undisputed King Of “Green” Nissan LEAF In Probably The “Greenest” Of Spots To Park

This month, like the 20 prior, Nissan has set a new record high in sales for the all-electric LEAF, but this time it is a little more special.

Like This Trim Of Nissan LEAF?  Well, You Can't Order It In The US - Japan Only

Like This Trim Of Nissan LEAF? Well, You Can’t Order It In The US – Japan Only

In selling 2,589 cars in October, a total of 24,411 have now been sold so far this year, setting the new all-time record for electric vehicle sales in one calendar year in America.

Previously in 2013, Chevrolet sold 23,094 Volts.  The LEAF is now the leader in the category of single-year sales in the U.S. for a plug-in vehicle

The only questions remaining to be answered for the Nissan LEAF is:

  • How many can they sell total in 2014?  Is 30,000 achievable? A level of 2,795 would be needed, well below the recent average
  • Just how long can this consecutive record streak last?

October’s mark was a 29.3% improvement over last year’s 2,002 sold.  So far, for the year to date, sales have improved 35% over the 18,078 sold through the first 10 months of last year.

Nissan’s Toby Perry, director of EV marketing, tells us Nissan is gearing up its efforts to move even more LEAFs and the effort starts today with a new ad campaign:

“Halloween may be over, but we still have a few tricks up our sleeves. For starters, we have a new TV commercial that encourages consumers to kick gas by going electric with the Nissan LEAF. The ad airs in major markets starting today and features real consumers finding out how much they could save on fuel costs each year.”

Since its debut, the Nissan LEAF has firmly held about 25% market share of all plug-in vehicles offered in America:

Through September, Nissan Continued To Hold A 25% Share Of The Plug-In Segment Of US Auto Sales(*does not include Tesla Roadster, Fisker Karma, and small non-retail offerings)

Through September, Nissan Continued To Hold A 25% Share Of The Plug-In Segment Of US Auto Sales(*does not include Tesla Roadster, Fisker Karma, and small non-retail offerings)

On a global level, Nissan moved close to 7,000 LEAFs last month in September – a personal best as well; we will have to wait a few more weeks for all the data to roll in to know if October can match that result.

Looking at the US outlook for the LEAF heading into the last two months of the year – known to be the busiest time of the year as the $7,500 federal credit deadline looms near for 2014 tax returns, the Nissan EV is in its strongest inventory shape of the season, with just over 4,000 excess units on hand on dealer lots.

And just in case you were wondering how LEAF fares among Nissan passenger cars in the U.S., here’s a graphic showing those stats:

Nissan Car Sales U.S.

Nissan Car Sales U.S.

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Not mentioned: LEAF sales have declined for the last two months. Impact from the i3, and now the Soul?

Probably declining gas prices. Americans tend to be very short-sighted. They see a dip in gas prices and buy SUVs. Then prices rise and they buy hybrids/EVs.

The EV Soul is NOT available in the U.S.

Beg to differ.. It is available and several have already been sold.

We should have data on that shortly (<2 hours) can check for updates on the scorecard here.

If it were available in MA, I might have skipped the second LEAF and leased a Soul. Too limited a release.

Right now the Volt and the Leaf has upcoming model improvements. I’d say for this market it’s about those future products and not gas prices.

As both will cut your gas bill by 90%.

It’s more interesting to me, that the best cars in class: Volt, Leaf and Tesla, all show a continuous improvement in their products. Giving you faith these products will be there in the future, and you will get support for these products.

I have been using my 2012 Leaf now with nearly 40000 miles trouble free.
A daily commute of 36 miles one way is about as far a trip in this cooler season without extra charging works for me. I have made 200 + mile one day trips using Nissan dealer DC fast chargers here in New England. Makes it a lot easier for more oil-free driving. Next year I expect there will be even more locations to extend my weekend trips to.

Cool! Thanks for the update.

If they start the add campaign, I bet they WILL break 30,000. This is great news.

Saw the new commercial this morning on local Philly TV news. Liked it, as it highlights that you can SAVE MONEY by not buying gas. Even with the reduced gas prices, which we all know are unlikely to last, you can still save money by driving electric.

The pleasure of not buying gas is accentuated by the displeasure of having bought it previously. This feeling of delight will be re-enforced daily as people drive by the gas station.

The accumulated Leaf sales in the US should pass the Volt sales soon (early 2015). But if the Gen2 Volt spurs a bunch of new sales, it could retake the lead or possibly prevent losing it.

Not that the competition really matters, but it Will be an interesting 2015.

I like your festive chapeu!

Bring on the competition! The real winners will be us!

Yeah, I have a sneaky suspicion the new Volt is going to sell really well.

In Oct 2013 the LEAF was 4.0% (2002/49,068) of Nissan’s total car sales. Now in Oct 2014 the LEAF is 4.5% (2589/57,132) of sales. Will the LEAF pass 5.0% by year end?

Pretty amazing that LEAF sales are growing at 29.3% vs. Nissan’s general sales of 16.1% (pretty good numbers considering some OEMs have declining sales).

The LEAF is now in the middle of Nissan’s car models in terms of volume, at #5 between Maxima and Juke. Only Altima, Sentura, Versa and Maxima sell in higher volumes.

i3 sales are over 1000 a month and for the months that Leaf sales went down, they are definitely having an effect.

Absolutely love my 2013 Nissan LEAF SL. I drive 50 miles roundtrip to work and back monday through Friday. We use the LEAF for all of our errand trips around town as well. 23,000 miles with no issues at all. Do not miss the gas stations or the oil changes.

So, Nissan has been promising the 3,000 per month production number…

The sales only support about 30K per year sales number. Well, LEAF has been “below projection” then.

The Y2Y growth is due to the low 2013 numbers…

The Nissan dealers in California are discounting them with $3K to $4K off the MSRP…

I wonder if anyone has spelled out the regional areas where the Leaf is the most popular. California I’d imagine would be the top seller.

But in Buffalo, NY, I see volts all the time, but I’ve only seen 3 Leafs on the Road the past 3 years, and I know of none in any garages, whereas Volts can be seen in more and more garages every day.

I’m not knocking the Leaf, as it is a very nice, Roomy BEV. I just don’t understand the descrepancy.

LEAF is very popular in California (along with Model S and Volt and Prius Plugins).

I believe Atlanta is now the #1 market for LEAF due to its heavy state incentives. SF, LA and Seattle area are the top area as well.

In SF Bay Area, there are up to $3K discounts on LEAF. So, it helps the sales.

It would be nice to see a State sales breakdown for the Leaf.


What would Nissan sales be if we treated Nissan like Japan treats GM and FORD?
How many would sell if we made them cost $40,000 more? Chevy Volt in Japan costs $80,000 while we give them $7500 and more to dump their EVs here!

Leaf is a joke. I’d be stuck on the side of the road just trying to go to and from the local airport. Friend who has one couldn’t go to work for three days after a storm knocked out the power for four days. No backup power? I want 200 miles per charge guaranteed.