Nissan LEAF Trailer Hitch – Installation Video


Hitch Install

Hitch Install

Etrailer has a product, along with an installation video, for a trailer hitch on a Nissan LEAF.

The finished product!

The finished product!

The trailer hitch is by Curt. You can view the product on etrailer’s site, along with some additional info here.

This trailer hitch can be installed on your own provided that you have all of the necessary tools.

*Editor’s Note: Per Nissan LEAF owners manual, it is stated: “TOWING A TRAILER: Do not tow a trailer with your vehicle.” Doing so may result in a warranty issue.

*The video’s description states: “Note: Videos are provided as a guide only. Refer to manufacturer installation instructions and specs for complete information.

So, you’ve been warned.

The installation video is not embeddable, so to view it click here.

Have you installed a trailer hitch on your Nissan LEAF?  If so, what do you tow?

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Brian Henderson

Suggest using “Utility Hitch” in the tittle vs. “Trailer Hitch on a Nissan LEAF”.

An utility hitch is a great accessory for carrying a bike without a much impact on aerodynamics.

Another unity hitch manufacturer focused on EVs is Torklift Central has a line of Eco-Hitches:


I thought there was another hitch I had read about that didn’t require cutting holes. I wouldn’t want to make all these modifications on at leased vehicle


Odd not to mention the elephant in the room (torkliftcentral), unless Mike Anthony who posted this, has no training in journalism or deliberately chose to hide the alternative product.

Eric Loveday

Covered previously by Mike Anthony here:

Please don’t question our journalistic integrity. It only makes your error look worse.


I am glad he knows about both products. Which makes it even more odd that he did not inform the readers that an alternative exists.

John Hansen

Lol, burn.


WTF is wrong with towing other than a decrease in range? I fail to see a negative impact on the drivetrain .

This smacks of image (rangex anxiety ) management …..


Most compact and midsized cars recommend against towing in the owner’s manual. That has never stopped me!

I am working on buying out my leased Leaf. Afterwards, I will likely install a hitch. I have a hitch-mount bike rack (much easier than a trunk-mount one), and a small trailer for my sunfish sailboat.

Jesse Gurr

I have seen a Geo Metro with a tow hitch. As well as an Acura Integra. So you can put a tow hitch on anything, whether or not it is a good idea is another topic altogether.


I’ll be honest. I don’t know what a Geo Metro is, but i’ve seen tow hitches on Fiat 500s, Citroen 2CVs and even Minis. None of which had more than 40bhp!


I had assumed this article was about fitting a tow hitch to tow one of those battery trailers to extend the range…


How much weight could a LEAF tow?
What about “tongue weight”?