Nissan LEAF Torques It Out – Video


“Watch as we put the Nissan LEAFs 100% torque into action. But remember to please use your torque wisely. #GoTorque.”

States Nissan.

What does 100% torque mean?  Well, it means that you can beat an unsuspecting SUV off the line in a Nissan LEAF.

The Nissan LEAF ain’t quick, but it packs some punch from 0 to 30 MPH.

Check out the video to see the LEAF win with torque.

Time To Torque It Out

Time To Torque It Out

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The Leaf is quick.

I do this all the time.
It’s easy and fun, beating those megasloppy metal case and all their ego.
It’s electric stupid!

Every stoplight 🙂

(And I wonder why I only average 3.5 miles/kWh when I read of others getting 4.5 to 5!)

Yes! Stoplights are where I “take it out of Eco” all the time. I especially love it when those big F250/350 type trucks make a really loud manly noise as they try and punch it to try to beat what they think is my econobox to the lane merge ahead and I leave them every single time.

Oh yes indeed…

I don’t even bother switching back to “D” from “eco” (the max power seems identical), on the other hand I got into the habit of holding the brake with my left foot, with the right one already on the accelerator, ready to crush it.

On level ground, another variant is to switch to neutral, “pre-floor” the accelerator, and flick into Drive when the light turns green. It doesn’t feel as smooth though, and I don’t like tires chirping, because then I can’t act like I didn’t even mean to launch 🙂

Tires, yes, that’s the problem, they need to be replaced after only 2 or 3 years and they’re not cheap… Oh wait, come to think of it, I used to stop 3x/year for an oil change, and spend 40 or 50$/week on gas. Never mind!

My wife told me about one such encounter where some guy driving a big pickup was sniggering at her weenie electric car.

Until he got to the next light about three car-lengths behind her, that is.

Sometimes, that smugness isn’t about 0 emissions.

And of course, the future looks pretty bright:

The first good ad for an electric car I’ve seen (Tesla does fantastic PR but it doesn’t do ads). Nicely done. Kudos to Nissan marketing.

I gave up driving in “eco” several months ago. Used to average 5ish Miles per Kw now get 4.8 – big deal, I can live with losing 0.2Kw for the better driving experience.
Also no longer bother watching how many trees I grow or how many white dots I use when accelerating. All those are there to coach you into driving like a 90 year old granny.
Treat it like a normal car, drive it the same all the time and now the guess-o-meter is much more accurate – and its much more fun to drive.
Of course, slow down so that you are at the front for every red light 🙂
You know you drive electric if……

I wish I could ride along with you to see how you drive it so that it’s “much more fun”, and yet still get 4.8 miles / kWh. Are there hills where you live?

Yep. I gave up driving eco after my initial test drive. It’s really no fun to drive.

The odd thing is that I also _don’t_ use B mode, and just use D and coast where I can. I actually get more mileage out in that mode than in B mode for some reason. Perhaps it’s the coasting that I do, and my unfamiliarity with driving well in B mode.

“100% Torque at 0 RPM” is what they should say.

This is me at every stop light. It sucks having to replace tires every 20,000 miles, but whatever.

I only got 10,000 miles on my front tire, lol. Even though the Leaf is the underdog I HP, it is much less dampened of the line. I will leave my Focus from a standstill every time. Even though the Ford is moving faster at the end of the qtr mile the Leaf gets there first. I have driven 150 miles in the i3 lately. Even it has a muted throttle when you stomp it from a stand still. Punch the Leaf throttle at 5mph, the response is instantaneous. I wish the i3 and the Focus had a sport throttle button. I turned off the DSC on the Focus and i3, no better. I hear the Smart is instantaneous off the line too. So even though it is slow 0-60mph, it is as quick as any of the mainstream electric cars 0-30mph, making it a blast to drive around town.

Totally agreed re the Smart ED. That was the point of one of Daimler’s ads btw:

See this story of someone ditching his Camaro for one — and absolutely loving it!

They are geared to maximize 0-30mph and it runs out of breath after that.

It takes less than 3 seconds for LeAF to do 0-30mph, but takes LEAF another 7 second to do 30-60mph…

That just shows the Electric motors are dropping off in power as the RPM goes up.

Anyone with a motor power curve of the LEAF can see this.

Here’s the dyno chart (taken at the wheels), and no it doesn’t show at all what you claim:

People, including yourself apparently, are used to gas engines output, with power (and to a lesser extent, torque) first increasing with higher RPM.

Electric motors, as should have been obvious to you as well if you bothered to actually look at any specs, are bound by max torque at lower RPMs, then max power, hence the virtually flat top lines on dyno charts.

Same thing for e.g. a Model S, obviously:
(the power output is the lower, almost flat line; scale for torque looks incorrect though.)

Too bad the ad is so poorly filmed. They show the two cars lined up at the onramp to the 110 north at James M Wood street, then they cut to the smiling driver in the Leaf and she’s all of the sudden on a city street passing parked cars!