Nissan LEAF Tops In Customer Satisfaction Study

APR 19 2018 BY MARK KANE 51

The Nissan LEAF (previous generation) was rewarded, along with the Nissan Micra, with the Gold Supermini Award in the 2018 Driver Power Study for highest customer satisfaction.

The new LEAF also recently won the 2018 World Green Car title.

According to UK-based Driver Power, the LEAF offers “a smooth, cheap and green journey” and it’s “easy to fall in love with an electric car”.

Nissan LEAF

“The Nissan LEAF wins the Gold Electric Car Award in 2018. It was the best performing vehicle overall in the Engine & Gearbox category and placed 3rd in the MPG & Running Costs category.”

“First published in 2002, the Driver Power automotive customer satisfaction study is now in its 16th year. With over 80,000 respondents in 2018, Driver Power is one of the UK’s largest automotive customer satisfaction studies.”

The Driver Power New Car scoring is based on average scores across nine judging categories:

  1. Reliability & Build Quality
  2. MPG & Running Costs
  3. Safety Features
  4. Engine & Gearbox
  5. Ride & Handling
  6. Interior & Comfort
  7. Exterior
  8. Practicality & Boot Space
  9. Infotainment, Connectivity & Electrics

Wesley Lang, Senior Research Manager at Driver Power commented:

“The Micra’s performance proves that superminis can excel in many judging categories long thought to be the domain of premium marques; whilst the LEAF’s performance continues to show the appeal of owning an electric vehicle – you get a smooth, cheap and green journey.”

Steve Fowler, editor-in-chief of Auto Express and Carbuyer, commented:

“The LEAF continues to be a star in our Driver Power survey, year after year. It proves how easy it is to fall in love with an electric car once you get behind the wheel and the vast majority of EV owners won’t go back to an ICE car.”

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So no more Tesla #1 in customer satisfaction?? Those Model 3 issues must have hit them hard 😉

Seriously though these “studies” results just show how ridiculous they all are.

Yawn, that was Consumer Reports.
I never heard of these dudes, and am more inclined to think PU is right about them, like the J.D. Power awards.

Yeah Tesla has about the worst reliability ratings of any car. If you want a great a performance car get a Tesla. If you want a family reliable car get a LEAF if its range suites your needs. Also lots of great used EVs and hybrids out there now too.

Is this one of those phony “awards” where an auto maker has to pay to compete, and pay even more to be chosen the winner?

No it really is one of the most reliable cars ever made. We have owned 8 of the CR top 20 most reliable cars for the past decade and we put the LEAF at the top, not even a single little plastic widget has fallen off anywhere. Just make sure the range is twice your daily commute.

I have been assured all Leaf owners are suckers and hate their cars and the vehicle is an abomination unto the Lord.

Leaf owners are not pleased losing range, the 30 kWh are reported to lose range even faster.

That was fake news. The 30kWh batteries are outstanding. Great cars, great warranties, great family cars. Just make sure the range suits your needs.

+1 LOL

Do all you commenters not pay attention to the details of the article? The award is UK specific. The leaf does NOT suffer the same battery degradation there, because the weather is better for it.

It’s no surprise that the leaf does much better there, since it has all the benefits of an EV, is cheaper to purchase than most other EV’s, AND its battery stays healthy for much longer. All the benefits, but none of the drawbacks.

Good for the UK folks.

Actually one of the tests conducted to show the throttling of charging was done in the UK. While it’s true that a milder climate will put less stress on the insufficient TMS, it won’t make any difference in one of the other shortcomings of the battery design.
But good for you.

Well said.

Those who think that the Leaf’s lack of battery cooling (or the sensitivity to heat of its poorly chosen battery chemistry) doesn’t matter in cooler climates like the UK, should read this June 2016 comment from a UK driver of a 30 kWh Leaf:

On a recent quick two day trip from Scotland to Cheltenham and back I managed to get south without any battery overheating problems, possibly because traffic was heavy. Coming back the next evening, with the outside temp at 18C, I was running into ten bars, just short of red, after a mere two rapid charges, and starting to get seriously concerned if I could get home.
The outside temp dropped slowly as I drove North. I reduced speed down to 60 mph, and by midnight it was about 8C outside. The car never got into the red, but I was getting very nervous.

No charger failures at all, but I would be concerned about repeating this journey in July or August.

“The leaf does NOT suffer the same battery degradation there, because the weather is better for it.”

Not so fast. My 12 Leaf lost 15% in 3 years here in western PA, which has weather much like the UK.

The hot-weather-only degradation thing is a myth. Hot weather is definitely worse, but I’m convinced the cold weather hurt my battery also, since I had to run it so low so often.

I live next to hell in the States, My batteries are doing just fine. EV owners need to know to avoid letting the cars sit at 100% charge in the heat. If they can use the cars mostly in the 20-80% daily range and save 100% for trips to see granny the cars will last a long long long time. regardless of the heat.

This award matches my experience. A 2015 Leaf leased for 2.5 years.

I’ve never been so satisfied by daily driver. Its smooth, torquey, dependable, and it has heated seats and steering wheel! I can charge it at home while I sleep.

Do I drive it outside of a 40 mile radius of my city in Michigan? No, I don’t need it for that.

It is only few percent on the internet that make a lot of noise about the socalled “Rapidgate”. It is a fact the Nissan Leaf always had very satisfied customers and the new version is the far best and cheapest EV you can buy.

Sure, there are a lot of very satisfied Leaf owners. There are also a lot of very unsatisfied Leaf owners, who have seen multiple bars lost in a very few years. The problem seems to be that different people have very different experiences. Or to put it another way, the Leaf’s battery pack is both unpredictable and unreliable; it may go bad, or it may not, and there doesn’t seem to be any way of predicting what will happen with any individual Leaf, even in a cool climate.

It’s not very plausible to claim that all the reports we see of lost bars from Leaf owners are coming from only a “few percent” of them. In fact, you’d have to believe in some sort of massive conspiracy on their part to believe all the reports online about premature loss of bars are all coming from just a few percent of them!

What a BS… have you ever driven or owned a LEAF ?

The internet is flooded with customer reviews about the Leaf Just one example. Name a 30.000 dollar 2018 EV that upholds the same equipment, driving comfort and range on one charge, that can be delivered. No matter, how you put it is a fact that the Leaf is extremely popular with the owners.

Have you ever driven or owned a LEAF?


I love my 2016 30K LEAF, but I hate the battery.

I’m only 17 months into my 36 month lease and I’ve already lost a bar. The range has dropped at least 15% and I’m wondering if I’m going to have to charge at lunch every day, just to make it home. Nissan should invest in a real TMS if they want any shot at the EV future.

You should move to the Uk.
Sorry, you are having problems, it really shows that what could have been a great car really isn’t due to Nissan’sr failure and intransience regarding an improved TMS.

Same here. As I mentioned above, my 12 Leaf degraded quickly, despite living in temperate western PA.

You don’t have to live in Phoenix to have battery problems.

When you select your EV make sure it has twice the range of your daily commute. I drove my first Ev 100-0% (dash dash dash) everyday and it only lasted 43,000 miles too. I’m doing my replacement battery 20-80% range and it might last a lifetime. Just charge to 100% when you need it for trips to Granny’s house. Best car we have ever owned

Make sure you have the programming update. There was a problem in how the software determined the range.

How is the reprogramming working out. we got ours reprogrammed and we have around 31,000 miles, 12 bars, and it still goes over 110 miles easily.

I have yet to meet a Leaf driver that is not ecstatic about his/her car. So it is most likely a well deserved award.

I have owned 4 LEAFs in my family. Most owners are satisfied. BUT when you buy your LEAF or any EV make sure it goes twice your daily range. Then it might last a lifetime. If you use any EV 100-0% every day that stresses the batteries. The other mistake many EV owners make is they charge to to 100% all the time and then they let it sit. If your not using the car for several days dont;’ let it sit at 100% charge.

UK… where it never gets warm…

And never gets cold 😛

Thank you. Cold is very unfriendly to Leaf batteries.

Not for me.
And in Qc, Canada, I challenge any PA weather as being tropical compare to what we have, and guess what, my Leaf MY 2012 still have 79% capacity left at 156 000 km on it.

Am I just lucky, or is there many like me.
I pick the later.

I believe you are lucky. At the rate my battery degraded, it would have been down to 56% with the km/miles you stated.

I lost 15% in 26k miles (43000 km).

Otherwise, I loved the car.

I loved my LEAF. Best car ever, despite the terrible battery longevity.

Nissan has about 300,000 gen one Leafs in the World; all pretty nice little EVs; but, they all will need a replacement battery; why not make it a long range replacement battery?

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

” why not make it a long range replacement battery?”

Why not offer an upgraded pack?!?!?!?!?!?

They will not need replacement batteries for 20+ years.

We need to make sure that all EV owners know they will loose a lot of capacity in winter (or summer) for the AC and HEAT. We need all EV owners to find a model with the twice the range of their daily commute and save those 100% charges for trips to Grannys house.

Actually very few of them sold after 2012 need new batteries, they have excellent longevity.

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

My co-workers like their Leaf.
But they never DCFC and they garage it at home and in our parking garage and it is underground.
They even go to the extent of insulating their rolling garage doors at home.

SO why dont you own a LEAF. Great cars.

I own a Nissan Leaf and a Tesla Model 3. I think a used Nissan Leaf is a decent for-your-money purchase, but if you have an issue, Nissan is clueless. Please read:

Excellent write-up.

FWIW, I bought and installed my own Schneider Electric EV charger when I got my 12 Leaf, and since 2015 it has waited patiently to charge another EV.

My Leaf was very reliable (nothing failed), but after 2 winters I asked the dealer to check the battery regarding the terribly low range capacity. They declared it A-OK after driving 9 miles in February without turning on the climate control or other accessories, and burning 9 miles from the range. They ignored me when I said I was only getting about 50% of the claimed range in the winter, and maybe 80% in the summer.

Like your experience, they also offered me oil changes.

After repair of some body damage at a Nissan-approved body shop, they returned the car to me with 8 miles of range, which was how far it is to my house. And this, after I called ahead to ask for it to be charged.

The reports of 30 kWH Leaf 1.5s losing range faster than the Leaf 1.0s are of great concern, leaving me with no confidence that the 40 kWh Leaf 2.0 is any better. I had considered getting a Leaf 2.0, but no more.

When you select your EV make sure it has twice the range of your daily commute. You need that range for AC, heat, and extra errands.

The 30 and 40kWh batteries are outstanding. Sorry you had bad service from Nissan. You can try Tesla but they have NO SERVICE. Car dealers are all pretty good at playing dumb. I have always had fair service from Honda, Nissan, and Toyota, and even Mazda. When you select your EV be sure to get one with twice the range of your daily commute. I made that mistake once too.

We have 3 LEAFs and they all go further than the range rating, but they do loose range when it is below freezing outside.

Well they do sell about 5 million cars every year. The LEAF is a pretty small part of the equation. I wsh they would sell more models. I think they sell four or five EV cars and trucks in China, why not here.

I’ve heard the same thing on every manufacturer forum.

Great News. Families all over the world will love these cars. Best Datsun or Nissan we have ever owned. When you select your EV make sure it has twice the range of your daily commute. It will last a long long long time. In over 7 years our total expenses besides tires and seven bottles of washer fluid was for a dern cracked windshield. But even then the windshield was only $312 USD. The most economical car you will ever own. Enjoy.

Unfortunately four of the top 20 Lemon cars are EVs and plug in Hybrids — Tesla S, 2 Chevys, and Ford Energi. We need those manufacturers to make BETTER cars. We need OWNERS to make better selections. If your commute is 90 miles please do not choose a EV with a 100 mile range. You need extra range for heat, AC, and extra errands. You are better off going with a hybrid or an EV with more range.