Nissan LEAF Top 10 US Sales Markets in September


As promised, here’s that Top 10 Nissan LEAF list.

There’s been a few position swaps in the Top 10, with Denver knocking St. Louis off the list.

But we see no real surprises here.

For comparison, refer to the Top 15 graphic below released by Nissan back in August.

Unfortunately, nobody guessed all 10 correctly, so the undeclared prize that we were going to give out will stay with us until next time.

Top 15 Released by Nissan in August

Top 15 Released by Nissan in August


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Until Nissan offers actual sales numbers for these ‘Top 10 Markets’ they really mean nothing.

1953 sales for Sept divided by 50 states is just 39 units per State, and even less per ‘market’.

I’m confused. I thought Nissan announced that Atlanta had remained their top market and Raleigh had entered the top 10.

Times change, lol. Nissan had a mid-month update that they pegged Atlanta at number one…it is hard to keep up. Still, it is kinda neat they put out the list at all.

Here is the mid-month Atlanta in first story.

I’m amazed by how generous Georgia’s incentive is. People should take advantage of that because I wouldn’t be surprised if they curb that soon.

I wonder how much positive effect it has on Nashville and Atlanta sales that LEAF U.S. production is located close by the two cities.

I wonder about that for Nashville too, seeing as it is their home state. Nashville is relatively small compared to many of the cities on this list. They get HOV access, but no money back from the state. Yeah, I could see being built in the same state being a factor. Atlanta is another story. If where it is a built is a factor, it has to be a small one compared to some other ones. You’d figure with the population Atlanta has, along with the long list of incentives, they are slacking off if they are not #1 on the Leaf sales list:) They get. -$5000 credit, capable of carryover -10% credit on charging equipment -Unlimited HOV -Georgia power charging rate Now, other states have some good credits/purchase rebates on plug ins electric vehicles. However, the difference in what you get from the state between a Volt and a Leaf in Georgia is $5000. In Colorado I believe the credit takes into account the purchase price, and the Volt rebate comes out higher. In Cali its just $1000 favoring Leaf. That is a huge difference. If I lived in Georgia, I wouldn’t looked for a car that got me… Read more »

The power of greenies united with silicon valley. We are taking over the planet, you just don’t know it yet.

Per capita it has some catching up to do with Portlandia. It might be the other way around, and you just don’t know it:)

Go Portland. #24 sized metro area, but still #5 in leaf sales!

Although the Leaf isn’t my personal favorite EV, come to think of it, I’d definitely prefer it to succeed vs. any ICE car. Hats off to Nissan for their hard work not just producing a good car, but supporting it. The Leaf has been Nissan’s best selling model here, and I believe a few of the other cities on this top 10 list. It is the only plug in that has been well marketed here. I wonder if the marketing emphasis is just certain markets, like the ones high on this list, or nationwide? If the marketing push is not nationwide yet .. once it is .. watch out!