Nissan LEAF to Go On Sale In Guam by End of Month


We’ve completely lost track of how many countries the Nissan LEAF is now sold in.  Maybe we haven’t lost track, but the number is so high that we don’t bother counting anymore.

It Appears as Though All 3 Trim Levels Will Be Offered in Guam

It Appears as Though All 3 Trim Levels Will Be Offered in Guam

It suffices to say that the Nissan LEAF seems to be available almost everywhere you might venture on your travels around the globe.

By month’s end, the Nissan LEAF will launch in Guam….yes Guam.

Brian Downy, general sales manager of Nissan Guam, says the LEAF will be available to the general public there within the next 30 days.

Nissan doesn’t expect the LEAF to be a hit in Guam, but it’s launching it there for another reason.  As Downy states:

“There’s not a big market for electric cars anywhere in the world yet.  Nissan is expecting to try to leapfrog hybrid technology. Eventually, electrics will be huge. We can’t rely on fossil fuels for the rest of our lives.”

Downy says the LEAF will cost from $29,000 to $36,000 in Guam, which isn’t cheap for an automobile there, but it’s the only mass-produced electric to be available there, so it’s not like plug-in buyers have other options.

About that charging infrastructure…it’s basically non-existent (3 public chargers in total) in Guam, though future plans do call for some more to be installed, including a couple of units at Guam’s lone Nissan dealership.

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Perfect place for solar cells to power the leaf

Just as a random factoid, we had 27 unique visitors from Guam this past month. The most of which (7) came from Tamuning– which has a population of about 18,000 (thanks wiki).

…so this post was for you guys, (;

I am curious. Could you tell me how many unique visitors you get from india in a month.

Sure – a lot more than from Guam, heeh – 1,199 visits in last 30 days, Maharashtra leads with 236, followed by Delhi at 183

Thanks that is so cool, i am one of them from delhi:-)

We should probably cover a little more than we do for the region. It would be nice if the government would get a little more on board with the technology…India I think could be a really big player in the segment if they wanted to.