Nissan LEAF To Be Second Best Seller In Europe. Number One? Renault Zoe

MAY 11 2012 BY STAFF 2

Nissan and Renault are a corporate partners, so the statement that the Renault Zoe, will outsell the already established LEAF in the Europe is not idle chatter from a competitor trying to steal the LEAF’s crown.

Despite a slow start, and then cancelation of a battery plant in France, the Zoe will be still released widely later this year out of Renault’s Flins Assembly plant in France, and have a massive capacity (for an electric car) of 150,000 vehicles per year.

In an interview with the automotive news  Theirry Koskas (Renault’s EV project director) said, “The Zoe is the first electric car in Europe that will address the needs of the  mass-consumer market,” while adding that the Zoe, being developed later than the LEAF, is technologically ahead of its Japanese made cousin:

“The Zoe is a next-generation car. It is launching two years later than the Leaf.  The Zoe will benefit from technologies that the Leaf does not have, such as a  braking energy-recovery system, a heat pump, and a special series of energy efficient tires.”

Reservations are now open for the car, which is slightly smaller than the LEAF and has a starting price of €15,700 ($29,800 USD), which does not include battery lease of €79 ($101 USD)/month , for a contract covering 12,500km/year over a period of 36 months.  In the UK, after rebates the car will be about $22,000 USD + battery hire.   The car has a range of  210km (130 miles), but that is on the NEDC cycle.  EPA rating would be estimated to be about 85 miles from this cycle.

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So now the new Nissan Sunderland battery plant is up and getting ready for proper production, does one infer that it will be supplying batteries for the ZOE?

That makes sense on paper, but doubtful.

Sunderland is on a limited production still for this year, about 20,000-30,000 packs maximum this year, and the Zoe really doesn’t get production up to steam until shortly before the LEAF begins production for Europe in Sunderland as well.

Nissan/Renault rarely speak about anything specific like their battery plants or how the system works internally, but the Renault Fluence ZE, that is already in production (in Turkey) would probably see some shipments from here, considering overflow is being jobbed out to LG Chem on the car as well.