My Nissan LEAF to Attempt Canada to Mexico Trip Using West Coast Electric Highway


Scouring the West Coast For Plugs From June 12th to 20th

Today, June 12, 2012, we start day one of a 9 day odyssey from Mexico to Canada in our 100% electric car, the Nissan LEAF. This car was designed and intended to be a short range, around town car, but with some basic charging station infrastructure, and a little luck, we will be able to drive this 73 mile (118km) US government rated (EPA) vehicle over 1600 miles (2500km) on the West Coast Electric Highway.

Headed for 1,600 Miles on the West Coast Highway

Some time later this afternoon, a brand new black 2012 LEAF SL, serial number 20782, will start at the city of Tijuana, Baja California Norte, Mexico, and end at my home in San Diego. A very easy first day of only about 33 miles (54km), but a great chance to check that our preparations are all in order. Tomorrow will be approximately 250 miles !!

Stay tuned for more updates along the way, and you can follow along with us on Twitter at “QCpower”, or find the trip blog at QuickCharge Power.

InsideEVs Staffing Note/Bio:  Tony Williams is an unemployed airline pilot and electric vehicle aficionado who lives in San Diego, California. He enjoys taking things apart, and sometimes putting them back together, usually not working the same way as when he started. The car he is driving is his second Nissan LEAF; his first one has already gathered 25,000 miles in the first 13 months of ownership. He loves to drive!

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Jay Cole

Fantastic road trip. Good luck Tony!

Anxious to hear the stories from this one, (=


God’s speed my brother, we are headed for Toronto from NJ on our annual summer holiday and will be driving the Volt. I hope to make this trip in our next EV without having to burn any foreign oil.

Lyle Dennis

The EV community wishes you all the best on your historic flight =)


I hate to nit-pick, but I wish the artist used the real American Flag. The Mexican and Canadian flags are accurate….

That said, this is exciting new. I hope he gets some press when he’s done!

Tony Williams

I don’t know why he did that, but I don’t like to start messing with somebody else’s work. I do like it, but would have preferred a proper flag, but I suspect he likes this look better.


You’ll be the first probably to set the world record benchmark time for an EV. A Tesla could do it in 6 days… In 5 years, someone will do it in 4…..


Chad Schwitters

A Tesla went from San Diego to Seattle in 4 days back in April 2010: I actually started in Seattle, got down to San Diego in 4 days, spent a day or two down there visiting friends, and then came back.

I wasn’t in a particular hurry; I stopped to visit people in Portland, Chico, San Francisco, LA, and San Diego. There were 208V 70A Tesla chargers around for the southern half of the trip, but I used campgrounds (208V 40A) for the northern half.

Good luck, Tony. The shorter range of the Leaf means a lot more stops, so more planning…but once you hit DCQC, it also will mean a lot less time waiting around!

Tony Williams
I don’t have any plans for 120 volt charging, or any Walmarts. I do have AAA, however the LEAF comes with its own towing included for 3 years with the car. Miles – Location [charger / EVSE / power source to be used] Tuesday, June 12, starting from Tijuana, Mexico California, USA: 33 – San Diego, my house near Poway [Blink L2] 33 miles Wednesday, June 13: —– San Diego, my house near Poway [Blink L2] 67 – Laguna Beach – 547 Forrest Ave [Chargepoint L2] 10 – Newport Beach – 1151 Newport Center Dr [Chargepoint L2] 20 – Cypress – 6400 Katella Ave [Eaton DC] Alternate: Los Angeles – Church and State Restaurant, 676 Mateo [Blink DC] 52 – Malibu – 23555 Civic Center Way [Clipper Creek L2] 45 – Ventura – 460 E. Harbor Blvd [Chargepoint L2 $$] Alternate: Camarillo – Mike M’s house for booze and laughs [his dryer NEMA 10-30] 34 – Santa Barbara – 4770 Calle Real [Blink L2] 31 – Solvang – 1556 Mission Drive [Chargepoint L2 $] —- Solvang, Holiday Inn Express, 1455 Mission Drive, 805-688-2018 [RON only] reserved* 259 miles Thursday, June 14: —- Solvang, Holiday Inn Express, 1455 Mission Drive, 805-688-2018… Read more »

That list looks exhausting. good luck with the trip

Jack Brown

Congratulations. I am planning a Santa Cruz to LA trip in an ActiveE in September. I hope to meet you at the EAA meeting this weekend.

Jack Brown

Can you also post the charge option you used at each stop and approximate recharge rates and times?

Jack Brown

Any updates? The site shows the last location somewhere near Morro Bay.

Tony Williams

There is a GPS tracker on the car linked at, or direct:

I’m leaving California within the hour.

Tony Williams