Nissan LEAF Teardown – Video


LEAF Teardown

LEAF Teardown

This salvaged 2012 Nissan LEAF will be torn down so that a 1973 Saab Sonett III can become an electric car.

Youtuber Rob Smith explains more:

Build thread on my plans to transplant the Leaf electric drive system into a 1973 Saab Sonett III.…

Documentation I’ve been putting together regarding the required components to keep the drive system functional:…

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Awesome can’t wait to see what u put it in keep making videos
(Add more batterys )

Awesome, a recycled Leaf makes EV conversion easier and cheaper than before! Thanks for the article. I look forward to see what fun EVs people make.

Indeed.. In the past it would cost $20,000 to convert a gas car. Now you can buy a used Leaf for half of that. So I haven’t been able to see any point in the conversions anymore.

Actually I see the point of doing conversions, now that used Leafs made them half the price they used to be.

Also, if you own such a conversion, parts will be plentiful and cheaper

keep the entire passenger cell & driveline componentry and graft on whatever less, ermm.. debatable front and rear sheet metal.. wonder how an old 2002 would mate up..
or kick-start a new kit car company Based upon ‘retired’ Leafs a la’ the VW Bug kit-cars.. an ex-Leaf Dune Buggy would be a riot..

That’s freaking cool. That Saab is the most aerodynamic production car ever sold in the USA, only second to the Honda Insight.

This will be an awesome conversion and i hope we get an update when it is done.

Awesome, thanks for posting this.

I was just talking to my wife and saying that I would like to take a wrecked leaf and put the drive into my 27T hot rod.