Nissan LEAF Stop Sale In Europe Tied To Telematics Issue


NissanConnect EV

NissanConnect EV

NissanConnect EV

NissanConnect EV

It seems Tesla may be the only automaker capable of connecting to an electric car in a near-flawless manner.

Apps designed specifically for electric cars have often failed to work from time to time.  This is a common issue reported by owners of BMW i3s, Volkswagen e-Golfs, Chevrolet Volts and so on.

Now, it’s the Nissan LEAF’s turn.

Over in Europe, an issue with NissanConnect EV, the app that allows you to remotely control/check in on your LEAF, has resulted in a stop-sale order to be placed on all 2016 LEAFs.

Transport Evolved quotes a Nissan spokesperson as stating:

“We have temporarily suspended deliveries of the new MY16 Nissan LEAF… due to an issue we’ve identified with the NissanConnect EV telematics system. We cannot confirm a date at this moment in time, but rest assured we’re working hard to implement a solution as quickly as we can and of course, customers that are waiting on vehicles will be a priority.”

Meanwhile, some similar complaints have started popping up in the Canada Nissan LEAF Owners group on Facebook where we saw this post:

Can’t connect to our leaf 

Nissan’s app hasn’t worked for us since the update, but the Leaflink app seemed to get through, so I switched to it.

Now even Leaflink can’t communicate with the car

Several respondents stated that they were experiencing similar issues.

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I get the feeling, that I found the reason why Tesla thinks autonomous driving is coming sooner than other companies.


Tesla’s people mostly come from a tech background / culture. They just shove the tech into a vehicle form factor. The physical car bits, have been harder for them.

For traditional automakers, tech is an Achilles Heal. Car bits are easier for them, but making the transition to today’s software / hardware / sensors / EV drivetrain / tech culture, etc., is a slow process.

Great example of this is GM outsourcing all the EV bits from LG, to make the Bolt. Wanna guess what GM’s inhouse autonomous program is like?

Let’s be honest there isn’t much to an EV. I don’t think any car manufacture wants to become and electronics manufacture. Tesla doesn’t make LCD, processors, etc.. GM designed the motor and LG is manufacturing it. I’m sure GM provided spec and LG designed to those specs. GM is delivery the Bolt this year and Tesla – 2018?

Building in-house isn’t necessarily a benefit. Car manufactures went down that path before. It’s time consuming, capitol expensive and slow to change.

EV’s can be simple NEVs that are just a battery, motor and simple controller. Think Gem-Car. And you would be correct.

If you’re saying the Model S or X are “simple EVs with not much in them”, then you’re completely clueless about how beautiful integrated, deep and programmable Tesla’s motor controller and onboard vehicle software suite is.

The displays and computers in the Mode S & X were also built by 3rd parties, built to Tesla specifications. That’s not my point.

The overarching architecture of TMC’s EV’s, including all aspects of their vehicle’s software– were not farmed out or otherwise outsourced. They were developed and refined inhouse.

You can’t say that about GM’s BEV products.

Achilles’ Heel

Why would they change the nifty Carwings to the clunky Nissanconnect?

Carwings didn’t work in the first place.

Car wings worked sometimes, the new app just doesn’t work at all. I’m in Australia new app has failed here too.

Great car, shockingly bad app.


I can connect from the web page, but haven’t been able to connect from my cell for a few days.

Same here and I’m in the US

In Canada, the legacy Nissan CARWINGS app and all 3rd party apps stopped working on Feb. 1, 2016.

The new Nissan EV App, mobile App and web site are working.

I found that the NissanConnect app on my iPhone was slow to …. connect. So I always use their website. Other than that, I have no complaints about carwings or the additional NissanConnect EV services. In particular, the driving history, the route planner and the ability to save routes and transfer them to the SatNav.

Just a shout out to OnStar. It did have issues in the first few years with my Volt but for more than one year now, it has been working flawlessly. I hear the new 4G based units work even better (faster)

Mine still works in the states, but never works over wifi with my iPhone. I’m still waiting to hear what Nissan’s solution will be when AT&T shuts down their EDGE service this fall.

Solution = buy a new car.

That’s what I’m guessing it will be. Only other option will be a swap over to T-Mobile which could be done without a sim swap with a reallocation of the SIM numbers, but all that costs money and I doubt that’s a line item Nissan is going to add to their budget.

Probably best we can hope for is a paid option which will cost a rediculous amount of money.

From flaky Carwing to flaky NissanConnect?

I never had a problem with car wings from Jan 2013 to Jan 2016. Miss my leaf. Can’t wait to get another electric car. I hope it’ll be a Nissan leaf, but it might be a bolt or a Tesla model lll.


I’ve never been able to connect to my Leaf… having transported it 3000 miles from home, and I can’t say I miss connectivity…. so what if I can’t programme the AC from my smartphone. What I do use, and works, is Leaf spy, so I can tell my SOC from inside the house. That’s fine.

Been seeing intermittent issues for weeks and now the app isn’t working at all. Even leaf link not working so no more warm car :-(. This is in the US.

I expected to lose telematics later this year with deprication of 2G but was hoping to make it through at least this winter. The website works ok, but what a pain to have to log in every time.

Dear Nissan, BMW, VW et al, Please remember you are a car company. You are good at building cars, not software. Please make the apps open source. You can always control what information would be available to owners and the community. There are many techies willing to take up the cause.

Jup, very good idea

Hmmm I wonder if this has anything to do with my Zoe having problem sending updates of her status. Or do Renaul and Nissan use separate infrastructure.

But I recognise the general issue, the Renault telematics is hit and miss. Sometimes I get updates, sometimes not. Never could start charging remotely (neither from the app nor from web site), or pre-heat. Sometimes charging calendar does not work. and the battery is still empty in the morning when I have to go to work. Very bad software all over. I have complained about this to Renault but they are unwilling to invest anything in their early adopter customers.

5 months from now my lease is up and my first Renault will also be my last…

Maybe the engineers that worked on these Apps were the same guys that designed the batteries that went into the 2011 and 2012 Leafs. would explain why my never worked. In sharp contrast the app for my Volts is way faster and has ton of capability.