Nissan LEAF Sets Second Best Sales Result In Japan

APR 11 2014 BY MARK KANE 5

Someday Soon You May Find It's Not All "Blue Skies" At Your Favorite Workplace Charging Spot

Nissan LEAF in Japan

Nissan exceeded a cumulative number of 37,000 LEAF sales in Japan by delivering 1,903 electric cars in February.

This is so far the second best result since the start of production, when 2,593 were delivered at launch in early 2011.

As we can see on the graph, in February Nissan sold about 450 or 30% more LEAFs than in February 2013.

Of interest is that this 1,903 figure is higher than the 1,425 LEAFs sold in the U.S. in the same period and that Japan leads the way after two months (3,144 vs. 2,677), but of course with 2,507 sold in U.S. in March, now we wait on Japan response.

Market share still is just tenths of percents for the LEAF in Japan.

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I wonder why February seems to be a relatively strong EV month in Japan. Is that because of tax deadlines?

financial year ends in march, so march = december for japan


Yes,but there is only a weak correlation with end of FY. Look at Mar13 and where previous high sales months.

A tax increase from 5% to 8% on April 1st drove demand at all Japanese dealers. In general, vehicle sales are expected to dtop 16% for remainder of the year.

Additionally, EV incentives were due to expire, but extended at a slightly reduced rate. (Japanese rebates occur over multiple years of ownership, not a lump sum payment like other countries). The LEAF price reduction will help keep sales momentum, but the peak monthly sales for 2014 is likely to be this 1903 Feburary number.

note: Added competition in the BEV market will occur later this year with BMW i3, Nissan eNV200, and Tesla Model S going on sale.