Nissan LEAF Sets Monthly Sales Record For 14th Month In A Row In April

MAY 1 2014 BY JAY COLE 21

Nissan LEAF Makes An Appearance In "The Depths" Of The New York Auto Show In April

We Caught This Nissan LEAF Makes An Appearance In “The Depths” Of The New York Auto Show In April

Nissan LEAF sales records continue to fall in the US, as the company recorded its 14th consecutive monthly sales record in April as 2,088 LEAFs were sold; a 7.8% improvement over April of 2013 when 1,936 moved off dealer lots.

Will The Expiry Of The "Green" Stickers In California Aid LEAF Sales In May?

Will The Expiry Of The “Green” Stickers In California Aid LEAF Sales In May?

April’s results comes after Nissan almost set an all-time best selling record for the EV in March when 2,507 were sold in March…just 22 short of the record set previously in December.

Nissan continued to distance themselves as the plug-in sales leader in the US as 7,272 LEAFs have been sold in 2014, an improvement of 33% over 2013 when 5,476 were moved.

“Important LEAF sales markets across the country from New York to San Diego showed strong gains in April,” said Toby Perry, Nissan’s director of EV Sales and Marketing.

“While leading markets like Atlanta and San Francisco continue to drive higher LEAF sales, we’re seeing EVangelism from our LEAF owners helps draw in other new markets such as Cincinnati, which cracked into the top 25 in April.”

The demand has been such that Nissan’s new capacity to build LEAFs at its facility in Smyrna, TN, is only making marginal gains at expanding inventories – although it should be noted that apparently Nissan has already started 2015 MY production, and those cars will not be showing up at dealerships until it is formally announced.

As for what changes the 2015 MY brings; thanks to a dealer note from Canada, we can tell you… not a heck of a lot has changed.  A new color choice, some changes in the standard equipment/packages. All the  details on the new 2015 LEAF can be found here.

Overall in 2013, Nissan sold 22,610 cars, which was a big improvement of 2012 when only 9,819 were sold.  Currently, Nissan is on pace to sell about 30,000 LEAFs in 2014.

Separately Nissan also announced that the LEAF would be available in 4 new colors to celebrate the company’s 80th year in business as a homage to “the popular colors of the former sports cars in the Nissan family like the Fairlady Z and GT-R.” 

It should be noted that if you live anywhere other than Japan however, you get none of these options (although a new “Morningsky Blue” shade will replace the traditional “Blue Ocean” starting in 2015 LEAFs elsewhere in the world)

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Lower than I expected. I guess production isn’t up to the reported 2700 since inventory stayed pretty flat.

Hey David, the report is they switched early to 2015 production. Those cars have not yet been made available for delivery ahead of announcement and pricing.

An early switch to 2015 production. Why?
most 2015’s wont be out til sept/nov timeframe.
so 2014 was a short run. lets hope 2015 is a short run too and the next gen 2016 is out by summer/early fall 2015. Oh and that it has a larger pack!

seems like some dealers could end up with new 2013, 2014. and 2015’s on the lot if they are not careful.

That’s good for people like me who need to lease a new car soon. Great deals on ’13s!


In the paragraph below the block-quote, you probably mean “formally” rather than “formerly” 🙂

Otherwise thanks for the very early news update!

Yes indeed. Fixed – thanks.

Sales day reporting is all about getting all the info out in a timely fashion – meaning I am working without an editorial net. /not always pretty, (=

Great job by Nissan. Would really love to see the e-NV200 hit the market any time now with a cargo and a people carrier versions.

Who wouldn’t want an e-shag mobile afterall? 😉

Great idea!!!

Paint their electric van up to look like “The Mystery Machine” from those Shaggy and Scooby Cartoons, then film pedestrians trying to solve the mystery where you put gas in it… 😉

Surprised to see Cincinnati cracking the top 25. I’ve only seen two other Leafs in the last two years. And there are only like 3 public charging stations in the whole city (not counting Nissan dealers). Anyway, hopefully now we’ll see more infrastructure.

It could be that Nissan is taking their time on EV production in that they are waiting to double or triple it when the 150 mile range EV comes out.

I hope they change the Leaf’s headlights to resemble the ZOE’s headlights when the 150mpg comes out. If so I’m a buyer.


I meant 150mpc (miles per full charge)


“we’re seeing EVangelism from our LEAF owners”

That’s funny because if you read the LEAF forums all the early adopters are not quite as EVangelic as they used to be due to how quickly the battery loses capacity in anything but cool climates.

Yeah, many early Leaf adopters have moved on to other EVs or PHEVs. But the wave of MY13 owners hasn’t experienced the degradation yet. We will have to see what happens this summer. I’m also anxious to see if the MY15’s battery holds up better to heat as Nissan has claimed it will.

Go little Leaf, Go

Great to see Nissan doing so well with the Leaf.

It’s hard to understand what strategy GM has for the all-electric market. An all-e Volt or selling the e-Spark everywhere instead of just 2 states would really make things more interesting!

I wonder what an all e Volt would be like? With a larger battery, would a 125 mile Volt do the trick? Also, if they redesigned it to allow for a 3rd seat in the back, I have to believe most people would be happy. Finally, having only a battery as opposed to Extended Range option, would that allow for a cheaper car?


I’d love to see a third party take all non-ev essential hardware off a Volt but keep it functioning as an EV.
Volt – ICE – Exhaust System – Fuel Tank
How many extra EV miles would it gain?


In 2014 Nissan will reach over 150.000 Leaf! And the other…far away from this! Great Nissan!

Nissan is showing more commitment than anyone else(except Tesla of course) so I couldn’t be happier with them. They are building an affordable EV in large numbers that fits most people’s needs and supporting infrastructure development as well. No other old school OEM comes close.