Nissan LEAF Sets All-Time Monthly Sales Record In Canada

JUN 6 2018 BY MARK KANE 36

The new Nissan LEAF set a surprisingly high sales record of 906 units in Canada last month.

Canadian LEAF sales never reached such heights, so the year-over-year gauge has turned over a few times to a 643% gain. Moreover, in just five months of 2018, 1,916 sales (up 586% year-over-year) exceed the LEAF’s full-year record from 2016 of 1,375 units.

Noteworthy is that in May, the LEAF accounted for 15% of total Nissan car sales or over 6.8%, if we include SUVs/trucks.

According to the Green Car Reports, new monthly records were set by the Chevrolet Volt (731), Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV (590), Toyota Prius Prime (425) and Chevrolet Bolt EV (395) too.

If the strong sales of the Nissan LEAF, Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV and hopefully other models last for some time, 2018 could be a tremendous year for Canada, not even including the Tesla Model 3.

In 2017, over 18,500 plug-ins were sold in Canada.

“The all-new 2018 Nissan LEAF electric vehicle set a sales record in May with 906 units sold. After only four months of sales, it achieved its best calendar year ever in May with a total of 1,916 units sold. With this result, the LEAF beat its previous annual sales record, set in 2016, with 1,375 units sold over the full 12 months.”

2018 Nissan LEAF

Source: Green Car Reports

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Excellent News for all the manufacturers. Word is getting out EVs are better drives and better for the environment. I’ll be glad when Model 3 sales can be added those amounts. I think a big shipment of 3s went up there too? Hopefully soon the last ICE and the crummy Kinder Morgan Pipeline can be buried forever.

These sales numbers are fantastic, but keep in mind there will be a lot of people trying to take advantage of the generous ONtario rebate that will disappear if we elect Doug Ford as premier tomorrow. If he is elected premier, expect to see EV sales in Ontario slump dramatically next month.

He’s not dead?

Doug Ford (current leader of the Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario) is the brother of Rob Ford (former Mayor of Toronto), who recently died of cancer.

Understandable confusion.

Oops, thank you.
Pretty disheartening to see that after all that has happened, this party is still poised for victory in Ontario. Democracy is a great system except for the voters, much of the time 😉

When you don’t sell many a percentage increase sounds big.

Leaf was Nissan’s best-selling car in Canada if you exclude SUVs. So now maybe you can be impressed?

Some of those sales numbers, like the Outlander PHEV, are higher than they are here in the USA. Why is that?

We do get incentives from the government for these purchase.
For example here in Ontario 14k. Incentive on full electric.
Up to 500$ on install of charger and up to 500$ for charger.
Not the same in all provinces. But they all have some sort of incentive.

I’m guessing there’s also different consumer vibes.
In the US there has been a Model 3 brainwash since 2016, that has sucked the oxygen out of the room for all other EVs, in particular the Leaf. Nissan follows the diametrically opposite strategy of pushing the Leaf (compared to the Model 3), so it’s been framed in very negative light both in EV circles and in the broader automotive and media circles, most of whom fail to appreciate the need and merit of multiple complementary strategies from different automakers.

Also, the US had an earlier head-start on EVs, and EV makers/advocates are now struggling to transition from early-adopter to mainstream appeal. In Canada there are still many early adopters who were starved out of EV choices except the old Leaf and the Volt, or didn’t realize they were “early adopters” till now.

My 2 cents at least…

Indeed 2 cents. The bad light Nissan got in US for the old Leaf is entirely on them, Tesla has nothing to do with it. Many, myself included, would love something cheaper and reliable but so far Tesla is the only ev manufacturer that can deliver that. Why do you think we have such of high numbers of leases among ev drivers? Take your binders off and stop blaming Tesla for things they don’t even control.

Tesla is niether cheap or reliable

Tesla can deliver cheaper? Elon begs to differ. He just said, sorry, tweeted the other day that this is what would kill his company 🙂

And this has nothing to do with “blaming Tesla”. Simply telling it like it is. Model 3’s announcement in 2016 was designed for maximum ratings and maximum deposit count, and highlighted the $35k version above all others. So when the Chevy Bolt came out in late 2016, the common response was “It’s better to wait for the Model 3”, surely among paid waitlist consumers.
Not to mention the new Leaf which, with the incessant Model 3 positive/negative noise since summer 2017, has become a complete non-event in the US. Most people probably don’t even know it’s here. That’s what the phrase “suck the oxygen out of the room” means.

So the battery issues the old Leaf had has nothing to do with the low sales numbers in your view? People tend to remember their first lemon.

Seems Model 3 doing OK!
comment image

Pat; only Ontario, Quebec and BC have EV incentives.

Not All – Only BC, Quebec, and Ontario (In order of Smallest to Biggest!)

It’s amazing how well they’re moving internationally except for the US.

Thats because the rest of the world don’t have a hang up about 200 miles of range and are happy enough with the right amount of range to get the job done.

How much did the LEAF sell in the single month? Or is that the 1916 number?

Edit: AH, I see now they sold 906.

(Also, “yeaer” should be “year”)

Good on Nissan to realize that its North America plant can ship quantities to, well, other places in North America (and Central, and South), if the plant home country’s consumers are too daft to recognize a good and yes, still revolutionary product all things considered.

I hope that plant can soon reach >5k/month sales, with or without US sales picking up.

I find it interesting that Nissan can ship so many Leaf’s to Canada, but GM can hardly ship any Bolts.

GM of course is either battery constrained, or they don’t care. It’s their token effort, which I find a bit strange, considering they were at the forefront at introducing EV’s.

Some Canadian pricing and stats between the two cars:

Bolt: MSRP $44,300, range: ~238 EPA miles.
Leaf: MSRP $35,998, range: ~151 EPA miles

Prices do not include freight/destination (about $2,000), or rebates. $14,000 for Ontario, and $5,000 for BC. Add Provincial/Federal taxes of around 12% (BC), 13% (Ontario).

So, LEAF is cheaper by about $2K in Canada than US? Bolt is also cheaper by about $3K.

Maybe GM doesn’t want to sell at lower price but Nissan doesn’t mind.

GM cant sell cars outside of the US. They cant even sell their cars in Europe anymore. Few dealers if any left. Competition hard and quality not better than the many other manufactors here. Homemarket is always easier than the global market.

Did GM solve this problem there yet?
GM Recall #: N182148180
Date Issued: Jan 04, 2018
Recall Title: Front Windshield Wiper Stall
Recall Description: Certain 2017-2018 Model Year Chevrolet Bolt EV vehicles may experience front windshield wiper stall when coming out of the park position at specific angles during unique cold, snowy conditions, due to a software calculation error.
Safety Risk Description: If one or both windshield wipers were to stall, it may impair the driver’s visibility under certain operating conditions, increasing the risk of a crash causing injury and/or damage to property.
Repair Description: Dealers will replace the front wiper motors with new wiper motors equipped with an improved software algorithm.

Disappointed With Nissan

I have to disagree with the “Nissan can ship so many Leaf’s to Canada” statement. Ordered mine on May 6th. Sales lady told me I would get delivery by end of July. Got a call on June21st to say they have ended 2018 manufacture and are retooling plant to build the 2019 and not to expect my Leaf before December. I guess I can probably kiss my incentive goodbye. Expressed my dissatisfaction with the dealership. They didn’t care.

This is not thanks to Nissan Canada, this is in spite of them… None of those cars were sold from dealer stock. Everyone of them had to be ordered. There is 0 stock of any electric car in Canada. People are trying to buy electric cars before the incentives are cancelled (in Ontario) but are now told they can only order a 2019 LEAF which they may get in November. Ridiculous.

Just get used to a build to order market.

Well, according to my salesperson, it is thanks to Nissan Canada. They persuaded Nissan to ship Leaf’s which would have been for US dealer lots to Canada to try to catch up on the backlog of Canadian orders. I ordered mine in February and was told to expect it in July/August. It arrived in May due this move by Nissan Canada. Despite the bad press about the battery, I’m really happy with my 2018 Leaf. It’s a very big step up from the older model in technology and range. I’m glad I didn’t cancel my order due to the negative reports about the battery. Over 95% of my driving will not require multiple fast charging in a single day. Due to lack of fast charging stations on The Prairies, road trips across Canada are possible, but not very practical from a time perspective.

Dissapointed With Nissan

That Nissan seams to have no idea if or when an order will be delivered speaks volumes about the brain power or lack there of in the corporation. At least Tesla had the smarts to redirect all model 3 production cars to Ontario to take advantage of the soon to be ended rebate. I see model 3s on the road every day. I have yet to see a 2018 Leaf anywhere and I drive 30,000 km a year. Fail!

So May is a record month in Canada with 5 models setting their record highs. Can we expect this in the coming months as well.

To put the monthly number in perspective:

Is those sales before or after delivery? I, for one, has ordered one and I haven’t received it yet.

Always only deliveries if it’s designated as sales.

It’s over. PC has the majority in Ontario. Say good bye to $14 grand cheques.