Nissan LEAF Set Second Best Sales Result Ever In Japan In January – Over 2,500

FEB 23 2016 BY MARK KANE 14

Nissan LEAF sales in Japan – January 2016

Nissan LEAF sales in Japan – January 2016

Nissan LEAF in Japan

Nissan LEAF in Japan

The 2016 Nissan LEAF with its 30 kWh really bounced back in Japan on the sales graph in a HUGE way, as nearly a record number of 2,503 were sold in January.

Only the car’s first full month on the market, back in February 2011 (2,593) was stronger.

In January Nissan LEAF was 28th best selling car in Japan

The positive news comes after weak a 2015 with so many months of decreasing sales. January alone bring more LEAF sales than the previous four months combined (2,289) and 151% more than in January 2015.

At the same time, Nissan celebrates the 60,000 sales milestone (60,202) for LEAFs in Japan.

Whether demand will be strong enough to keep the momentum going and/or translate to Europe and the US, we don’t know yet…but hopefully yes.

Nissan LEAF in Japan

Nissan LEAF going to the peak

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How much would they have sold if they had offered a version with a genuine 150 mile+ range …

Not sure that in the densely populated Japan with 6800 some odd islands greater range is that much of a concern there.

Yeah, near 7000 Chademos in Japan and how Nissan could do that? They will not change the battery case for ~ 14 months remaining, makes no sense. Their battery factory are not ready yet for other cells size yet. The next generation cells GM is using in the Bolt are NOT on the market yet, LG is NOT producing this cells now (only some for testing). LG will switch to new cell factor mid 2016, means the car manufacturer get them end 2016 and when Nissan switch to LG they also have to wait until LG says we are ready now going to change the production with you (if Nissan has a deal with GM what i think). Ghosn also have to look that Renault and Nissan get range upgrade at the same time, its not so easy.

Your assume that the cells in the bolt will be the same as the cells in Leaf 2.0. There could be a world of difference between the 2 chemistries and cell designs. Both Nissan and GM have been co-developing cells with LG for quite a while now there could very well be a GM LG battery and a Nissan LG battery that are totally different inside. For starters one cell will be designed to sit in an actively cooled casing whilst the other has to operate over a pretty wide temperature range.

My feeling is that if GM are planning a slow of the Bolt (which it appears it is – 30k in the US is not to be sniffed at but it is hardly a vertical takeoff) then Nissan can take their time getting to Leaf 2.0. There isn’t going to be much competition from the bolt outside the US for a while. In fact with the model 3 being late I could even understand them dragging out Leaf 1.0 a bit longer.

Very true, I guess they want the version 1 being kept as long as possible. For two good reasons, firstly they can pay off more of their original investment in the Leaf and secondly they have more time for battery improvements. And if there will ever be a crucial point where they fear the factory might come to a halt, they can still sell the Leaf for the price it costs them to produce it and that might be cheap enough to convince lots of customers to buy the old Leaf instead of a much more expensive Bolt.

Love the color, with sales from US and Europe from ev-sales Leaf should be easy above 4.000 sales in January, i whish Nissan over 50.000 Leafs this year and hopefully than they rev up with Leaf II next year.

The Month is not closed yet, but all points for the Leaf to recover the global #1 spot in January, with more than 4.000 sales, but the BYD Tang is also at 4k, so i wouldn’t be surprised if the Chinese SUV would become the best selling plug-in in February.

Any word on a breakdown of the smaller/larger battery sales?

I would bet the new colors , entertainment and safety features have more to do with the Sales spike than does the longer range .

The most important question is when the Nissan comes out with the answer to the ChevyBolt (almost double range in compare to Leaf30kWh)

Where can i buy the Bolt? Ghosn said already one month ago in Detroit Leaf II is coming, but will be shown 2-3 months before production, so perhaps in one year. Not like GM the announcing world champion Bolt 24 months ahead in January 2015 to damage world EV sales, their only aim as we know after the Tesla story.

I hope Nissan pull the trigger and drop the price but with inventories still recovering from the model change I can’t see it happening, well not for a few months.

Nissan have been really quiet for a while now it’d be nice to see some movement, same goes for Toyota. Either of these companies could knock the industry on it’s head if they got serious.

What is amazing with this is that today I paid a $1.08 a gallon for gas and yet this electric car was able to set a all time sales record in this cheap run of gas. This really shows how raising the electric car range’s past a sold hundred miles on a charge can really change things.

I think Japan is about $ 0.98 USD for 1 litre, so it about $3.70 USD for 1 gallon.