Nissan LEAF Sales Stay Around 2,000 Units (Again) In November

DEC 3 2013 BY JAY COLE 11

With About 20,000 LEAFs Sold In 2013, Nissan Has Doubled 2012's Total Sales Of

With About 20,000 LEAFs Sold In 2013, Nissan Has Doubled 2012’s Total Sales Of 9,819

How can it be November 2013 and both the Nissan LEAF and Chevrolet Volt are both having trouble producing the right about of inventory to satisfy demand?  Yet it is true.

Nissan Shows Off New LEAF Aero Style Trim Level At The Tokyo Motor Show In November

Nissan Shows Off New LEAF Aero Style Trim Level At The Tokyo Motor Show In November

For November, Nissan sold another steady 2,003 LEAFs, good for an 30% increase over November 2012 when 1,539 copies where sold.  Overall 20,081 have been sold thus far in 2013, easily surpassing the 8,330 that were sold by this point last year by 141%

With model year 2014s now in production in Smyrna, TN, the story of the model year 2013 LEAF will always be remembered as the car that was never fully in stock, as Nissan’s assembly factory could never manage to pump out much more than 2,000 units in any given month until the November.

And while Nissan did decide to bump monthly production to a level of 2,700 units, it took them all the way until November to actually get the plant producing even a few more of the 75 mile electric car.  Even now, new Nissan Senior VP of Sales and Marketing, Jose Munoz, had to come out and warn that deadlines to increase production had failed to be met.

“We are supply constrained… We will start producing more Leafs probably by the end of this year — so December January time.”

Hey Nissan, Build Faster Already

Hey Nissan, Build Faster Already – Nobody Wants EVs in January Don’t You Know?

What does this mean in the real world?

Right around 3,000 LEAFs are irregularly available nationwide, with some areas more than fully stocked, and others too low.  Of the current inventory almost 50% was of the more inexpensive S trim level that starts at $28,000, with a little over 20% being the high end SL variety.

Nissan LEAF

Nissan LEAF

Like GM with the Chevrolet Volt, we find that both Nissan and GM have hurt their own abilities to sell plug-in cars during the hottest time of the year to sell EVs – due to the tax implications of the $7,500 federal credit and the calendar year end.

It should be noted that no pricing announcement as yet been made on the 2014 Nissan LEAF; and while we don’t expect to see any great reductions this year, the 2014 Nissan LEAF in Canada will reportedly be receiving an approximate $1,000 haircut when our neighbors to the north get new inventory in January – so another US price reduction could still be in store.

As for November’s LEAF sales results, Nissan states the following:

  • Nissan LEAF celebrates its best November ever with 2,003 units sold, up 30.1 percent over last year. CYTD sales are up 141.1 percent year-over-year.
  • Atlanta maintains its spot as the No. 1 market for the fourth straight month.
  • LEAF is the top-selling Nissan model in both Atlanta and San Francisco, and it is the second best-selling model in Seattle, Portland and Eugene, Ore.

Erik Gottfried, Nissan’s director of EV sales and marketing, tell us this:

“Top Nissan LEAF markets like Atlanta and San Francisco remain strong, and we’re continuing to see sparks in emerging markets like Chicago and Dallas.  Working with feedback from LEAF dealers, we are responding to consumer demand and getting more of the right models where we have the best opportunity for growth.”

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Nice… 20,081 LEAFs already sold in 2013 exceeds total for 2010+2011+2012! (2011:9674 + 2012:9819 = 19,493). This means >50% of LEAFs are less than a year old, and ~30% are under 6 month old.

No wonder Nissan is supply constrained. Build, baby, build!

Supply constrained in what way, though? Tesla implied battery supply then un-implied batteries were an issue. I wonder what Nissan’s excuse for supply constraint is?

According to this article, it is electrode shortages holding things up.

That was the reason for the slow production up until November. Although you have to wonder if it isn’t a logistics thing now, where Nissan has just decided to not up line capacity to full speed until after the holiday shutdown as opposed to 3-4 weeks of potential chaos with the shifts/supply chain.

A 3rd shift added for motor production and increased battery production were announced in Sep/Oct. Note, these are part supplies, it takes 2-3 months to effect assembly numbers. Also, October saw many changes in Nissan’s North America management team. Add in switch in production from 2013-2014 LEAF MY in December and there”s a lot of moving pieces. Perhaps it was just easier to allign the production increase with the new model year. At least U.S. production has been a consistent ~2100/month.

At least Nissan can still claim year over year improvement.
GM however will have to report a year over year reduction in sales. Even though they dropped the price 5000$.

Way to go GM.
Sell them pick em up trucks.

A company sells what people want. So, that is pickups, SUVs, CUVs and other larger vehicles.

Now, how do we get people to be interested in and want something new and different, like an EV? That’s the hard question.

Ummm….. EV pickup trucks

There are several EV pick up trucks that where built in the early 2000’s you can see them for sale on Ebay using lead acid batteries. I’m kind of wondering if they could try making a new batch of them.

pick up trucks suck

With all the bashing from both “right” and “left”, Volt is still holding its own.

When all the conservatives and all the BEV hard core fan both stop bashing the Volt, the sales will be just fine….