Nissan LEAF Sales Zip Past 25,000 Unit Milestone in US

MAY 15 2013 BY STAFF 7

That 25,000-unit mark has met it match in that cumulative sales of the Nissan LEAF in the US have now eclipsed that milestone.

For 2013, The Updated, Reduced-Price Nissan LEAF is Built in the US and Selling Like Hot Cakes

For 2013, The Updated, Reduced-Price Nissan LEAF is Built in the US and Selling Like Hot Cakes

It took some time, that’s for sure, but the LEAF is on a roll right now, so the next big milestone (50,000 units) should fall faster than this one presented here.

Remember that the Nissan LEAF launched in the US way back in December 2010, so there’s been 29-plus months of sales here in the US.  If we do some simple math, we see that LEAF sales have average roughly 860 units per month since launching here.

But with the introduction of the cheaper 2013 US-built LEAF, that average has so far climbed by quite a bit.  For the first 4 months of 2013, LEAF sales have averaged 1,369 units per month (note: March 2013 was a record-setting month for the LEAF in the US with sales checking in at 2,236 units).

Regardless of how you play with the numbers, the LEAF’s milestone achievement (25,000 units) and its staying power (29-plus months on sale) show that the electric Nissan is well on its way to overall success.

Here’s hoping 50,000 falls fast!

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My guess is that we’ll see 50,000 by the end of 2014

I agree. I was going to say i expect that number to double by years end.

Good bye OPEC. Quick sell your XOM shares while you can.


When is Nissan going to sell a different/additional EV? I see they have the work vans. I’m sure some soccer moms could use a mini-van. They just need to throw some seats in there. Personally, I’d like an electric Z-coupe 🙂

Also need to get the Outlander PHEV cranking

Nissan is working on it – the e-NV200 comes in a passenger version as well as the cargo version. The passenger version is going to be part of New York’s Tomorrow Taxi Fleet

The Infiniti LE will likely be their next move in the US. That’s coming in 2014. The e-NV200 is supposedly going to be offered as a commercial van and a passenger van. That’s also coming in 2014. I’ll wager a guess that at the next NAIAS they tease out a fourth EV concept in their line.

Nissan has demonstrated their commitment to EVs. Smyrna can produce up to 200,000 “Leaf” battery packs / year, but I highly doubt they plan on using them in Leafs.

I’m willing to bet by the end of 2014, they will have all three EVs available nationwide, and by the end of 2015, five or six EVs between Nissan on Infiniti. Just a hunch.