Nissan LEAF Sales Up 20% This Year In Japan; On Track For Over 50,000 Worldwide

JUL 31 2014 BY MARK KANE 17

Nissan LEAF in special color

Nissan LEAF in special color

Good news is coming from Japan, where Nissan LEAF sales grew by 20% this year to 6,801 through the first six months. This is roughly 1,200 more than in the first half of 2013.

In June – 1,205 LEAFs were delivered – which is almost as many as April and May combined.

Hopefully, future results of over 1,100 units (which is the 18-month average) will continue and maybe even some new records will be set in the second half of the year just like in 2013.

Its worth noting that Europe, with 7,109 LEAFs sold in the first six months, is now slightly ahead of Japan; however the lonely leader is the U.S. with 12,736.

In total, sales of LEAF in US, Europe and Japan amounted to 26,646 YTD, which is a new high, and the Japanese company seems to be well on track to exceed the level of 50,000 a year in 2014 for the very first time.

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…considering the back-heavy annual sales pattern, I don’t see a reason not to expect >60k worldwide sales in 2014.

the numbers are still too low. The Leaf should be selling at least 200k per year right now – 4 years after it was launched. I hope that the second generation, that will be due to the next year, will bring advancements in battery capacity (should be at least 40KWh), in range (at least 160 miles), in weight reduction (less than 1400Kg) and in charging time (less than 30 minutes for 80%).

You can not reduce the weight and massive increase the battery at the same time.

Ah! but you can!; using carbon fiber, aluminum and a different battery chemistry. The present stamped steel Leaf model is about 3200 lbs; BMW’s carbon fiber i3 is 2700 lbs with about the same size battery. Of course, the tradeoff would be a more expensive car. “A free meal cost a dollar.”

This is like saying – considering ICE was introduced a 100 years back, we should be getting atleast 1,000 miles per gallon by now.

Nissan refuses to give an EV dominance to Tesla. It is still one year ahead of Tesla, because Tesla is expected to gain 1000 cars per week production rate later this year.

Of course if measured, like the dominance should be measured, in terms on battery capacity, then Tesla is already number one on global markets.

No way to compare Nissan with Tesla as the first one sells a 30k car and the second a 60k ones. If Tesla can delivers the promised 3 Gen car with all the known specs so far (35K, 200 miles real world, four doors saloon for five people), it will stay way ahead of the competition that will still try to sell weird cars (Mitsubishi IMIEV, Nissan Leaf and BMW i3 are weird ones) with low range and capabilities.

I think Nissan must know by now they need to up their game for the next generation LEAF, because Tesla are certainly going to push everything they can to the maximum for the Model 3.

Indeed, Tesla’s goal is to deliver a car that is in every way better than Audi A4 Quattro (ICE or future plug-in hybrid). They are not interested on deliver a “weird car” to compete with BMW i3 or LEAF.

I currently happily drive the LEAF. But, I would to buy the Tesla.

What is likely to happen to Leaf sales, once Tesla brings their Model III on the market with $35-$40k price range but say 200 miles range? Chances are many people would opt for Tesla.

I was the first Leaf customer for the dealership I bought mine from. The dealer takes pictures & promotes only gasoline car sales through social media….but the Nissan dealership has NOT promoted/posted ONE sale of LEAF even though they have sold many LEAFs.

I’d rather buy a Tesla & invest in a company that will benefit my own investment, instead of private dealers who make lots & lots of money off their customers, whilst at the same time ripping them off.

Tesla will probably sell about 55k S and X cars already in 2015 and if Nissan’s projected EV sales for 2015 is 60k then it is already close. As Nissan has already available in almost all markets, Tesla has only scratched the surface of its potential markets. E.g. Indian markets can probably accept annually about 10 000 S and X cars. And indian markets are relatively small.

So we should measure ICE cars by total HP sold rather than quantity ?

Here in Australia, I can drive for months and not see another LEAF 🙁 I think our numbers are so low they wouldn’t appear on the graph.

That is unfortunate.

Is the government helping by offering incentives for EV sales & how is the availability of charging stations?

On Nissan Owners’ web portal, there is a steady rise of the “Eco-Tress saved” from driving the Leaf by “Oceanic” area.

Is the oil industry/car dealers negatively influencing the EV sales?

Hopefully, Leaf is affordable in Aussie land/New Zealand & hopefully, the sales increase at a good rate.

I have not seen anything yet from government.
People here are untrusting of new technology, so not many sales. I am in Queensland, maybe southern states have more help.

BEVs seem to be doing quite well although many ‘experts’ at trashed them regularly. If someone does make a commercial battery breakthrough, EVs should hit the sweet spot which may be a $25k car with 150 mi range in adverse conditions.

This company is making a breakthrough in battery, you just need to top-up it with water! Take a look: