Nissan LEAF Sales UK 2014 – LEAF Dominates BEV Segment With Record-Shattering Results

Nissan LEAF in the UK


The making of a Nissan LEAF battery in Sunderland, UK

The making of a Nissan LEAF battery in Sunderland, UK

With record U.S. sales and a breakout year in Canada, the Nissan LEAF is enjoying a level of sales success that’s unmatched by any other vehicle in the plug-in segment.

If we look to the UK, the LEAF is soaring there too.

For 2014, Nissan reports that LEAF sales reached the highest level ever in the UK.  In fact, in 2014, LEAF captured 55% of the UK’s pure electric car market with 4,051 units sold.

According to Nissan:

“…the all-electric LEAF clocked up 4,051 sales in the UK, more than doubling the volume sold in 2013 (1,812), confirming that the British-built Nissan LEAF remains the nation’s electric model of choice. The Nissan LEAF boasts 55% of the pure EV market and outsold its nearest competitor by more than 2:1.”

James Wright, Managing Director, Nissan Motor GB, stated: ”

Key to Nissan’s success in 2014 is the onslaught of new and updated products launched in the last year and I am immensely proud of the hard work and dedication displayed by the Nissan team in the UK.”

“Our British-built offering continues to capture the attention of UK motorists and I am particularly delighted to see that the all-electric LEAF is still dominating the pure EV market, doubling its sales volume last year.”

Records were shattered on multiple continents last year by the Nissan LEAF, so it’s not just U.S. thing.  The LEAF appeal is global and rising sales confirm this.

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The 55% figure is probably out of the BEV segment.

According to Jose, the Mitsu Outlander PHEV is selling there almost as well as the Leaf this year.

I’m kinda surprised how well the Leaf is selling considering the range hasn’t been bumped up yet. I think when we get to the 120 to 200 mile range EVs at an affordable price, we should see an increase in sales as that will make them much more manageable and remove the range issue for typical daily driving. The ~80 mile range EVs work OK for handling a typical commute but then throw in an extra errand or cold weather that reduces range and they can cause problems for people.

After one realizes that so many Western households have more than one car, your surprise should lessen. One of these cars can easily be an 80-mile BEV without missing a beat.

And with adequate ChaDeMo infrastructure – which does exist in the UK – for a QC-equipped Leaf the scenarios you describe should not end in getting stuck, just in spending an extra 10-20 minutes quick-charging part of your battery on the way. Doable for most people.

But yeah, once we have affordable 120+ mile BEVs, the last consumer-side excuses for buying an ICE instead of one of these babies, will become downright laughable.

I disagree, people focus on the cars range because it is the symptom, what matters is how far you can drive in a day, with enough level 2 chargers (I think workplace and shopping centers are the big ones) and a reasonable number of fast chargers the Leaf sales could go up massively. I live in Australia and even with our completely anemic charging network our Leaf regularly exceeds its sticker range on weekends because we typically go out in the morning come back for lunch go out again in the afternoon and then often nip out in the evening for something after dinner. If the swimming pool, local shopping mall or Zoo had a L2 charger or some of the service stations on the freeway had a DCFC we would (in theory) be able to travel much further although I suspect in our own personal situation we’d just get home with more range left on the clock.

Ecotricity a renewable energy has had a major influence to the growth of LEAF sales. Ecotricity has put a lot of effort to rolling out DCFC (CHAdeMO) at all majorly highway service stops throughout the UK. In the second half of 2014 they started a major upgrade to the Electric Highway to improve reliability and double up DCFC.