Nissan LEAF Sales Surpass 150,000 Worldwide


Back In January, Nissan Sold It's 100,000th LEAF Globally - Now, That Figure Stands At Over 150,000

Back In January, Nissan Sold It’s 100,000th LEAF Globally – Now, That Figure Stands At Over 150,000

It All Started Back IN December 2010 When Oliver Chalouhi Took Delivery Of The World;s First Nissan LEAF

It All Started Back IN December 2010 When Olivier Chalouhi Took Delivery Of The World;s First Nissan LEAF

The world’s #1 selling electric car achieved one more sales milestone: 150,000 units sold.

The Nissan LEAF is unmatched in terms of global sales amongst plug-in electric cars, so it’s no surprise that the LEAF was the first to 100,000 units sold (January 2014) and now is the first to 150,000 units sold.

Yesterday, Nissan announced that it sold 147,200 LEAFs worldwide through the end of October.  Well, with November sales results in for the U.S., Canada and Norway, we can now definitely declare that more than 150,000 LEAFs have been sold globally.

Since most sales figures for LEAF in November aren’t available yet, we’ll simply tally the results with U.S., Canada and Norway figures added to the announced 147,200

147,200 + 2,687 (U.S.) + 103 (Canada) + 311 (Norway) = 150,301

Congrats to Nissan on surpassing the 150,000 units sold milestone.

This statement was released by Nissan:

“The Nissan LEAF continues to be the EV benchmark in the automotive industry. With global sales of more than 150,000 units, the Nissan LEAF has become the best-selling electric vehicle ever. It is estimated that collectively, owners in 35 countries have saved more than $28-million in gasoline costs, as the zero-emissions LEAF requires none.”

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It is weird that Nissan has not made an official announcement, perhaps they are waiting for the 4th anniversary.

However, in a couple of press releases, Nissan has already acknowledge achieving this milestone:

This one by Nissan Europe chairman:

and this one by Nissan Canada:

It will be nice if Nissan publish with the announcement the breakdown by country, at least the main market.

Isn’t 50k units a year what Tesla is shooting for with the Model III, when it reaches full production. Well, it seems that the argument that there is not enough demand for ev’s “should be boiled in it’s own pudding, and buried with a stake of holly through it’s heart.”-Ebeneezer Scrooge.
(Seasonally influenced comment).

I think it’s actually 500k per year. Or at least that’s what I heard

I can help but think how much better sales could have been, if the Leaf was a more aesthetically pleasing design…

Totally agree. After the test drive I was very disappointed. And the same applies to the BMW i3. Why it has to be so boxy?