Nissan LEAF Sales Still Booming in Norway


In the US, Nissan LEAF sales soared to a record high of 2,236 units in March 2013, but it’s over in Norway where the LEAF truly shines.

2013 Nissan LEAF In Front Of The Company's Third EV Production Facility In The UK...Nope, This Isn't in Norway.

2013 Nissan LEAF In Front Of The Company’s Third EV Production Facility In The UK…Nope, This Isn’t in Norway.

In 2012, the LEAF captured a full 1.7% of Norway’s automotive market and the success of the LEAF there continues right on into 2013.

Per Nissan’s press release:

“No country has sold more Nissan LEAF models per capita than Norway.”

On the global level, the Nissan LEAF was the world’s 468th best-selling vehicle in 2012, but in Norway, the LEAF was the nation’s 13th best-selling automobile last year with 2,298 units sold and it trailed only the Nissan Qashqai (2,897 units) in annual sales there for Nissan in 2012.

Cumulative sales of the LEAF in Norway now exceed 3,300 units

Why’s the LEAF such a success in Norway?  The simple answer is loads of incentives.

According to Nissan:

“Sales of the Nissan LEAF have also been boosted by the incentives open to buyers and drivers of electric vehicles in Norway. There’s no value added tax (VAT) on the car’s purchase price and no road tax to pay.”

“Toll roads, tunnels and ferries are mostly free to EV drivers while any driver commuting to work in an EV in Norway is allowed to use bus lanes; a typical rush hour drive might take as little as 20 minutes in a Nissan LEAF compared to over an hour in a conventionally powered car.”

“The EV driver also benefits from free parking while dedicated EV parking spaces usually include access to a charging post—and the electricity is free, of course.”

Norway’s 3,500 public charging stations, plus 65 DC quick chargers, likely entice potential buyers to consider the LEAF, too.

But as we mentioned a few weeks back, Norway’s extensive list of incentives will have to vanish at some point in the future, which brings us to this question: With reduced or no incentives, will the LEAF still be a booming success?

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A quick check shows that as of 2011, there were 2.3 million registered vehicles in Norway. I agree that the incentives can’t last forever, but I would guess that it will take more than 3,300 to start feeling the impacts.

I am guessing the LEAF is not getting the same price reduction in Norway as the rest of the world.

I will be interesting to see the combined sales numbers for Model S and LEAF this year in Norway. 5k?

I don’t know if Tesla will ship many to Norway. When the new cheaper Leaf model, which isn’t selling in europe yet, give an additional boost, the Leaf might hit 4-5k.
The numbers from this year:


Tried to find some quotes from Musk on Norway numbers, but no luck. I know they will begin EU deliveries in Norway and first SuperCharging will go in there. See the highlight notes below this video.

In my digging, I also found some numbers from Norwegian forum members on the incentives. Sounds like they will run out at 50,000 vehicles or 2017, which ever happens first. Not sure if that means VAT incentive or road use as well. Seems like a reasonable number to get the country started though.

Continued price drops due to production efficiency and possibly lower margins will offset declining incentives. That is what they were designed to accomplish.

Even without subsidiaries, electricity is very cheap in Norway while gasoline is the worlds most expensive.

The Leaf is in the top 10 of most sold cars now.

Definitely the EV that will sell the best for 2013 mainly on price point ($22K after rebate) until a competitor comes close with price and features!

You have to hand it to Nissan. They seem determined to make the Leaf a success! Here’s wishing that GM would try a little harder w/ the Volt.

Is the Zoe sold in Norway?

Not before end of the year.

Kitsap County WA Leaf
Leased a 2013 leaf in March, 2013. Gas savings basically pay the $220/month lease payment (15000 miles/yr allowance). Although NOT a rabid environmentalist global warming freak, I must say I *LOVE* this car after only 680 miles driven. It’s an amazing car with its off the line instant torque and surreal silence on the road. I literally haven’t driven my Tahoe since I brought this car home; indeed, just yesterday, I weed-whacked around the parked Tahoe. Tahoe will be for sale on Craigslist the next few weeks – probably around the time the electrician installs the 240V outlet to accommodate at home level II 6.6 Kw charging. I don’t think I’ll ever consider a gas powered car again for my current needs. Simply amazing technology and still in its infancy. PS: No more driveway oil changes ever! Although proficient, I hated doing that – putting down old carpet on the driveway, dirty rags, bloody knuckles removing filter, milk jugs of nasty black goo stacking up – all gone. You’ll be shocked reading the owner’s manual maintenance requirements – almost non existent aside from yearly brake fluid change, tire rotation and usual checks. If this catches on many, many automotive support… Read more »