Nissan LEAF Sales Remain Sturdy In August Ahead Of Gen 2 Launch

SEP 1 2017 BY JAY COLE 55

If there has ever been a month with less interest in the Nissan LEAF’s current sales, we certainly are not aware of it.

New Nissan Leaf taillight

Nissan has steadily released teasers of the new 2018 LEAF

With the debut of the new 2018 LEAF just days away, all eyes are on the future of the model, and away from the current generation.

Nonetheless, we have a job to do, and can report that the 1st generation LEAF continues to outperform sales expectations, selling 1,154 copies in August – up 8% over the 1,006 cars delivered a year ago.

Not only does August’s sales make it 7 consecutive results into 4 digits, it gives the LEAF a perfect 8-for-8 record besting returns from a year ago.  For the year, 9,685 LEAFs have been sold, good for a gain of 22% over the 7,922 moved through the first 8 months of 2016.

As for the new LEAF, it is expected to arrive in a 40 kWh trim from $29,990 in the US (thanks to some leaked info – full details here), good for about 150 miles of EPA/real-world driving, and also a longer range option that kicks the range up into the 200s.

Where will sales go with the new LEAF?  Other than just confidently stating they will increase (how could they not?), it is hard to peg the US consumer right now.  With the 2018 Nissan ultimately find a home selling about ~2,000 a month?  3,000? 5,000?  It is anyone’s guess.  We will have a better idea for sure when the full specs are released next week.

2018 Nissan LEAF Interior spied (InsideEVs/Automedia)

The 2018 MY LEAF debuts at a special event in Tokyo, Japan on September 5th, 2017 (as always with any major debut, we will live-stream the event here then).

The US debut will happen the next day – September 6th, 2017 in Detroit (details here); while US customers can check out the longer range LEAF in person during “National Drive Electric Week” special events from September 9th (details).

2018 Nissan Leak spotted at Oppama Plant

Here are the dates to check out the 2018 Nissan LEAF live:

Sept. 9

  • Seattle, Washington | Denny Park | 9 a.m.-2 p.m.
  • San Diego, California | Qualcomm Stadium | 10 a.m.-3 p.m.
  • Alpharetta, Georgia | Avalon | 11 a.m.-4 p.m.

Sept. 14

  • Bridgewater, New Jersey | Bridgewater Municipal Building Car Park | 6 p.m.-9 p.m.

Sept. 16

  • Portland, Oregon | Washington Square | 10 a.m.-5 p.m.
  • Los Angeles, California | Los Angeles State Historic Park | 10 a.m.-3 p.m.
  • Cupertino, California | DeAnza College | 10 a.m.-4 p.m.


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What time in Tokyo is the actual event due to start ?

I expect all EV sales to stay muted until the Tesla Model 3 is available in sufficient quantity that consumers can decide if they want to wait for it or move on to some other EV.

Its hard to pull the trigger on a Bolt of LEAF with the Model 3 almost available. My order is in, not cancelling unless I hear bad news about the Model 3.

Nah, I’m not waiting till the end of 2018 to get a 3 of the lease is up soon

I think EV fans give Tesla and the Model 3 way too much weight. There are plenty of consumers who have no interest in a mail order car without a proper dash.

So which is it? Do you have a psychological need to troll? Or, are you paid to do this?

Pretty sad in either case.

Not a troll. I love the 3, but its not the car to reign all cars. King of cars. I’m being practical and logical on assentment on the 3

Dude, it’s the Internet. I am just expressing my opinion on the matter. If you consider my opinion trolling, that’s on you.

What is a “proper dash”? …i don’t think i ever saw one of these.

Stating his opinion is not trolling. Trolling is what you did with your comment which was a personal attack. His comment was a well known concern about the dashboard. If he doesn’t like it who cares? Just move on to the next comment. There is plenty of room for differing opinions for everyone.

You are in fact just a bully. That might not make you a troll but it does make you a bully. And you are wrong.

It’s touching how you guys stick together, is there a club that you join or something?

Yeah, but you can’t get in unless you know the secret handshake. And you have to know the secret handshake to get in.

Well, I consider myself an EV fan, but I also don’t like the Model 3 dash, and while I think it’s a great car and I hope it sells really well, I’m not interested on buying it.

About the one that calls you a troll… I can only say: don’t feed the fanboy! 😀

With the exception of the floating screen the M3 dash is the same as the Model S dash.

“I think EV fans give Tesla and the Model 3 way too much weight. ”
Almost half mil of preorders for an ev and you think the public gives them too much weight?! Are you crazy? This in an ev and still managed to generate this kind of demand. We need more car makers like this…who will step up? GM that underproduces the car that could actually sell in numbers (Volt), VW with their endless drawings, Ford which likes to play hide and seek with the focus ev, Hyundai which designs a great ev just for show but not for sell and many others that are too scared a good ev will cannibalize the gas models. The ev adoption is slow for a reason…no car maker other than Tesla wants it!

This is a story about the Nissan Leaf.

Don’t tell me, tell the knuckleheads that keep bringing Tesla into everything…and they say Tesla fans are obsessed with Tesla…lol.

It was a Tesla fan who brought it into the conversation, claiming that all other EV sales would be somewhat on hold at least until people can decide whether to wait for their own Model 3 or not.

So you managed to turn it on its head. And the M3 doesn’t have a dashboard, so saying it’s the same as MS is nearly as far from the truth as it is possible to get.

Matters not who started, it was addressed to all.
The S dash has 2 buttons and a sepcreen just like the S. The only difference is the instrument panel behind the steering wheel. Go drive one.

Does it have a thermal management system on the battery pack?

No thermal management system which imo is crazy town.


Where’s the source of no TMS. People pulling false information out their butt

Come back to me when the 3 can sell and delever 400k cars a year like the canary or accord

Is that like a canary in an accord mine?

Well played, sir!

It will be very interesting to see how well a *not* hideously ugly Leaf does. IMO the first gen is the ugliest production car on the road today, and it’s not even close.

Allow me to introduce you to my friend, the Pontiac Aztek.

LMAO!!! So VERY true!

True but Walter White made the Aztec a cool car to own.

….Not that Cool! I’d rather a White Ford Bronco!

Isn’t the shape of the Prius similar to the Aztec, albeit smaller? Yet people love it. Nissan definitely makes some funky looking cars. I hope he new leaf is nicer.

Nissan juke, cube, leaf

All nasty, but I’d still say the Leaf is the worst of those.

Although TBH I forgot about the new Prius! *gags*

Stimpy wait a minute as a leaf driver since September 2012 tinted window do help improve its appearance LOL

nissan joke

In the US you didn’t have the luck to know the great FIAT Multipla 😀 😀

And yet, owners loved it!

Beauty isn’t the only, not necessarily an important, aspect of a car. I agree my LEAF doesn’t look good, but the interior bothers me much more than the exterior (even though it’s esthetically middle of the road).

If my LEAF had better build quality, better noise insulation, and range enough to be practical on long trips, I wouldn’t be interested in buying any of the new cars coming now. But since it doesn’t, I am, and when I do switch I’ll also choose something a bit more sporty.

But whether it’ll be the Model 3 isn’t clear yet. With estimated delivery late 2018 there’s plenty of time to see how things develop, and when the time comes to decide I’ll do the math also. Then I’ll be able to make an informed decision and know at least approximately how much more it’ll cost to add beauty to the list.

Stimpy, the Mirai is way uglier than the Leaf. Mercifully, there are few of them on the road. But for best selling ugly cars, the Prius has gone from streamlined tubby to in your face, idiosyncratically ugly. The new Prius is about as ugly a car as is being sold today. Not even the Juke is in that league of hideous.

If the 2018 is available only in December, sales of the current LEAF will be very low for the next few months. Grab one at half-price while you can!

The Leaf is the “Terminator” of the electric cars, it just won’t go away 😉

The little car that could. We should be rather proud of it even if we were not very often kind to it.

I’ve been hoping to be able to get a 2017 Leaf for a cheap price given that the 2018 Leaf is on the verge of coming out. But it seems according to the steady 2017 Leaf sales mentioned in this article (and based on steady prices for the 2017 leaf not dropping much) that there might not be a chance to get a really great deal on a 2017 leaf?

I was hoping to do that – waiting to grab one if the price fell off a cliff. But it doesn’t seem like it is…

There are some amazing deals on 2017 Leafs if you shop around. I just leased an SV last month here in Seattle, and if I bought out the lease early right now I would have paid a total of $18k, including all taxes and fees. That’s less than all but the cheapest ICE cars!

I think part of the reason the 2017 Leaf is still selling well is all the incentives. Take advantage of them all and you can get a solid EV for a pretty good price; almost as low as buying one used.

They are a bit funny looking, but it goes too far to call them ugly, IMHO. Quirky looking is a better descriptor.

The new Leaf looks atrocious. Nissan keeps shooting themselves in the foot with their design and range. Should have just bit the bullet and made 60 kwh the standard. And why can’t it look like the Infinity QX30? The new Leaf will get blown away by Model 3. And to all the Tesla naysayers, if you haven’t driven a Tesla, you have no business criticizing. Model 3 is going to be awesome.

That’s like saying- “If you haven’t driven a Bentley, you have no business criticizing a Mini.” The Teslas that are available to drive are worlds away from the Model 3. Ridiculous.

To all the Tesla fan boys- there are other cars in the world besides Tesla and plenty of people will want to buy and drive them. This new Leaf will do just fine. It competes with both the Bolt and the Hyundai Ionic simultaneously by offering two battery sizes. Of course it would be pretty easy for Chevrolet to do the same with the Bolt if they want to.

Yeah because Bentleys do start at ten percent more than the base Mini…

I’m surprised they still have inventory to sell considering the deep discounts that they have. I can’t wait to see the presentation for Leaf2, glad they realized that people care about how the car looks and changed that horrible design…i really hope this will sell well and give Model 3 some competition.

This just shows that price is the MOST IMPORTANT factor in buying decision.

When it is cheap enough (cheaper than a Versa with all the incentives included), it will sell.

We love our two LEAFs. My wife and I argued over who got to drive the first one… so we got a second. 98% of time plenty of range. Looks are iconic, cute, fun. ( I have long grown tired of asking what others think of things I like.I only see the car from the inside anyway…) I really like the way my gas bill looks after installing solar panels and a 240v charger at the house. Eagerly looking forward to checking out the new model. I trust Nissan to gain from the experience of the early batteries. My 2015 seems to be doing fine at over 35k miles. Hoping that loads of folks show up to Drive Electric events.

Jeff, I used to live in a truly ugly apartment building on Capital Hill in DC. Every home around my place was a beautiful turn of the century town home though. So when I looked out my window, the view was excellent.
My friends used to laugh at me when I told them that they had to judge how my neighborhood looked from my picture window looking out, not from outside my apartment.
Same way of looking at how important an ugly belong can be turned into a positive.

If the new Leaf comes with a 40KW battery, 150 miles of range and a price of $30,000 , I predict that could be a great seller right away. It is a good idea that the new Leaf will provide a bigger optional battery pack for greater range. The new look is more acceptable than the preceding model. So, the EV sales will start to rise significantly from now on.

We don’t know the price. Might be $15k on average for all we know.

What we do know is that the LEAF has been selling at steep discounts for a long time. Not sure why Nissan doesn’t drop the MSRP, but it may have something to do with people liking to imagine they achieved an amazing deal and “saved” $15k!

But this sort of thing really makes comparisons difficult. We obviously need to know the real price to make meaningful comparisons. But AFAIK Tesla is the only one that actually operates with real, public, same-for-everyone prices.

40kWh? It’s rather slow evolution than revolution compared to Tesla or Chevy Bolt… I’d rather pay $5000 or 7500 more and buy Tesla or Chevy