Nissan LEAF Sales Drop Down In June 2018


You win some…you lose some.

June 2018 is shaping up to be one of the strongest sales months in U.S. history, though that’s not true for the Nissan LEAF.

While May 2018 was among the strongest sales months ever for the LEAF, June is a bit of a let down.

With just 1,367 LEAFs sold in June, the electric hatch sees sales down both month-over-month and year-over-year. In the month-over-month area, sales dropped off by 9.2% from the 1,576 LEAFs sold in May. Year-over-year, sales dipped by 8.1%, down from the 1,506 sold last June.

YTD LEAF sales have now reached 6,659 units in the U.S.

Could it be that Rapidgate is starting to impact sales as we move into the hotter months here in the U.S.?

On the global, sales of the new 2018 Nissan LEAF have been through the roof. In fact, the new LEAF has been so hot that Nissan can’t keep up with demand in several European countries and is now logging backorders here and there.

Nissan even previously stated that the new LEAF was selling at a rate of one every 12 minutes in Europe, but even abroad we’re seeing lots of ups and down in various countries.

It now remains to be seen of LEAF sales will pick up the pace in the U.S. throughout the rest of the year. Initially, we had expected sales to gain momentum month-over-month as production constraints were lifted, but that may no longer hold true.

What do you think? Will LEAF sales heat up in the U.S.? Or will May’s mark be #1 for the year?

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The ’18 Leaf was dead on arrival. Just took some folks a little while to realize it. The upcoming 60 kWh version combined with #rapidgate…forget about it.

It’s much cheaper than the 60kWh version will be, which is significant to buyers who not loaded with money.

And yet Nissan managed to sell more Leafs than the Bolt EV, which doesn’t have those issues.

Checking around locally, it looks like the Bolt is in very, very, very limited supply. So if you can’t sell something you don’t have in stock.

Just 2583 Bolts in the US. GM has nearly that many dealerships, if memory serves. GM doesn’t want to, or can’t, sell the Bolt in any real amount right now or they would build more of them. There are 4578 Volts in North American inventory right now, and that would be a decent inventory level for the Bolt as well. GM has said that they are going to increase Bolt production by around 20% going forward, so we may see more soon. But the deals GM made on Bolts earlier this year are a thing of the past. Truecar had Bolts at $31.5k near me a couple months ago, now they have it at $33.6k.

100 miles radius of me here in SoCal:
Bolt 421
Leaf 588

What will it take for you guys to start believing that Bolt will never sell in high numbers?

Thats a sad state for EV’s really…. Both the Bolt and Leaf are compelling at the right price… but not selling that well.

…because they are not currently at the right price. I do admit that i have seen Volt leases in the past that were good or exceptional but few people have the knowledge to get these type of deals. I was on the market to get a Volt a few months ago but could no get below $5500 total lease after all credits. The target was under $4k. I got time…

There are 500 new Bolts within a 50 mile radius of L.A.

BS. I have had a 2018 Leaf since May and it’s flawless. The rapidgate issue is a non issue, I have driven on multiple 200 and 400 mile round trip journeys and a mix of home top up and 50KW charging has worked out fine – and I have been driving on motorways with the AC on in this long hot (UK) summer.

It is the most fantastic vehicle I have ever owned, with the only flaws being 1. Self steering fails when it cannot see the edge of the road. 2. Interior dashboard is lacking the futuristic imagination of the prev Leaf, BMW i3/i8, 2018 Audi A7 etc.

Built like a tank, quiet, very efficient being it doesn’t use fuel when stuff in traffic, amazing acceleration, superb gadgetry that integrates with iPhones and Androids, and most importantly, other than not killing kids with cancer, it costs 50% less to run than my previous ICE vehicles.

But as a global car, the sales doesn’t depend only of the USA market. We’ll see how it goes in the rest of the world in June. In may was the second BEV most sellin car in the world with 7.069 units and between BAIC EC-Series and Model 3.
Anyway, this car needs the 60 kwh version as soon as possible.

Jean-Francois Morissette

I must admit I don’t get the American market at all… I honestly thought the LEAF sales would reach 3-4k a month!

Small hatchbacks don’t sell well here. However, if you style it more aggressively, lift it slightly, offer AWD, and call it a CUV they will be capable of selling over 30,000 units a month.

The cross country road trip is part of American DNA. Most only do it once or twice in their life, but that doesn’t mean we don’t think about it when buying our car. There’s no way you can spend a week and drive the Leaf from one coast to the other. The infrastructure simply isn’t there. Even if it was, the Leaf can only fast charge once per day. So each day you can go maybe 400 miles. That road trip (at least 3000 miles, assuming you stop and see nothing at all, which makes for a very lame road trip) just cannot be done in a week. Any ICE or a Tesla can do it in 4-5 days.

Jean-Francois Morissette

But many households have two cars…do they really need a second car road-trip ready?

You just rent a car for that week.

So you’re saying I should buy a car that’s a lot more expensive and has less utility than something I already own?

Same here. I just rented a minivan to do a 2600 mile vacation trip. No stress and I dropped it off all dirty at the rental place. I wish it was the PHEV version, but they only had gas. Still, this 2018 Pacifica did 34MPG overall on the trip.

I don’t think PHEV would have made much difference on this sort of trip?…

I’ve done it more than twice, but I wouldn’t choose even a Tesla for the mission unless time wasn’t a concern. At that point, a Leaf is mostly as useful.

I think the Leaf will quick charge twice in one day. Its the third quick charge that sees a reduction in speeds. The biggest problem with the LEAF is people spreading a lot of fake news about battery issues. The LEAFs have the best battery chemistry out there. Other manufacturers would die for a battery that didn’t require thermal cooling to prevent them from exploding into flames. But if Nissan is going to bump up the CHADEMO speeds to 100+kW they will need active cooling to prevent fires. The biggest factors for battery longevity are battery size, bigger batteries require less charging and are less susceptible to deep discharging and 100% charges; and charging the cars to 100% and letting them sit in the heat.

The deals suck.

The dealerships suck.

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

…..and the Battery SUCKS!

No Active TMS No Sale!!!

Yes you have said that 1000 times AlmightyTroll.

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

Oh yeah, and Save the Earth go Tesla connect the dots something blah blah……whatever Mister G says………..LMAO

Don’t forget Free charging SUCKS!!!

Two peas in a pod


Connect the dots on clean air! Go Tesla destroy dirty gas guzzlers, or something.

If you make an ugly car you’d better make up for it in reliability or performance or cost. LEAF’s battery degradation issues are a big knock against it.

Are you calling the Leaf ugly?

This is the land of trucks and SUVs, not small hatchbacks. The latter is great for places with tiny roads and high gas prices which isn’t generally the case for most of America. Gas is cheap here and we’ve got plenty of space to drive big cars/trucks pretty much anywhere except places like New York City. Also, people like to take road trips here.

If you want to see big EV sales numbers, get Ford to build an electric F-150 with 300 mile range for $50k. All they have to do is make a commercial showing off all the ridiculous things you can haul and tow with it (things they’ll never actually haul/tow in real life) and tons of people will want one.


Nobody is driving a F150 as a commuter car.

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

lol, yes they do.
Some even drive those bigass rear dual wheeled monsters. They park in our employee only parking garage every day.

I see thousands of trucks, especially the extended cab versions every day being drive solo as commuter vehicles to desk jobs, sigh.

I see it too, but thats those folks choice… Many people like pickups, its their style.

LOL…not sure where you are from but down south most people have a truck and use it for everything.

Well then, down south people are stupid.

Bam ‼️

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous


We are not debating that.

This is spot on! And by everything he means going to and from work and hauling massive bags filled with groceries. Ford F-150s with four doors are very, very popular.

My boss has driven a full size pickup to work for 10 years. She had to buy some straps last week to tie down some chairs she was moving because “I never haul anything.” She also has a little Honda that gets twice the mileage, but prefers to drive the truck and complain about the cost to fill it up.

You rather need to ban these large idiotic cars off the road, or tax them to oblivion.

This ain’t socialist Europe or totalitarian China

Monopolies for car dealers and electric utilities sound pretty socialist to me 😛

More to the point, making people pay for the damage they are causing to the environment, public health, and the road system, is not really socialist.

If you follow that logic everybody would be broke. Why limit to environment, public health, road system? Why not damage to other humans? In that case we’d have a field day taxing followers of religions and political ideologies (Communism for example). I agree with your statement about utilities and car dealers. US is just less socialist you could say.

Religions do not harm other people. Religions are sometimes used as a *pretext* for harming other people. Big difference there.

And yes, I do believe taxation should generally be based on what harms other people.

Religions are wretched diseases. And far from a pretext, they are the cause for conflict and violence when they come into play. Often they mandate it.

Whatever “this” is, is stupid.
Also, don’t throw around socialist and totalitarian if you don’t know what it means.

American buy vehicles in case a road gets destroyed by a nuclear attack, there is a zombiepocalypse, they have to pull a stranded elephant out of a frozen lake or something like that. They don’t buy cars that would suit them 99.9999% of the time. They buy a truck or truck-like thingy just in case a remote need ever arises.

The only EV that Nissan that could sell 3-4k a month would be a Rogue EV.

Lift the leaf with higher ground clearance and it will sell

Like the Bolt EV, the Leaf will never sell well in the US. It really isn’t the type of car that does well here. A group of people will always like those, but honestly the Model 3 will destroy its sales. People buying Leafs can generally afford a more expensive car (not always), or will buy it because incentives are very high. People bought Leafs previously as there was nothing else available.

Anyone I know at work that really wants an electric car complain that there is nothing they are interested in except Model 3. Everything else is “ugly” hatchbacks and weird electromobiles. Most people are waiting for the more normal models, or some will be persuaded by low prices on the hatchbacks. Personally, I like the i3, Bolt, new Leaf, etc, but I am not the majority, and also bought the used i3 due to the low price (so fall into the persuaded by low price category).

The old Leaf was ugly as hell, but the new one looks good

I agree. I hated the old leaf, it looked like a catfish. The new one isn’t beautiful but it is ok.

I think it looks fine.

Actually, I think TM3 will boost sales of other EVs as people start to hear from the the EV owners in their lives about how great they are to drive. Not everyone wants a sedan, so interest will pick up in other options as well. Also, they’ll be helped along by high gas prices.

People don’t wont a refreshed 2010 Leaf with a below average range. If you are desperate for a new EV right now, there is no compelling reason to pick the Leaf over a Bolt other than to save a few dollars up front.

More comfortable seats, free DCFC for two years, and ProPilot all spring to mind…

A $8,000 price difference is not exactly “a few dollars” in my book…

Model 3 is canibalizing Leaf sales in the US…

It’s more like a slaughter house for Nissan angst Tesla.

When I look at this car’s low range compared to the Tesla Model 3 and it’s looks it’s like Nissan Engineered the car to fail.


A $50k car or a $30k car …. what to buy … what to buy … how do I choose ….

So you’re basically agreeing with the fossil fuels people. There is no market for EVs. It will be the Linux of cars, forever. Sad

Wow, terrible sales.
Not a surprise, though. No liquid cooling, 60 kWh coming.
Less passenger room than a Bolt. Slower than a Bolt.
It’s just not a compelling car for the US market.

“Less passenger room than a Bolt. ”

But is it by any significant degree? They’re identical in width. The leaf is a mere 70mm lower, but 320mm longer.

Also, one constant complaint I hear about the leaf is that the seats are too narrow.

Not a narrow as Bolt seats.

I meant to say Bolt, but I misspoke…

If the Nissan Leaf seats are too narrow for those constant complainers, then the GM Bolt seats must be absolutely spacious in width! /s

I don’t think I want to be at the dinner table for Nissan executives where the menu will feature a large selection of crow served in various ways. Na, na, na..goodbye.

The new Nissan Leaf coming into production very slowly and not being widely sold along with having a bad range is the reason why I feel that outside of Tesla all the other EV’s are afterthoughts to the companies that make them.

What really is going on is Tesla is currently making 5,000 cars a week and if they had the batteries they could make 10,000 cars a week. But with Nissan who has the resources they are to busy kicking and screaming about how they want to keep making dino juice cars.

I think a lot of it is to do the back seats. The Leaf is near the top of my list until I sat in the back. Its uncomfortable for a child, let alone anyone else.

Since a child has to sit in a child seat, how would they ever know ?

By a child I mean a 7-year-old.

A 7 year old (unless over 4’9″ or 80 lbs) should still be in a booster seat, per NHTSA. Safety first!

Still should have enough leg room to sit comfortably there and I’m not sure she can (even if she is in a booster seat).

It doesn’t seem to bad for me. (And for an adult, not a child.)

My wife gets carsick in the back seat, so when my sons were learning to drive, I spent plenty of time in the back seat of my 2011 Leaf. It was much more comfortable for my 6′ than the back seat of my 2017 Volt. I like hatchbacks for rear-seat headroom.
Unfortunately, it lost its 4th bar at 52K miles, 2 months to late for the battery warranty & Nissan was not willing to help with replacement. I won’t buy another un-cooled battery car. I thought 60 kWh was due about now.
Tesla 3 is desirable, but their difficulties handling delivery to a friend in NM made a Stealership look attractive. Also, the rear seat needs 1-2 inches more headroom to keep me from touching the glass roof with my head.
I would like to buy a Bolt-EV, but want the adaptive cruise control which isn’t offered without going Premier + Infotainment + DriverConfidence-II. I hear rumors the 2019 will offer it at an affordable price.

Funny that in Philadelphia I have yet to see a 2018 LEAF on the road. It’s been 6 months now, I see dealers’ lots with several LEAFS on them and again, none observed on the road. Frankly, that surprised me. Maybe the fact that Nissan altered its $7500 Tax Rebate policy on leases. The car is actually more expensive to lease than the Gen I(and yes, I know that they dropped the MSRP on the “S” to below the original). Would have seemed to be a great incentive to lease or buy the Gen II LEAF. As others have already posted, we all know the larger battery is coming in about 6 months, and supposedly will have the active thermal battery management system included. If the lease deals were better, you’d have seen a fair number of people willing to lease the current Gen II models, what the heck, no one is worried about degradation in those cars. But, what we have is a different set of circumstances. And I think Nissan did make an honest attempt to address the many complaints about the car(eg: it’s bug eyes and electric car nerdy look), but even with the impressive improvements the… Read more »

I think the 2018 Leaf is a good car for the money, if you beat the crap out of the dealer for a deal, and use it as a commuter car. If you pay retail, or want more then commuting from it, there are better options available.

Once Nissan dealers bring back attractive lease deals, the number will go up.

The absence of “attractive lease deals”, on the 2018 Nissan Leaf, is absolutely why the North American June sales numbers are in a declining trend for both monthly, and Y/Y.

The current Leaf ad campaign, is probably not going to win many new savvy EV shoppers/drivers, who are probably going to patiently wait, ’till the crop of 2019 ICE OEMs EVs hit the Local Stealership Assfault parking loughts!

Very true, the 2018 Leaf lease deals at the time I was looking to buy an EV were ridiculously high & unaffordable here in the UK.

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

I’ve directed everyone that asks about EV’s away from the LEAF.

Wait for the 60KWh version and let’s see if the battery is managed better and maybe a better chemistry blend.

Fleet managers that purchased the 40KWh versions are all complaining about the low range and degraded SOH.

Buyer beware and research!!!!

show me some clear data on the degradation for regular users that do not DC charge?

Maybe they’re exporting some to those hotter markets?

Jean-François Morissette

We had 906 Leaf sales in Canada in May, in a 10x smaller market 🙂

Nissan has three Leaf factories around the world, so there’s not much exporting to speak of.

Too many comparisons between the Leaf and Model 3. The only similarity is that they are EVs. The Leaf is an OK looking, utilitarian, gets the job done electric hatchback. The Model 3 is a sexy, tech loving, fast sporty sedan that people are proud to show off, made by a company that beams updates to your car that make it better. There is a reason they are currently selling well at $50,000.

I love my 2014 Leaf, because I bought it used for $10,000, but it’s no Tesla.

I agree with others saying that the difference with the 2018 Leaf is that they are not offering attractive Lease Deals. I think that is how most prior Leafs were sold. It’s a large pricetag for a car with only moderate range, and worries about battery longevity.

Thats true, but there is still value to buy a Leaf, for a commuter car

As I said last month, the Leaf is not production-constrained if there is a 2-month supply on dealer lots, which there is. Production and sales are nicely matched.

People just don’t want this car. Producing more of them won’t increase sales.

Why does everyone blame the lease terms on a Leaf, when the Model 3 sells at 2x the price and has no lease even available?

One has nothing to do with the other. The Model 3 is a sexy midsize performance luxury car. The Leaf is… not that.

Model 3 has its share of flaws, starting with price… and then the entry system… 🙁

All depends which part of the world you’re in I suppose.

Numbers for June in Canada aren’t out yet but in May, Nissan sold 906 which is a 643% increase compared to last year. This is incredible yet there is ZERO stock at dealerships. Everyone of those sales are for orders placed several months ago. Dealerships were told that as of June, the 2018 is no longer available and that we can only order the 2019 model. Nissan can’t move the LEAF in the US yet just across the boarder, people are begging for the car. Why isn’t Nissan sending them north? It’s absolutely ridiculous.

I just spent a week up in Canada. I saw tons of Volts/Bolts/Model 3/S/X. The few Leafs I saw were mostly corporate/power company owned with big stickers on the sides.

yup. Apparently there is a waiting list of 4000+ buyers in Canada and they have told Canadian dealers they will only send 1850 more to Canada for all of 2018.
(source: a colleague of mine who spoke to his Nissan dealer in the south shore of Montreal yesterday and was told exactly that).

4000+ is a pretty big number. My dealership told me there are approximately 800+ outstanding orders (as of late June) in Canada for the LEAF. Maybe the real # is somewhere in between. Regardless, it seems LEAFS only get shipped to Canada at a snails pace. Production must be incredibly slow, or they just don’t send much of the production to Canada, perhaps the Lions share goes to the US to sit rusting on lots as a compliance vehicle, while we get crumbs in Canada.

My local SoCal dealer is adding $2K to the sticker. Elsewhere?

Find a different dealer, call the fleet manager and ask for 12% off MSRP (or research it through Edmunds or COSTCO). The $3K cash back deal ended earlier this month, but they’re anxious to get rid of existing inventory, especially near the end of the month.

I nearly bought one a few days ago, after driving a BMW i3 — the i3 would have been a nice car 4 years ago at half the price — but did some research and decided to wait for the 2019. Still, with retail under 30K (depending on trim), a nice discount, and federal + California incentives around $9K, the value proposition is hard to beat.

Just send some to Europe it will be there in a week

MY ISSUE; Nissan is no loner subsidizing the lease prices. I leased a 2013 LEAF and loved it, leased a 2015 and have loved it, two months to go on this one and I really like the new LEAF but this one has terrible offers; $3,000-$4,000 drive off at $350 per month, but ask for 15k miles a year (I do 12k miles a year JUST back and forth to work) and the payment is $550+ ! that is the reason I’m now (sadly) looking at other options.

The Leaf sales numbers in the US are a huge disappointment, but that’s no surprise to me.

I love my Leaf, but the battery and range suck. 2011 is over and people have way higher expectations for an EV, than saving the polar bears. They actually expect an EV to replace an ICE vehicle. There are many new long-range choices, like the Bolt, Kona, Niro and Model 3. The Leaf’s short range may work in Japan and Europe, but it’s often inadequate for the long commutes in suburban America. My round-trip commute is only 66 miles, but I barely make it home in my 30K Leaf. Forget trying to road trip in a Leaf, because it’s nearly impossible.

Nissan needs to get better batteries and a real TMS, if they plan to sell a decent number of Leafs here in the future. More important, they are going to have to compete with the Niro, Kona and Model Y and they are way behind.

Great car. This should be the last car that 95% of people will ever need, if they can afford it. What Nissan Really needs to make is a $15K USD car that goes 75 miles.

If these batteries in the 2018 models are a little better than the 30kWh batteries then these would be the best cars ever made, period. We cannot be any happier with our 30kWh car. A marked step up from our 24kWh cars.