Nissan LEAF Sales In US Rise For 16th Consecutive Month

JUL 1 2014 BY JAY COLE 20

Nissan came into June on the highest of highs.

  • 15 consecutive monthly sales record
  • all-time record (for any pure electric car – anywhere) of 3,117 LEAFs sold in May

For the actual month, Nissan sold another 2,347 LEAFS, which was a 5.5% improvement over the 2,225 sold last year.  So make that 16 months in a row.

Overall for the year 12,736 all-electric cars have been sold, which is also up a staggering 29% over 2013, when Nissan had sold 9,839 for the first six months of last year.

Vive la difference - Morningsky Blue (left) Takes Over From The Outgoing Blue Ocean

Vive la difference – Morningsky Blue (left) Takes Over From The Outgoing Blue Ocean

June also marked the beginning of deliveries on the new 2015 model year, which brings about no new significant range or feature changes, but does see the starting MSRP climb slightly.

Nissan noted that the state of Texas was largely to credit for the monthly win:

“Since the Texas state incentive went into effect in May, we’ve seen a big jump in LEAF sales in the Austin, Dallas and Houston markets,” said Toby Perry, Nissan’s director of EV Sales and Marketing. “Our dealers are telling us that they saw more traffic in their stores, and they had their best LEAF sales performance in the last weekend in June.”

As for the top markets in the US for June:

  1. Atlanta
  2. San Francisco
  3. Seattle
  4. Los Angeles
  5. San Diego

During the month Nissan also priced a replacement battery pack (finally) for current owners looking to ‘renew’ the capacity of their older LEAFs.  $5,499 plus the cost of installation gets you shiny new battery to reset the range on your electric Nissan.

As part of this pack replacement – and standard on all new 2015 models – the new ‘lizard’ chemistry cells are included in the pack.  The new ‘lizard’ battery makes the LEAFs cells more durable in extreme temperature situations and will allow for a longer life in areas like Arizona, Texas and Southern California.

Looking ahead into July Nissan may have some issues continuing their seemingly ever-improving monthly sales results, as inventory levels have dipped to a yearly low as the company was slow releasing the 2015 MY cars to dealers despite production of the model starting in April.

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I wouldn’t say there were “no significant changes” in the 2015 models as some people would consider the new battery chemistry a significant change.

Anyone knows what the 2014 model inventory level is like right now?

Check and do a nationwide (all miles) radius search for Nissan / Leaf.

HOTLANTA!!!!! 2015 models are in showrooms already. There is a difference in the button layout.

While you are stating the 2015 model has an improved battery there is NO official statement from Nissan (other than a post on the Leaf forum) and NO mention of the improved battery on the monroney sticker or elsewhere…….
Can we get an official statement from Nissan on this? How about putting it in print on the window sticker ?

Data for window sticker has been up for a couple of weeks.

An official press release may not come until after the July 4th weekend. (just guessing) according to MNL forum, dealers are accepting orders, so they may have pricing. (no significant changes expected, and some dealer have posted prices, but not sure if MSRP: )

note: the base S 2015 MY Leaf has a few changes; believe includes review camera, cruse control and 6 kW charging.

The Leaf Sales acted the way I predicted and expedited them to act in June.

The reason why I say this is that every time you have a month were the EV sales for one brand of car set a all time record. The record sales drain the reserves of them and production is still very slow to keep up. So what happens is the amount of cars that are out there for sale on dealer’s lots goes down so there is a smaller pool of EV’s to sell.

If leaf sales are going to set another all time high then it most likely won’t happen for another two or three months due to these waves of production and demand. Unless Nissian started raising production again by several hundred more cars.

Exit polling after purchase would be interesting if it could find out the difference CHAdeMO made. An answer might speak for what Mercedes can expect.

Besides tighter US inventory for July, the Smyrna pant has started deliveries to Mexican market as 2015 MY production ramps up.

The question is … can the Smyrna plant (now the largest auto plant in US) keep up with increasing demand for LEAFs?

It’s now starting to look very possible that Nissan could start building 4000 to 5000 Nissan Leafs a month with all these new markets and growing demand.

It could be that Nissan was waiting for 2015 MY ‘lizard’ batteries to ramp up production. Battery production has a coupe month lead time and it takes another few weeks for vehicles to reach dealer lots. This means production could have already increased, but we’re just not seeing yet. Traditionally production in 2nd half of year is much greater than the 1st half of the year for EVs.

That pic at the top reminds me of an Orbit Gum ad for some reason.

“The new ‘lizard’ battery makes the LEAFs cells more durable in extreme temperature situations and will allow for a longer life in areas like Arizona, Texas and Southern California.”

Until we have a year or so of experience behind us it is too early to say if we will see a significant improvement or not… Remember that Nissan also said that the original battery pack had been extensively tested in heat … and we all know that turned out to be patently false.

Have we seen an official statement from Nissan that 2015 Leaf models have this improved battery? Or all we all basing this off the message on a forum?
I’m not plunking down my money until I see the feature/benefit specifically listed in the specs or on the window sticker.

Atlanta is #1 market. Why am I NOT surprised?

People all like “free” cars…