Nissan LEAF Sales In Japan Increased 52% In 2018

JAN 13 2019 BY MARK KANE 3

In 2019, Nissan LEAF probably will break into the top 30 sales chart in Japan

The sales of the Nissan LEAF in Japan collapsed in December by 80% to just 455, but it’s all normal – seen several times – in the month preceding the introduction of a new version. This time we are waiting for the Nissan LEAF e+ in January.

The year 2018 was great for the LEAF in Japan as sales increased by 52% to an all-time record of 25,722, which was enough to take #35 in the overall model ranking. Average monthly sales stood at 2,143.

Since December 2010, Nissan sold in Japan 115,141 LEAFs.

Nissan LEAF sales in Japan – December 2018

Nissan LEAF and Nissan LEAF e+ offer in Japan

The year 2019 promises to be exciting as the 62 kWh version LEAF e+ will go on sale early in Japan. With such a big battery and nationwide CHAdeMO network, LEAF should sell like hot cakes, especially since the 40 kWh still will be available.

The e+ costs around 14% more than the corresponding 40 kWh LEAF (e+ X trim vs. X trim), while the difference compared to the base S is 28%.

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Wonder why they don’t switch to CCS for U.S. And Europe

Chademo chargers in Europe and the US are 99% up to 50kW and this low power charging will hardly overheat the poor leaf battery pack without a proper thermal management. Nissan is so cheap, fortunately new EV s are coming with higher power charging, proper thermal management at 120kW and above. CCS 2 chargers at 150kW and above are spreading fast.

Nearly 100k worldwide in 2018. My personal guess is 150k in 2019