Nissan LEAF Sales In US Continue To Head Sideways In August

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Nissan LEAF Sales Continue To Go Downhill In The US

Nissan LEAF Sales Continue To Go Downhill In The US

Unlike many other regions of the world, it appears the majority of the potential US consumer base for the Nissan LEAF not only knows that a significant upgrade for the LEAF is coming shortly, but they will have no part of the current 2016 edition (107 mile upgrade or not) in the meantime…no matter how quiet Nissan stays on the topic.

Sir Chris Hoy unveils golden LEAF giveaway for Nissan’s sponsored athletes winning gold in Rio

Sir Chris Hoy unveiled golden LEAF giveaway for Nissan’s sponsored athletes winning gold in Rio in August

So we have a classic Mexican standoff, the US consumer is motionless – but yet still keening awaiting upgraded LEAF news, while Nissan, knowing it has lost the US market, has temporarily abandoned it – while pretending it has nothing up its sleeve.

The Japanese automaker is now stocking only a fraction of the EVs it was a couple years ago (at around 2,000 units total) in preparation for the big changes ahead.

August 2016 also marks more than a full calendar year’s worth of apathy (see chart below), meaning that the 1,066 LEAFs sold this month was only off 23.5% from the 1,393 sold in 2015. Hooray?

For the year, 7,922 LEAFs have sold, off 36% from the 12,383 sold in the first 8 months of 2015, and off 58% from the 18,941 sold during the same period in 2014.

So why has Nissan chosen to sit in the shadows until the very last minute with its new plug-in product announcements?  Current sales.  Despite the company’s US woes, no EV has sold more worldwide that the LEAF in 2016 – totaling some ~27,500 units for the first six months.

Chart Translation: Significant upgrade needed

Chart Translation: Significant upgrade needed badly (all-time data through July 2016)

Also of interest this month as it relates to Nissan:

*- the company released a working prototype of the all-electric Bladeglider they debut several years ago at the Tokyo Auto show in 2013

*- Nissan expanded its popular “No Charge To Charge” – 24 months of free public charging for new LEAF owners, to 10 new areas in August – check out the new entries and complete list here

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Is this the 2017 Leaf ?

Nice colour, but very nice would be a 40-45 kWh battery.

40kWh – and more infrastructure. Try driving off the beaten path in an EV (other than a Volt / Energi) and see what kind of charging is out there. Until we have DCFC in Podunk, we cannot rely on a life without range-anxiety.

Charge anxiety you mean. The Leaf can cross the country if it could be charged. We have to define the problem correctly before we can fix it and even a 200-mile EV is not a fix for charge anxiety, more available charging is.

I often drive about 200 miles in very remote, rural areas that have no charging infrastructure. It’s never been an issue. But I have a Tesla.

Awesome. Another good example why 200 miles should be the new standard (or an option for the die hards that want less)

Let’s not cause confusion. Range anxiety is at the root of, and therefore encompasses pretty much all the main operational anxieties with a BEV, including finding-a-charger anxiety.

No, it’s range anxiety.

– Drop a 150kWh battery in a Leaf and “charge anxiety” ceases to exist.
– Install chargers every 10 miles and people are still going to worry about having to sit around for 30 minutes waiting for their Leaf to charge because they had to make an unexpected trip.

The minimum goal of 10000 annual sales is well in reach. Not very good, but much better, than all the death claims from the internet experts.

Leafs are falling? How odd.

Summer did just end right?


Will Nissan make The Big Announcement regarding the new Leaf in the next 30 days? You know, in an attempt to steal some limelight from the Bolt.

Or you can say nothing if that’s the case;-)

The Paris motor show opens on October first…

Pretty much a year of total silence now from Nissan. That’s too much, and too slow. They were once the leader in EVs, and could have stayed that way if they really wanted, but their do-nothing and say-nothing approach has lost them any lead they had.

I have a feeling they’re gaining current sales worldwide, but at the expense of future sales. Unless their next gen product is stunningly superior, which seems less likely with each passing day.

If you look the sales they are still the leader, but what should they do if the new LG cells are not ready until 2-3 months.
Should they announce now 40 kWh version same price available in December ? Not really!

They could give info about what’s coming and approximately when without the details yet. Marketing departments do it all the time.

Also, if they top out at 40 kwh it probably won’t be enough to stay competitive. I’d expect closer to 60 and a higher price. But we’ll see I guess.

They should significantly lower the prices of the existing models.

Answer is simple, tesla 3 aproximitly same price.

The Leaf needs a better rumor mill before Paris. Looks like The Bolt is in the spotlight for now.

I fully understand Nissan’s reasoning at this time. The Leaf still sells over 1,000 units a month here and sells even better in the rest of the world. Why kill those sales by announcing a great new replacement product too early? My guess is we won’t hear anything until the car is less than 6 months away from appearing on dealer lots. Sort of like Toyota did with the Prius Prime. Although it’s starting to look like the Prime might be coming a little later than expected.

Whats up with the 2015s with 30 kwh Battery I think I bought one everytime i charge it it is at 107 or 109 miles? Nobody nknows anything and I decoded vin twice and cant tell if it is the 30 or 24