Nissan LEAF Sales In Japan Up Nearly 33% In First Quarter Of 2014

APR 23 2014 BY MARK KANE 8

Nissan LEAF Sales In Japan Up Almost 1/3 in First Quarter

Nissan LEAF Sales In Japan Up Almost 1/3 in First Quarter

The Nissan LEAF Was Previously The "Best Seller" In Denmark In 2013

The Nissan LEAF Was Previously The “Best Seller” In Denmark In 2013

Nissan is not slowing down in Japan delivering yet again well over 1,000 LEAFs.

In March, it was exactly 1,201 LEAFs delivered, which represents over 77% growth over the March 2013 sales figure of 676.

The whole of 2014 has been strong for Nissan with 4,345 LEAF sales in the first quarter compared to 3,268 in Q1 of 2013.. This mean that Nissan is selling approximately 33% more LEAFs so far this year.

Hopefully, this growth will continue. For now, it’s the seventh time in a row sales exceeded a level of 1,200 units and Nissan is on track to sell over 16,500 LEAFs (taking into account average monthly sales). In 2013, LEAF sales were 13,021 in Japan.

At the end of April, Nissan should hit the 40,000-unit bar of LEAF sales in Japan (and 50,000 in U.S. at the same time).

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Any idea why the increase in sales?

Lower price?
More incentives?
Charging infrastructure hitting critical mass?

The ’14 is basically unchanged from ’13, so can’t really attribute the change to the new model year…

Propably just a natural growth in the EV market.

Both I would say.

Market maturity, and very late in March Nissan reduced the LEAF for the 4th time since it came out in Japan (this time by about $2,500 USD)

Price cut success!

Here in Washington State, USA LEAFs are more common than 2nd gen Priuses were in their second year. Today, you cannot turn left nor right without seeing a Prius – and I cannot step outside my suburban home for 15 minutes without seeing a LEAF! They’re truly all over the place around here.

Perhaps the Japanese car buyer is following the momentum. A lot can be said when folks see their neighbors with one, and it just begins rolling. Average income is high in Japan. Around here LEAFs are most commonly a second, third or fourth car. Word of mouth travels slowly but sure. EVs are clean and make tons of sense.


The conventional wisdom that LEAF’s make good second or third cars is common but misplaced.

I put about 18,000 miles/yr on my LEAF, my wife drives 5,500 miles/yr in her Altima.

The more miles you drive a LEAF the more you save in fuel costs, so for our family it makes sense for the higher mileage driver to take the LEAF to work.

LEAF’s make excellent primary vehicles, with a gas backup for those longer journeys where the LEAF is less convenient.

Excellent point, JP.

So you just confirmed that LEAF is best as a first car in a family with two cars?

Whichever way we want to state it – I agree the LEAF is a great addition to anyone’s driveway! 🙂

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