Nissan LEAF Sales In Japan Up 31% To 1,614 In March

APR 28 2016 BY MARK KANE 7

Nissan LEAF in Japan

Nissan LEAF in Japan

Nissan LEAF sales in Japan reached a still impressive 1,614 units in March, after surging to over 2,500 and 2,800 in previous months as a result of the larger battery capacity (30 kWh) version’s introduction in its home market.

Year-over-year in March stood at 31%, helping to push the overall first quarter tally to a record 6,936 LEAF sold.

And that was not a small beat, Q1 results were some 2,500 better than achieved in any previous quarter to date!

In fact, Nissan now needs just over 2,000 more sales to pass all of 2015’s sales in Japan combined (9,057), and just 7,000 more sales over the next 9 months to set an new all-time record (14,177 in 2014).

On the all-time charts, Nissan Japan has nearly crossed the 65,000 mark through March.

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With 45 kWh 2017 Leaf could reach half Prius level in Japan and no other EV could follow. And Leaf 2 could be 80.000 in Japan/year.

It goes to show, 200 mile EVs are game changer.

Japan might make a good case study for a industrial county with a large population to see if a large herd of EV’s can drive down Oil use.

So much for those endless, tiresome Leaf eulogies. Relatively speaking, since the 107-mile models have become widely available, Leaf-aversion has become a strictly American phenomenon.

The US market will always be important, but the US consumer often behaves like an inconsolable toddler, especially when it comes to stuff like cars or electronics.

Couldn’t agree more.

But I still want a hatch on the back of my Model 3 and I’m going to stamp my feet and cry until I get one. So there!

Leaf sales are tired to gas prices. In all markets with relative high gas prices, the 30 kWh Leaf sees a significant sales boost.

There are 6,469 CHAdeMO DC Quick chargers in Japan. That is a lot.

Shouldn’t it be obvious that a lot of people in Japan would have to be driving a Nissan Leaf?