Nissan LEAF Sales in Japan Steady In August; Global Sales Higher Than Ever


2013 Nissan LEAF

2013 Nissan LEAF

2013 Nissan LEAF

2013 Nissan LEAF

In August, Nissan logged another solid month in Japan with 938 LEAF registrations. YTD numbers are at about the same as last year at 7,658.

According to JADA, sales of new vehicles in Japan fell 6.4% in August to 217,411 units (without the kei-car category included), but passenger vehicle sales fell 7.9% to 188,867. This has allowed the LEAF to now capture around 0.5% of the market of full-size passenger cars.

What is interesting is that Nissan grew as a brand by 3.3% to 32,442 in August, when Toyota and Honda fell respectively by 12.5% to 101,404 and 22.1% to 18,985.

For Nissan alone, sales of EVs account for almost 3% in Japan.

Sales of kei-cars (with 660 cc engines) increased by 7.9% to 149,343, so Mitsubishi with its 134 copies sold of its MiEV-family of electric doesn’t even control 0.1% of that segment.

Back to Nissan, August is probably the best month ever for the LEAF, not only in US, but almost everywhere around the globe. With 2,420 in US, 938 in Japan and 448 in Norway, the total comes to 3,806 in one single month. With other markets added in, LEAF sales for sure were beyond the 4,000-unit mark.

Who knows, with well over 75,000 LEAF on the roads and four month of high sales, maybe Nissan will be able to reach 100,000 EVs by the end of this year?

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The big surprise to me in this article is Honda – they really only sold 18,985 vehicles compared to Nissan’s 32,442? Why is Nissan so much bigger in Japan than Honda, when in the US they are so far behind?

This is the second month that the Leaf hits 4.000 units this year (4.334 units in June), i would expect that it will keep on selling around those numbers until the end of the year, so:

79k + 4 x 4k = 95k

Even if it can´t reach that number, it’s still something to praise, just like selling 45.000 units in a year.

(For more info, go to:

In June I see 1045 for Japan, 2225 for US and 340 for Norway, so total 3610 on three largest markets.

plus 94 in france, 70 in the netherlands, 83 in Italy, 37 in Germany, 29 in Spain, 38 in Switzerland, 20 in sweden, 16 in Australia, 6 in Portugal and…we’re north of 4.000, without counting other countries where the Leaf is strong, like the UK.

For sure this is not first 4,000 month. But I think now we are higher.

What a weak relative ev sales in Japan. Is it due to electricity price?

Electricity rate increases were moderate and gasoline is not cheap in Japan, an EV is still a good economical deal.

It’s more the sensationalism media, which rate everything, that uses electricity, is evil.