Nissan LEAF Sales In Japan Plunge Ahead Of 2016 Model Year Launch

NOV 27 2015 BY MARK KANE 7

2016 Nissan LEAF

2016 Nissan LEAF

In Japan, just like in the U.S., Nissan LEAF sales of the existing 24 kWh model are moving backwards this year.

Some 2016 model year deliveries begin this month, but before that, sales plunged by a record –67% year-over-year in October to just 359 units sold.

With two months of sales to go, total sales through the end of October stand at 7,962 (nearly -34% compared to 2014), and if Nissan does not sell over 2,348 in the final two months, 2015 will be the worst year in terms of LEAF sales in Japan in the car’s five-year history.

On the positive side, the longer range/30 kWh version (107 miles on EPA standard versus 84 miles on the 24 kW)could be the turning point and push LEAF back onto the path of growth.

As the Nissan LEAF has been a very strong seller in Japan previously, we anxiously await to see how the 2016s are received after a full month of sales in December.

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Do you have outlander sales?

Yes. Outlander story in progress.

…if we told you, we’d have to kill you

Meh, tell him, kill him. We all promise not to read the comment.

The rumors about a new Leaf were not good this year to sell Leafs in US an Japan. Next time Nissan should do a better transition, best no rumors about a 2018 Leaf.

How many Nissan Leafs have been sold/delivered in total worldwide (since 2010)?