Nissan LEAF Sales In Japan Cross 75,000 In February

MAR 30 2017 BY MARK KANE 4

Nissan LEAF at CHAdeMO fast charging station in Japan

Nissan LEAF sales in February decreased by 39% year-over-year, from a record setting figure of 2,819 to 1,711; however that was not an unexpected result, as just a year ago Nissan introduced its newer 30 kWh LEAF.

In actual fact, sales of the “old” LEAF are still doing quite well in its home market, as last month’s result was the 6th best ever.

In the first two months of 2017, Nissan has moved 3,142 LEAFs.

As the next generation LEAF was just announced (on March 9th) to debut this September, we do expect that current LEAF’s run of some fairly exceptional months in Japan, is not over.

We should note that a significant milestone for the LEAF in Japan was made in February, as cumulative sales reached 75,636.

Nissan LEAF sales in Japan – February 2017

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Increase range, sell more cars.

Not necessarily. Japan has small distance requirements, so maybe reducing costs for lower range car will work really well there.

Bolt is available in US yet sales are less than stellar, so range alone is not the answer. Every new EV addresses what was the perceived reason why they have not taken off. Then a new reason is given. What is going to be the real reason?

In Australia we have no incentive and no real infrastructure. If I could get a Bolt, that would satisfy 90% of my requirements. If I could have CCS charging as well, that would be 99%.

The other 1% is towing. Only Tesla Model X seems to offer towing, this is really the area I think they have missed out. So low distance requirements means Gen1 vehicles can satisfy, it’s not all about high range.

More good news.
It helps that Japan has more charge points than Petrol stations.

Haw can I geat some of cars to my country I need 10 cars 2015