Nissan LEAF Sales In Japan Have Already Exceeded Entire 2015. Best June Ever

JUL 27 2016 BY MARK KANE 20

Nissan LEAF sales in Japan – June 2016

Nissan LEAF sales in Japan – June 2016

Nissan LEAFs in Japan

Nissan LEAFs in Japan

Nissan continues its great sales run this year in Japan, achieving best June ever.

With 1,323 sales, that result is 48% better than a year ago.

In total 9,407 LEAFs have now been sold in the first six months of this year (which is 71% more than in 2015) – enough to exceed the entire 2015 sales run of  9,057.

Domestically, the 30 kWh LEAFs has been met with a lot of increased demand, unlike in the U.S. which has seen LEAF sales fall to new lows (down 41% at 5,793 sales through June).  Some of the reasons for the discrepancy may perhaps be due to less need for longer range cars on the island, or Japan’s huge DC fast charging infrastructure…or just the fact that Americans have been pounded with the notion that long range, inexpensive 200 mile EVs will be arriving soon.

In total, there is now over 67,000 LEAFs on Japanese roads today.

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All of your suggestion for why Japan likes the Leaf are true, but in addition there is the much more useful long range transit system they have.

The US market is roughly 3 times the size of the Japanese market so 9k in the first half of the year is equivalent to 27k in the US. That is impressive, not totally wild or crazy but certainly a good sign that things are starting to speed up again.

For context … LEAF sales up in Japan are very signing any as Nissan posted a poor quarter. For FY 2016-Q1 Nissan sales in Japan were down 25% as its marketshare decreases from 11% to 8.3% nationally.
(hint: Nissan has a larger market share in the USA)

Don’t forget Serena and Note are most important models. Serena there is now a new model with pro Pilot coming, so bad sales. And Note their are rumors for an update, also with e Power train.

Sales of the Mitsubishi build Kei Car were hold for several month and just restarted a few days ago.

BTW: A vehicle tax is about to be increased in Japan, so don’t expect LEAF sales to remain as strong going into the fall.

Are they giving these things away or something?

I wold think a buyer would really not be paying attention to the market to buy a leaf right now, with it’s current short-range battery offerings.

Maybe the Japanese don’t typically travel as far as others do???

Maybe the new longer range 30 kWh battery, and Japan’s umbiquidous Chademo DC fast charger coverage, nicely cover Japanese driving needs.


What would you recommend, waiting for a Model 3? It will take some time before they reach Japan, just because its RHD and there are more important markets.

Or would you recommend waiting for the Bolt, which has no official Japan timeline, nor even any RHD plans we know of.

So they would have to wait for Nissan to build a next gen Leaf, which might be the reason why Nissan keeps being tight lipped about their plans.

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with the 30 KWh Leaf when you have the dense Chademo network that Japan has. If the US or any other part of the world had Chademo chargers even half as dense as Japan has – I would bet sales would be huge with the 30 KWh Leaf.

90 to 100 miles realistic 65 MPH travel is quite reasonable – the few times a year when we take the gas car on road trips – we only average about 100 miles between stops when going on a 500 to 1000 mile trip. If there were Chademo chargers of similar density – I would have no hesitation in taking the 30 KWh Leaf on 1000 mile trips.

With the present status of Chademo in Colorado, we already take the 30 KWh Leaf on regional trips of up to about 200 miles from home – sometimes we end up resorting to using L2 for a boost since there aren’t any chargers on the I-70 corridor up in the mountains – hopefully this will change soon.

Range isn’t an issue if you have access to rapid DC chargers. I’ve made 450km round trip journeys in a day in my LEAF….. Including time at the destination to do my stuff.

In Europe, Leaf sales through June (first half of each year):

2016 = 10,927
2015 = 8,633
2014 = 7,109
2013 = 3,973

For all of 2015 Leaf finished in the 5th spot with 15,515 total sales.

In the first six months of 2016 the Leaf is in 3rd place in Europe with 10,927.

For perspective the Renault Zoe is #1 with 11,872. The Outlander is second with 11,186 and the Model S is in 4th place with 6,834 sales with six months left in the year.

Fun fact:
In Norway alone 2592 LEAFs were sold from Jan to Jun 2016.

Norway has about 0.7% (yes, less than a percent) of the European total population and it has bought 25% of the LEAFs. Turned around, if Norway was representative for the rest of Europe, Nissan would sell 734 662 LEAFs per year…

Well I just priced a base Prius C locally and a base Leaf. With cash incentives, available rebates, tax and deal costs included the Leaf is comes to less. So perhaps if short electric range is sufficient there’s no reason not to buy the Leaf.

Remember the number of chademos in Japan. The whole island can be visited in a Leaf fairly easily.

it is so sad to hear that in all of Japan only 1,323 LEAFs were sold. If Nissan had lobbyists worth their salt, they would have fought teeth and nails to help save the Georgia EV tax credit – they lost more than 1,000+ monthly sales due to misinformation and lack of commitment in their part.

If the 200 Mile Range Bolt EV was not coming in 3-6 Months, for first customers, and the Tesla Model 3 when it comes in 12-18 Months, did not have access – even if some payment might be required – to the fastest growing, best organized charging network, plus almost every other public Charging point, I could get more interested in a 107 Mile Range Nissan LEAF!

However, even as it is, the 24 kWh model would likely do all my daily driving, and even most all my slightly extra length trips each week, and cover 8,000 to 10,000 miles a year in my normal years travels. It would still require keeping an ICE, or renting one for the rest of my usual travels. The Bolt EV would extend the potential travels, by maybe a few extra trips beyond the local loops, but would not, for its current design, fully replace having an ICE Vehicle. As I see it, only the Model 3 comes close enough to making that replacement, for my usual travels!

I don’t think a LEAF would make a practical or fun trip to Key West, West Texas, or my usual Summer trip, to Wisconsin, for some time yet!

Japan is a relatively small country and an island nation so I guess range isn’t that big of an issue there. The LEAF is a good car except for the range so it makes sense that it sells well if range isn’t an issue.

Imagine how well the Bolt would do in Japan? It’s styled and sized just about right for them.