Nissan LEAF Sales In Japan Hit Bump In April; Lowest Level In Almost Two Years

MAY 27 2014 BY MARK KANE 10

LEAF Gets A 80% (?) Fast Charge At A Nissan Dealership

LEAF Gets A 80% (?) Fast Charge At A Nissan Dealership

Nissan LEAF sales were steady and strong this year in Japan, rising by one third in Q1 compared to 2013.

But April brings some low, low numbers. Just 508 LEAFs were sold in April in Japan.  This is the worst showing for the LEAF since way back in August 2012.

It is highly probable that some solid months were inflated by announced higher taxes introduced on April 1.

Total passenger car sales in Japan fell by 11% last month to 188,864 units, which is weakest monthly volume in 16 months.

Anyways, overall sales of the LEAF are still higher in 2014 than last year, but we need to wait a bit longer to celebrate the LEAF crossing the cumulative sales mark of 40,000 units in Japan.

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Nissan should offer a longer-range battery for the Leaf and should communicate their battery plans to the current Leaf owners. Will they offer a replacement battery for the older cars? How much to replace the battery? I believe the battery range limitations and lack of a clearly delineated battery policy is the reason for decreased sales.

Just the normal seasonality. See 2013.

Is there a BMW following there in some segment. Saw this from Oct’13 on “In Asia, BMW Group sales soared by 31.6% last year to 491,512 vehicles (prev. yr. 373,613). Mainland China accounted for 326,444 deliveries of BMW and MINI vehicles, an increase of 40.4% over the previous year (232,586). The BMW Group posted double digit growth in several other Asian markets including South Korea (33,500; +22.3%), Middle East (21,314; +14.2%) and Japan (56,607; +18.9%).

One word: Godzilla.

I don’t think they are bringing out the Seppuku knives just yet over at Nissan Japan.

Ironically my area being not that well known for EV’s was today was the first day in history that I saw two fully electric cars on the road. A black Nissan Leaf and a purple Mitsubishi i-MEV. It is also the first time I have seen a Mitsubishi i-Mev on the road. So this means EV sales are starting to go up in Central Virginia.

What could be happening to Nissan if the Mitsubishi i-MEV is six thousand dollars cheaper then the leaf people might be be buying the i-MEV as their first electric car instead of the leaf in that they would have less money tied up in it.

@Ocean Railroader

You are on the right track when you say Mitsubishi is competition for Nissan Leaf in Japan.

But it is not the iMiev and its offshoots, but the Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV that seems to be giving the Leaf some real competition in Japan.

In December 2013 the Outlander from Mitsubishi outsold the Leaf 1488 to 1235 in Japan.

This may be part of the reason sales of Leaf in April 2014 fell off.

Yes it’s probably competition from Mitsubishi but not the all-electric iMiev but instead, it’s the Outlander PHEV.

Here’s a link to the statistics.

Congrats on seeing some EVs in the wild from your area

I have had people ask me about if a plug in SUV exists and they are happy when I tell them about this vehicle. Such as they all say they would find this SUV far more useful then the Chevy Volt. So if it ever shows up in the US it could give the Volt big trouble.

No one who wants to buy a normal car in Japan will consider a SUV.
The Outlander PHEV competes only with other SUVs.

Ocean Railroader,

Yes, Outlander is probably good competition for Volt, Leaf and other passenger vehicles.

Back in the good old days we used to call SUVs Station Wagons.

You are right, a lot of people want more useful carrying space than a sedan offers.

The Outlander is perfect.

In Sweden, it was the number one Plug-in Car in Jan. 2014, followed by the new VW e-Up, then the Nissan Leaf is in third.

Seems like Mitsubishi may have a real hit on its hands.