Nissan LEAF Sales Hit Almost 3,000 In Japan In March

APR 6 2018 BY MARK KANE 19

Nissan LEAF sales in Japan remain incredibly strong.

In March, 2,997 LEAF deliveries translated into 91% sales growth year-over-year.

The new LEAF really made a big splash, as already 10,485 units were sold in the first three months of 2018 in Japan and 18,332 have been sold since the new LEAFs introduction six months ago.

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Sales in the past six months were already higher than in the entire year of 2017.

Nissan LEAF sales in Japan – March 2018

Nissan LEAF sales in Japan – March 2018

Nissan almost hit 100,000 cumulative LEAF sales in Japan alone at the end of March.

Nissan LEAF sales in Japan – March 2018

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Plus over 2100 in Norway, however many in the rest of Europe, and 1500 in the US. Sounds like they’re nearing at least 10k/month worldwide. That’s nothing to sneeze at.

You “stole” my comment 🙂

If I’m not mistaken, the 6339 Leafs sold in Feb were a new Leaf record (previous might have been 5976 in Dec. 2014, but in March they’ll easily shatter it again.

It’s nice to see both the Model 3 finally ramping up, and Nissan finally cranking out those Gen 2s. Both have ample global demand, and both help to mainstream the EV in different ways.

it’s really funny, that I don’t see Nissan bragging about exponential ramps and giving people lectures on S curves.
Looks like Nissan spends more time pumping out cars than pumping their stock.
And yet, Nissan is beating the crap out of Model 3 sales 🙂

Production, not sales.
It’s not a sales problem that Tesla has.

LOL how long will Nissan “beating the crap out of the Model 3”? One month? How relevant is that for a product with a 5+ year lifespan?

By July, Tesla will be smoking the Leaf. It’s pretty obvious that Nissan knows this, too, which is why they made big design compromises to get the price well below the base Model 3’s.

Nissan had plenty of issues ramping up production if the 2018 Leaf, too. North American production is still low.

Yeah they sold more leafs then thier competition

Is 100,000 Nissan Leafs possible in 2018?

World wide, no problem. I would expect to see sales in Japan to exceed 50k.

With tokyo olympics 2020 around the corner i see it happening plus with the leaf suv coming out next year

Easy peasy.

A Nissan exec was quoted a month or so back saying they expected double-to-triple the 2017 sales (46K units globally) in 2018. That means their target is 100K-150K and <100K would be a disappointment. Right now, unless some unexpected serious fault shows up, looks like they'll have no problem meeting that goal. The LR Model 3 doesn't really compete given its price, and I'm not sure the Bolt (Ampera-e) will even continue to be sold in Europe this year, following the PSA-Opel deal — even if it will, it got a 6K Euro price hike.

I think it will be near 100.000 Leaf sales in 2018 worldwide.

I like the bronze color, looks better than the Bolt, but yes the 40kwh battery is a problem.

Japan is really one of the prime markets for EVs. An average japanese car drives 5,800 miles per year compared to 13,476 miles per year in the US. Add in the fact that Japan as a country is smaller than the state of california makes it even more a prime market for EVs.

If not for their dabbling in fool cells, Japan could have long turned into a country powered by EVs and solar power.

And they have more than 7,100 Chademo charging stations in Japan.

Plus they take trains everywhere

That’s the thing about Japan. You honestly don’t even need a car to get around there. Just hop on the subway/local train then take it to the Shinkansen. You can be across most of the country in less than six hours.

And as a Californian, I will say that it will be amazing if we could get our high speed rail going here. LA and San Francisco would be much closer together.

3,000 is a big #, but why is it nearly 800 below February sales despite March having 3 extra days.
Is it because of bad weather or the dealers are focussing on other models.

Last month in Japanese sales, Nissan Note sold more than 19,000 units to take #1 position while Nissan Serena (van) took #3 position which a tad below Prius.
It’s very difficult for any non Toyota model to sell at such a high # there.
And 2/3 of the Note sold are serial hybrids which surprisingly get a very high mileage.
Even the Serena has a serial hybrid version and it went on sale last month in Japan and probably that could have contributed to such a high sales of the model and all this could have eaten into Leaf sales.

Go, Nissan! Kill that POS model 3!