Nissan LEAF Sales Hit All-Time High In Canada


Nissan Car Sales In Canada - November 2015

Nissan Car Sales In Canada – November 2015

Nissan LEAF

Nissan LEAF

Yesterday, Nissan Canada made the following announcement:

“Nissan Group today announced monthly Canadian sales of 9,452 units, an increase of eight per cent over last year and the best November in the company’s history. This sales achievement marks 28 consecutive months of record sales for the Nissan Group in Canada.”

“Nissan brand sales increased 7.3 percent with 8,476 units sold, setting a new November sales record. Calendar year-to-date, Nissan sales are up 12.5 per cent.”

So, the strongest November in the brand’s history, but how did the Nissan LEAF fare? Well, it too set an all-time record:

“The fully-electric Nissan LEAF set an all-time monthly sales record with 148 units sold, up 43.7 percent.”

YTD, LEAF sales now stand at 1,111, up slightly from the 2014 total of 1,021 and there’s still one month left of sales reporting this year.

Complete Canadian plug-in electric car sales will be reported by us soon, but we thought this LEAF sales record was worth sharing.

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Mister G

3335 gas guzzlers sold compared to only 148 Leafs sold…nothing to get excited about here…if the numbers were inverted then that would be exciting and significant.


They also sold more trucks than cars, roughly 5000 to 3500 (see for source). So it’s about 150 EVs to 8350 ICEs, with more than half the ICEs having 15-28 mpg.


In fact, given that their trucks sales increased 26% year-to-year, and their car sales dropped 1%, and that they now sell 30% more trucks than cars, it is obvious that their average fleet mpg has dropped significantly.

In other words, Nissan’s carbon output is quickly on the rise.


Compared to the US number it looks very small. But there is about a 10 to 1 population difference between Canada and US.

Looking at just Leaf number 148 x 10 = 1480
Which is higher then 1054 November number in the US.

I know there are lots of factors but current leaf sales number in Canada are OK and growing.


Willing to bet the number of (new) registered LlEAFs in Canada is even more impressive; as there are many used-LEAFs being imported from the US.


No, there aren’t lots of factors. The fact is that Nissan has dramatically dropped the price of the 2015 Leaf before the release of the 2016 model.

Americans have been holding out for the bigger battery. Canadians care more about how much they have to spend, in no small part because our tax incentives aren’t anywhere near as generous.

jim stack

Yet the LEAF sales percentage is growing fast. Once gas jumps back to $4-5 a gallon or liter as they sell it the numbers will rise even faster.
Fracking caused the prices to drop. It is being banned and the impact to water and land is being seen more all the time. Canadians are very aware of the environment.


Not too loud, or the Kochs will buy more Puppets.


Hey Nissan, how about celebrating with a fast charger or two? The lack of level 3 charging in Ontario is disgusting.


Same here in BC.


This. And please don’t put any more DCQC at your head office Nissan. Same goes for Mitsubishi. Their QC is at their HQ only a mile away from Nissan’s HQ.


Here in QC we got a few . You should ask addenergie for some and try to push for BC Hydro and Hydro one to get on bord for it.

mr. M

The longer range leaf will be good for canadian weather.

Al S

It seems like the 2016 arrived earlier in Canada then in the USA. Nissan’s hand may have been forced in this regard due to the stock of Canadian 2015s running out.

(As of mid-November, no 2015 SV was to be had in Quebec, yet there are tons available in the USA).


Where? The website build options, only list the 2015 model.


Yep but there is 2016’s on the lot.


In Canada 148 LEAF sales were 4.2% of Nissan’s 3483 passenger vehicle sales this last month.

For US, the 1054 LEAF sales were just 2.0% of 52,106 Nissan passenger vehicle sales, down from ~5% over the last year. (2687/54,252 in Nov 2014)

More significant, LEAF sales slipped below 10% of total US PEV sales in Nov 2015 (1054/10,568). First time this has occurred since introduction in Dec 2010.

The reason new sales are lower is that used LEAF sales are way up, (not lower gas prices as many speculate). There is virtually no data published on used PEV sales, one of the fastest growing car market segments in 2015.


BTW: PEVs hit 0.8% of US auto market in Nov (10,568/1,320,000), but just over 1.6% of US passenger vehicles sold in Nov. (passenger PEVs vs US Nov passenger vehicle total; excluding trucks & SUVs)