Nissan LEAF Sales Heating Up In Houston

Nissan LEAF


“The quest for a viable all-electric vehicle has been a years-long endeavor, but one car has managed to finally tip the scales toward the all-electric future, and this vehicle is now available at a dealership near Houston, Texas. The 2014 Nissan LEAF, America’s top-selling Electric Vehicle (EV) with good reason, is now being featured at Robbins Nissan in Humble, Texas, and is available for an immediate test drive.”

States Robbins Nissan.

With a reported 140 charging stations in the Houston metro area alone, sales electric vehicles like the Nissan LEAF are starting to charge up in major cities in Texas.

And with killer deals like these from Robbins Nissan, it’s only a matter of time before LEAFs are seen everywhere in the Houston metro area:

2 Discounted LEAFs In Stock At Robbins Nissan

2 Discounted LEAFs In Stock At Robbins Nissan

Robbins Nissan adds:

“…the 2014 Nissan LEAF secures its place as a well-rounded vehicle of any distinction, and not just among Electric Vehicles.”

Why focus on a single dealer touting a particular plug-in vehicle it sells?  Well, with all the discussion on dealers who show no interest in selling plug ins, we find it refreshing to see that some go the extra mile to sell electric vehicles.  yes, there’s some self promotion here for the dealership, but it’s not often we come across anything EV related at the dealer level.  And look at those killer deals!!!

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I think Texas in General is finally starting to pick up some steam in EV sales. It seemed like in 2011 and 2012 there were hardly any plug-in cars around. I could go months between seeing another plug-in on the road. The charging stations we had were just sitting empty and neglected. The dealers had no stock on the lot of any plug-in cars, almost as if they didn’t exist.

This last 6 months I’ve started to see huge changes. The Ford and Nissan dealers have good stock on their plug-in products now. I see Leafs, Volts, and Cmax/Fusion Energi cars going down the street even on short drives through town. I even see a surprising number of Teslas too. And now when I pass those charging stations, I see cars actually plugged into them on occasion. They are almost always Leafs on a QC station, but I have seen the occasional Volt plugged in too.

Very inspiring!

Another check of availability of Ford Focus EVs in Dallas shows ZERO in the area. There are, however, plenty of LEAFs nearby.

True, but you should find plenty of their PHEV products. I recently visited a Ford Dealer just for the heck of it and found that they had a lot of Cmax/Fusion Energi models on the lot.

I have an FFE and a friend of mine is trying to purchase one himself but couldn’t find one within 400 miles of DFW! Ridiculous.

In 2011 and 2012, Leraf had its prices set in thr sky. Leaf sales started picking up when it dropped its price significantly.

As the prices are lowered, some of these start making financial sense to m any.

These electri ccar deals are quite common in SF Bay area and LA area. May be, its new for Texas.

Finding a BEV in the Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi area is nearly impossible. Humble, TX is about 250 mi from me so that’s an improvement. I was considering Carmax and having them transport it to me, but I would have to buy used. At least now I’m getting a few options. A Leaf or a Smart.

I guess the batteries are heating up too!

It would seem that Texas is not the place you want to have big LEAF sales. Battery issues like they have in Phoenix, Florida, parts of California. My overall concern is bad press for EVs in general as this happens.

Exactly…I hope the new chemistry is really more heat tolerant

The L3 situation around Houston seems to be similar to Seattle’s: a ton of QC stations in and around the metro area, but very few on the highways leading to major destinations…

Hopefully someone is on the case?

Looks like sales spin to me…. if they’re selling so well, why are they heavily discounted to move?

It’s probably just a self-serving way to present the impact of the new Texas rebate.

That does seem like a great price, and I was wondering if it was after federal or state rebate since it was close 10 grand off MSRP. There doesn’t seem to be any fine print though, and there is a $3500 is factory cash right now so it must be before rebate. Its less than I see them advertised in my neck of the woods. Nice deal. Houston drivers – go grab one while you can.

They need to change the mileage icon from a gas pump to an electric charging station.

Those deals look like the $7500 Federal subsidy along with the new $2500 Texas subsidy that just took effect.

/also typo

Yep. It’s all about the pocket book and that is why ev’s will triumph eventually. Over the life of the car we will probably see on average about 1/3-1/4 the amount spent to maintain and fuel an ice. Interesting that Nissan is making a big play in oil and gas country. The low introductory prices are also a big come-on.
A way of getting people into your dealership. It’s a numbers game.

Sorry, but thoughts keep rising.
Also much like the play-book in Atlanta. You want them, the Leafs, out the door and on the road so they will be seen. The Hey what’s that? effect. Then neighbors will take their interested friends for a test drive, etc…
Word of mouth has actually been shown to be the most persistent and effective, cheapest means of advertising.

Unfortunately a Nissan LEAF can’t make it from Houston to San Antonio or Dallas without stopping to charge TWICE for hours each stop… so as long as you NEVER leave Houston you might be ok lol

Hours? A leaf with DC quick charge charges to 80% in 20 mins.

It is possible, though. In fact, I know somebody who drove a Leaf from DF/W to Austin and back.

I had a friend in high school(loooong ago), who used to drive an MG, a tiny little sports car. Just enough room for 2 people, plus a trunk. He’d have been screwed if he went to IKEA and tried to bring home a large bed. What’s the point? No one car can be everything to everybody. Of course, it’s not necessary to be evrything. If a person has a need to travel between Houston and Dallas and doesn’t want to stop to Quick Charge, then an EV is not the right car for him. So?