New Nissan LEAF Sales Closing In On 10,000 Per Month, 100,000 Yearly

MAR 19 2018 BY MARK KANE 123

The new Nissan LEAF is on track to become one of the best selling electric cars this year after showing very strong numbers in February.

2018 Nissan LEAF

Nissan’s electric flagship noted over 3,700 sales in Japan and it turns out that even more were sold in Europe (3,766) in February.

The LEAF is now one of the top five best selling Nissans in Europe, with brand share of 6.5% in February.

Together with nearly 900 sold in the U.S., Nissan delivered nearly 8,400 LEAFs in its three biggest markets. On an annualized basis. that would work out ~ 100,000 sales.

How high will LEAF sales really go though? What’s the limit before a major backlog occurs? We think globally around 10,000 a month or maybe a bit sounds reasonable

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Will the new LEAF become the best selling electric car in Europe for 2018? What about worldwide? It’s only real contented right now for either or those titles would seem to be the Tesla Model 3.

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I said it a couple months ago and say it again. It is likely to beat the Model 3 worldwide in 2018.

Probably not, we can expect something like 130000 Model 3 produce this year with more realistic projection than E.Musk.

It should be a close horse race with 2018 Tesla Model 3 and 2018 Nissan Leaf with World wide total sales at n 2018. I think this is a chance for Tesla to take a victory lap before the real competitive heat comes in 2019.

A close race between the new Leaf and the 3 is good for everyone. Or will be good for everyone if both of them are selling more than 100,000 worldwide this year.
It is kind of amusing that even 50,000 would seem kind of disappointing for either of these cars.

….aaaand everyone’s forgetting the actual world #1 at present 🙂
It is also the one most likely to first cross 100k over a 12-month period (not necessarily a calendar year).
As of February 2018, it is around 86.5k and rising (since its 2018 sales thus far have been a few thousands/month above 2017).

Cultural-geographical bias anyone?

I was laughing to myself that I was ignoring Chinese BEV sales and Assaf throws it in my face. LOL!
I do tend to ignore China because they are the “other”. And the fact that are a de facto command (ok a hybrid of a command/market) economy makes it easy for the leadership to say, “Thou shalt buy electric buses by the thousand!” And so it shall be. And to some extent that same command is made with regards to BEV production.

Good. More cheap Leafs on sale when people ditch them.

It is just anecdotal evidence, but this past month I have been seeing electric cars all over Northern Virginia. There are a steadily rising amount of Volts and Leafs, and the odd i3, but the Teslas are showing up everywhere, and I just saw my second 3 in Arlington. Plus the Bolt is showing up in decent numbers as well. I imagine that I am driving past Primes and Energis but they are harder to notice unless you see them at chargers.
I do agree with your point about cheap BEV’s showing up as used cars as people step up to more robust plug in cars, which is helping people enter the electric car club on the cheap. It is all good.

Interesting. I am also in NoVA, seeing mostly Tesla’s, then Volts, then Leafs. Haven’t seen any 2018 Leafs yet, but they are harder to spot. Not too many Bolts either, thought I would see more. A steady trickle of Model 3’s now.

North Arlington is Tesla territory. They fit in well with all the Audi’s, BMW’s and Porsche’s. It is getting so expensive to live here I wonder how long I will last. LOL!
I am hoping to see a LOT more Bolts, Leafs and 3’s in the weeks to come but I have a feeling that when the 3’s start to arrive next month they will be arriving in force.

I don’t care, We all win! More BEVs = less pollution.

Less pollution is an EV win, no matter how you slice it.

Maybe although I think that is going to be a stretch. I’m assuming about 100,000 Model 3 produced in 2018 with the floodgates opening next year but it’s a total guess.

Elon announced 5000 cars per week starting July 1st, with 2500 by April 1st. If we just count the 5k, that’s 130,000 over 6 months.

‘if’. Such a big word.

He says a lot of things. Realistically, Tesla is going to hit 50-75k in 2018 assuming everything goes well.

That’s probably about right. More bottlenecks are going to appear as other areas of the chain start to get tested at scale and I think doubling production each quarter (Q1 7000, Q2 14000, Q3 28000, Q4 56000) is about as good as anyone can realistically expect. It would mean about 200,000 cars produced in total this year. Q3 is probably going to be the key one. They might start running low on cash around then so expect an unveil for the Model Y. If they have demonstrated steady production of over 2000 a week (not extrapolated bursts but genuine and consistent production) for a full quarter backed up by solid demand for S+X then the stock price will probably surge again.

A cautionary note – the initial sales might be a temporary surge of pent up demand since the word on it was out for a while. Look at the first 3-6 mos. of sales to get a grip on it.

I wish it well, but you never know.

Compare the Nissan Leaf to the GM Bolt as they are similar cars and it shows how bad GM is doing.

GM isn’t even making enough to sell this amount. 10,000 per month would exhaust their entire year’s production in 3 months. The Bolt is basically not selling anywhere besides the U.S. except for a pittance in Canada and Korea.

That doesn’t necessarily change what you’re saying, I just wanted to clarify that the problem appears to be that GM doesn’t want to sell the Bolt, whereas Nissan apparently does want to sell the Leaf. Maybe the smaller battery means the Leaf is actually profitable?

Giving the consumer options has always been a good marketing tool. Though many have complained about the current 2018 LEAF’s relatively small battery capacity, the fact is that by having their current vehicle as the base model while developing and, later this year, delivering a LEAF with a larger capacity at a higher price means that they are better covering the market and should sell more–possibly many more–vehicles than many other manufacturers, especially those new to auto manufacturing. Nissan is showing the kind of manufacturing- and selling-wisdom that comes from being an experienced and well-established automobile manufacturer. Lack of experience in manufacture continues to be Tesla’s greatest weakness. Their second greatest weakness is in promising more than it can fulfill.

That didn’t age well.

US sales should be much higher once they work out inventory. That could be 120,000 a year.

Yes, I agree. LEAF sales are only going to go up.

I think the dark horse in Model sales crown are the Chinese manufacturers. Either way it is going to be an interesting year.


But dang it, they’re not even a “dark horse”. The BAIC EC-series just broke the annual sales record with 78k in 2017, with a peak of nearly 16k in November alone.

If they keep up the sales level of the second half of 2017, they will be well above 100k for 2018.

Their only real threat preventing this sales level is domestic competition, because production volume has already been proven over the past month.

This is perhaps why the Leaf and not the Model 3 is the key story for 2018. If the Leaf really takes off and reaches 150,000 or 200,000 a year soon then the die will be cast. They have global production ready to go with sufficient battery supply and you would imagine good profitability. The rest of the market will have to deploy very quickly and it will be interesting to follow their own production ‘ramps’ to see how quickly they can reach these numbers. Most of the models coming out are still only planning production to 15-30,000 a year.

Exactly. The new Leaf is actually a big facelift. Thanks to that they are using the same production lines and same tooling as the past 5-7 years. Nissan has 3 factories around the world for its production, which makes it easier to ramp up production. I do not expect any delays in Leaf deliveries.
After all the criticism of the new Leaf it shows up, that it was a good business decision. That is all its about, business.

So three existing production lines in three factories. Production started in October in Japan, December in the US and ? in UK. Why then are they still only producing roughly 3300 per month per factory? There was huge excitement and pent up demand for the 2018 Leaf. Demand is not likely to increase over time. I’d say though that the Leaf is production limited by choice.

Production quotas. If you cant sell the cars you have inventory then why produce more? Its NA factory that and nissan corporate to produce good deals for its model

I already hear of delivery times of 8 months of 2018 leaf. So yes please ramp up production Nissan.

I hope both Tesla and Nissan sell a million of them next year. Same for Chevy Bolt and BMW I3 and any newcomers as well. I will be glad when Nissan and others start releasing more models.


I think a good portion of these built up back orders just getting delivered now that production has ramped up? I will say I thought that the leaf would be battling the Model 3 this year, but mostly in the half of the year only. I do expect Model 3 monthly deliveries to best the leaf in a couple months. But clearly Nissan is more adept at meeting mfg demand than Tesla. I expect demand to wane and settle at maybe 5-7k ww by April and beyond. On the other hand, it’s great that they are filling the need of a truly affordable BEV. Disclosure – Current Leaf lessee and day 1 Model 3 reservation holder (expecting to get invite in next few weeks). I’m pulling for the M3 to win this year but more EVs are good no matter who it is.

Demand is huge.
If you order now, you have to wait several months for the LEAF.

Bravo! I didn’t realize Europe was on line. I would expect they reach 13,000 per month sometime next quarter and higher as soon ias they are willing to put some cash on the hood. Right now they are asking for a premium in the US.

Be careful about extrapolating those leaf sales. Once entry level Model 3’s start competing with it sales may start to show a different pattern.

You’re funny. When is that do you suppose?

Mid 2019?


Yes, that sounds correct. I project Summer 2019.

I doubt there will be much competiton from Tesla model 3 in Europe and Japan this year.

If Model 3 sales are restricted to U.S. (or U.S. and Canada) for the entirety of 2018, then there is no question that the Leaf can outsell the Model 3, and easily so.

It really all depends on how much demand there is for the Leaf, because — unlike Tesla — Nissan can very likely supply whatever level of global demand there is for the model. We can decry Nissan not really updating the Leaf, in that they’re still using passive cooling for the battery pack. However, it’s pretty pointless to argue that the Leaf isn’t a compelling EV, with that level of sales!

The Leaf sounds like a great car, but they can’t produce anything like the demand, at least in the US and they got off to a very slow start with just 895 sold in Feb. No question the Leaf will outsell the 3 as the 3 is wanted but severely production constrained Tesla not even making one half of promised 2,500 a week.

Interesting. So, it looks like there’s going to be a long life for Chademo after all.

Congratulations to Nissan in that regard. While the Model S make the EV sexy & desirable, it is the more mundane Leaf that garners most of the sales and mass market appeal.

The new Leaf (pun intended) is a great car overall – looks are massively improved, decently good range, practical hatch design, priced within regular car buying range and above all unlike most EV, profitable.

I imagine by 2019 when the 60 kWh + active TMS comes to showroom this number would even further increase.

Sam L – The 60kwh Leaf will likely only be delivered starting in mid or even late 2019 with an MSRP of over 35K and by that time the standard range 35k Model 3 will be widely available so i dont know who in their right mind would buy it over a standard range Model 3 for the same price.

I’m going to buy the Leaf and I’m not crazy as you suggest. Could you understand that people have different tastes?. I hate sedans and love hatchbacks because of the practicality. I like the model S because it’got a hatch and I was expecting the M3 to be a hatchback as well but maybe they don’t want to canibalize MY sales or maybe they just think a big glasd roof is better than space. Being honest what could you really put in the M3 trunk?, your laptop and 2 bananas?. No I’m not a Tesla troll and might be buying a MY ptovided they don’t came with some crazy idea like this falcon doors. People buy SUVs and Hatchbacks because of the easy access of the cargo are and being a fastback/hatchback was one of the most important reasons for the MS success

I’m watching Leaf developments very closely, as my wife and I are trying to figure out when to replace my 2013 Leaf and with what. For me, one of the big issues is how Nissan will start shipping the 60 kWh pack, and at what price. Will it be the only pack and across all trim levels? Or the only pack on just the SL trim (or SV and SL trim)? Or will it be an option on one or more trim levels? Or will they add a new trim level so they can preserve the lower price points of the S, SV, and SL?

And however it arrives, what will it cost compared to a 40 kWh pack in an equivalent trim level car?

Given how hard Nissan worked to get the 2018 S under $30k (which is a joke, given the QC port and heated seats/steering wheel add $2k), I’m guessing they’re VERY anxious to keep a car at that price point or lower, which implies the 40 kWh pack will live on.

Honestly, you shouldn’t buy anything now. Try to squeeze another two or three years out of that 2013. It’s starting to look like a lot of great options will be hitting the market in 2020. The current Leaf refresh is only a half measure. You should definitely hold out until you can get a 200+ model, whether it’s a Leaf or whatever.

Yes, there are reasons to get a 60kWh Leaf, but I don’t see many people valuing those over the advantages of a Model 3, like the charging network, performance, and low depreciation, among other things.

I think the 40kWh Leaf will sell much better than the 60kWh one. The former stands out from the pack at its price point.

Then I suggest you keep dreaming on because Tesla would have more issues to deal with than getting the $35,000 SR Model 3 out the door as they still have a tons more problems to answer to…assuming they can pass through 2018 relatively unscathed.

Tesla would likely further delay the base SR Model 3 in favor of producing the AWD & premium models, as the company is desperately needing cash to sustain their operations. They do NOT have the luxury of building & selling cars that do not generate high profit margins.

Nissan for most part has met their realistic production targets & the waiting line for a Leaf is at most ~4 months.

There might be a $36K model available but likely not, certainly not in the next year, if they have any demand at all. Fully loaded maximum profit $60K versions are not available in any numbers, remember,Nissan makes in three days what Tesla makes in a years production in volume is just not their thing.
Actually,production in volume isn’t Nissan’s thing either,in the US ,as sales were only 895 with great demand and little supply, lets hope both make quite a few in 2018.

Worldwide, if Nissan builds 1,000,000 Leafs this year, I doubt they’ll sell more than 100,000. If 1,000,000 Model 3’s are built this year, guarantee all of them will be sold. The Leaf is a joke.

I drive a model S, and I drove a new leaf the other day and it is a very capable car. No it’s not a model S, but it is a car that just about anybody can own and drive and enjoy. This car is anything but a joke. It is a very compelling car.

Production cars delivered is what counts and the new Nissan Leaf is doing very well there and will likely continue to grow in sales as North America fully comes online and the word gets out about the new Leaf being a decent car to own and drive. The new Leaf will likely also become a popular EV in the pre-owned market.

I look forward to seeing the Leaf SUV version hit production.

It’s great seeing solid affordable EVs enter the market.

Giy down the block from me got the leaf😣

I really would doubt that. Why do people even say these things? It’s not clear at all that there’s worldwide demand for 1,000,000 Model 3s, especially not at the current price it’s going for (way higher than the “base” price).

Keep in mind too that if that many Model 3s sold a lot of its “coolness factor” would wear off, since you’d be seeing them on every block.

I’d actually have more confidence in Nissan selling 1,000,000 Leafs (not that it will happen either), simply because they can mass produce them and probably sell them for significantly lower prices.

Nailed it. Good to see common sense is not dead.

TJKR– not nearly as big a joke as your silly comment…

The 3 won’t even sell 80,000 in the US this year, while the Leaf will sell as many as they build,I’m assuming the numbers will go up quickly.

The 3 won’t even sell 78,000 in the US this year, while the Leaf will sell as many as they build,I’m assuming the numbers will go up quickly.

Serial troll anti Tesla FUDster Mark Kane is at it again! He must be shorting TSLA today!

Sorry, that’s basically what was said of me when I said the same thing. Nice to see an affordable car for the masses is selling so well (still)!

Dude, do you honestly think we don’t notice your extreme anti-Tesla bias? When was the last time you posted anything positive about Tesla? Have you ever said anything positive about the company?

You’ve made your bed, now lie in it. If you find it uncomfortable, you have only yourself to blame.

Positive? Hell yes I have. It’s just that your dumbass doesn’t register it because you can’t fathom someone being critical while positively hoping the best for them. I give credit where it’s due and crap where it’s due and Tesla deserves both a lot of credit and a lot of crap.

I mean why wouldn’t I want them to succeed? They bring a lot of jobs and $ to CA which overall benefits me. They help spur the OEMs along, which again benefits me, etc.. Just because I’m not some loser fanboy who can’t dare call out their messiah, or believe that someone else would dare, for his repeated lies and what not doesn’t mean that I don’t wish them the best of luck…

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

Once it hits the states in larger numbers and the longer range hit the states, it’s going to tough for the TM3 to compete on the sales numbers.

I’ve said it before, the LEAF is going to be a runaway hit.

The 60kwh Leaf will likely only be delivered starting in mid or even late 2019 with an MSRP of over 35K and by that time the standard range 35k Model 3 will be widely available so i dont know who in their right mind would buy the 60kwh Leaf over a standard range Model 3 for the same price.

Except by then the 60kW version will be easily had for less than $35k.

The MRSP of the current 40kW version is (basically) $30k. Not many people actually pay MSRP, at least not after launch. An additional 20kw in a Nissan car isn’t likely going to run you an additional $5k in two years time and even if it is see the first point.

The Leaf will always be cheaper than the Model 3, and frankly it should be. It doesn’t have all (although it’s got some) of the additional bloatware the Model 3 has nor does it have the SC access so it will need to come in under it.

As someone who doesn’t want that bloatware, care about the SC access, and would prefer a hatchback over a sedan why would I pick the Model 3 over the Leaf with TMS is the real question!

Well how good is it. TMS is important but typing the letters is insufficient. Leaf has always had TMS, just not a good one, non liquid. Just fans and fins, so if that fits your climate then fine, otherwise I would not get one based on that alone.

Ya, I agree. The 60kW LG pack will supposedly have a good liquid cooled TMS going on. I don’t exactly consider 1 CPU fan placed somewhere near the battery a TMS either 😀

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

“I don’t exactly consider 1 CPU fan placed somewhere near the battery a TMS either”


These and past sales numbers are why Nissan-Mitsubishi isn’t going to ditch CHAdeMO. It needs it for Japan,, it has a significant existing customer base to serve, it’s going to have the two top-selling fast-charging equipped PEVs in Europe, and depending on available volume of cars, the US market is likely to end up with a split on protocols as well.

I test drove the new Leaf and Bolt last week and was extremely impressed with the Leaf. The Bolt still has it beat in power and range, but otherwise, I liked the Leaf much better. The E-Pedal is fantastic and it offers Pro-pilot as well, which I did not have a chance to test.

I am not sure I would consider the Leaf and the Model 3 to be in the same ballpark, but there will be fierce competition between the Leaf and the Bolt, which I predict the Leaf will win hands down, especially once the longer range version comes out.


If the 60kWh Leaf (2019 Leaf?) can match the price of the Bolt, then it will eat the Bolt sales for lunch.

To my knowledge, the Bolt is still not available with ACC.

Impressive! The leaf should continue to do very well abroad, and I think once the long range arrives in the US sales will really take off here.

The 60kwh Leaf will likely only be delivered starting in mid or even late 2019 with an MSRP of over 35K and by that time the standard range 35k Model 3 will be widely available so i dont know who in their right mind would buy the 60kwh Leaf over a standard range Model 3 for the same price.

Hearing that Nissan is going to price drop the 40kw to 24k and bring in the 60kw at 29k

We will have to see it (price breaks from Nissan), to believe it.

2019 will be an interesting year for EVs, as the competition starts to come from many manufacturers. Discounts will surely ramp sales for many EV models, when they finally become available.

Will –
Really? Hard to imagine seeing as Nissan’s own powerpoint slides revealed a few months ago that they will be pricing the 60kwh version at 35K+ ….

Then why are they saying Fall of 2018, for the 60kwh pack?
Maybe you confusing model year with calendar year.

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

I’m thinking late 2018 is when the LR LEAF get’s here in the states.
Just a crazy ass’d guess though.

ffbj –
Nissan said they will REVEAL the 2019 version in 2018 (probably December), but that doesn’t mean that it will be produced or delivered in 2018…..

As said above, the car should arrive before the end of 2018. Even if the US is the last country to get the car, early 2019 would probably be the latest.

But since I think the long range model would get the best response here, and compete best with the Model 3 and Bolt, I don’t think Nissan will delay too long in bringing it to the US.

Someone who wants a larger carrying capacity, more interior space, a traditional dash layout, better build quality for a start.

Keep in mind we don’t exactly know when the base Model 3 will arrive, nor whether it will be available in high numbers or not. I’m not saying it won’t, just that we really don’t know. If, as some suggest, the base model is really just a money losing teaser, then we might not see it in volume.

So far the Model 3 has basically just slotted in as a slightly less expensive Model S. It hasn’t gotten down anywhere near the affordable level. It all really remains to be seen.

Nissan is clearly competing on cost, and it’s hard to see how Tesla can beat them out on that.

Another Euro point of view

In February new Leaf was not yet available on many markets and barely available in some others, basing monthly sales of 10’000 based on February is a bit like basing monthly sales for Tesla Model 3 based on the January sales (1’900 if I remember well). You should have at least expect new Leaf sales figure for March or even April to make an approximation.

Probably true, but I think it will plod along in the U.S. all the same, just doing 2.5k a month or so average, for around 30k in 2018. Nothing special, similar to Bolt numbers, in the U.S .
Point being it will do well in Japan and Europe as there is little competition for it there, while here in the states you can actually get a Bolt or a Model 3, while elsewhere that is not going to happen anytime soon.

Another Euro point of view

Yes I have no idea how new Leaf could do on the US market in coming month.

Well, you can get a Bolt, anyway. I’m not sure I’d consider the Model 3 readily available.

Well, congratulations to Nissan!

And clearly I was quite wrong about the market for the Leaf being saturated. In the past, the highest worldwide annual sales of the Leaf were ~60,000. If Nissan can achieve sales of ~100,000 this year, then it appears there is more appeal to this model than I thought!

Of course, this model now has a significantly larger EV range, and arguably the redesign — so the Leaf no longer looks like a “dorkmobile” — is an important improvement.

As an EV advocate, I hope this uptick in Leaf sales is a signal that the overall market for plug-in EVs is showing significant growth.

P.S. — I find it deplorable that the original (or teaser) title for this article depicted it as yet another “zero sum” game where increased sales of one EV model come only at the expense of another. What plug-in EVs are mostly competing with, and what they are mostly stealing market share from, is gasmobiles… not other plug-in EVs!

Up the EV revolution!

Yawn :-0
— This is no surprise for the World’s Best selling EV !!!

When Tesla does this, that will be News !!!

The more EVs, the better !

It won’t be close on Jan 1 2019.

I drove my 2017 Ford Focus Electric to the local Nissan dealer to experience ProPilot on the 2018 Leaf. I left driving a 2018 Leaf SL with ProPilot. I wasn’t really planning to buy and I really didn’t like the first offer but the dealer kept making the deal sweeter until I finally gave in.

Without ProPilot I don’t think I would have even considered the Leaf. Even though I have a new Leaf, I’m going to miss both of the FFEs I’ve owned. But I’v Been wanting Adaptive Cruise Control (Nissan calls it Intelligent Cruise Control) on my daily commuter for a long time and it looks like I finally got it.

It looks like from now on my handle will be Texas Leaf.

As a side note, one thing that influenced my decision to go ahead and get a 2018 Leaf was Electrify America guidelines. Electrify America plans to put fast chargers at least every 120 miles along highways. At an EPA rated range of only 115 miles, the 120 miles would be a bit of a stretch for the 2017+ FFE but the 2018 Leaf with an EPA range of 151 miles should have no trouble go from fast charger to fast charge along Electrify America highways.

Will Electrify America have Chademo? VW uses CCS…

Electrify America is supposed to be manufacturer neutral and will have dual platform chargers.

Congrats on the new car. I did not expect to read that you bought one as I was reading your comment given your name and that you had 2 FFEs before. To see the name change within the thread here cracked me up. That is great. The new Leaf looks like it has a lot of improvements. Other posters are saying it rides quite nice. Cool that they made you a deal it has not been out long.

You dropped the Focus for a Leaf? Or do you now have both?

I’m glad to hear you got a good deal on the leaf!

I traded in the Focus.

Cool! Congrats on the new buy!

It’s for the best, I think you’ll end up preferring the Leaf to the Focus in other ways too. Plus it’s nice to buy from an automaker that you know is on the same side of the EV fence as you. (Ford seems to be backpedaling some of their promises and pushing hybrids hard over EVs.)

Personally, I think the new leaf is a better looking car than the Focus as well. Haven’t seen a 2018 Leaf in the wild yet, but one of my neighbors is thinking of picking it up as their first EV.

What will you miss about the FFE? Certainly not having the battery pack where the luggage compartment used to be, or the higher point of gravity that goes along with it .Presumably not the less powerful motor or shorter range either, or the noisier cabin or the less comfortable seats.

Is it just a brand thing or is there something else? I’m genuinely curious to know, because to my mind even the old LEAF was a far superior car to the FFE in every way I can think of. The new one should blow the FFE out of the water.

Your negative comment does not justify a response. If you want to know what’s good about an FFE one around for a while. Quit making comments on subjects you know nothing about.

Congratulations with your new Nissan Leaf.


Did you consider other EV models before making the decision to go for the Nissan Leaf.

Yes, I think that the Nissan Leaf is a great EV, and it will be very popular as well.

Wow no ffe anymore, so wbat are you going to be called now


It was the same for me: my long commute (60 miles a day) had me dying for some autopilot-like functionality. If the Bolt had it, and was available in Ontario, I’d have bought it a year ago.

Instead, I got the 2018 Leaf. After I took delivery, it
really exceeded the expectations I had from the reveal. EPedal and ProPilot make this car so relaxing, but it has solid acceleration when you want it.

Nissan should make hay whilst the sun shines in Europe because when the buying public experience Tesla’s sales and service Nissan and and all other legacy makers be challenged to compete

Another Euro point of view

I take it you are being sarcastic right ?

Certainly not.

I’d estimate two years for the 3 to make it to EU,as long as there is demand here for the 3 and there is. Nissan will sell tens of thousands of next years Leaf in Eu before a 3 ever crosses the pond, they make the 3 very slowly here, the Leaf as well apparently.

“Distributed Bitcoining operation” known as Tesla, is supposed to be a closely held secret around these parts!

Let’s hope your disclosure doesn’t spread over to the financial site Spanking Alfalfa!

Soon Tesla will be like all other American cars. Nothing driven in the sophisticated parts of the world.

IDK if Model 3 will outsell the LEAF in 2018 or not, but if it doesn’t, there shouldn’t be a Tesla Motors anymore.

It was perhaps a 50/50 if the M3 would make or break Tesla. With each passing month it looks more like it’ll break than make. Tesla can’t really build the car they designed for ease of manufacture, and even worse, there is still no sight of profitability, even if they manage to ramp up production.

So far it has been a very profitable game for investors to bet on the stock despite Tesla burning cash at a rate of about a billion dollars per quarter. It’s certainly possible the market will continue to inject fresh funds. But I think it’s hard to see how that’s going to happen unless the ramp up at least goes well enough to be the best-selling EV in 2018. If not just profits but also revenue utterly fail to meet expectations I think Tesla will find itself between a rock and a hard place.

Another Euro point of view

Tesla will need fresh funds sometimes in Q3 latest. I think they will get them, there is a lot of dumb money sloshing around. Now, as you wrote, Model 3 is really make it or break it. IMO Tesla has exactly a little more than 3 months to make it. Q1 2018 will be a financial disaster but major shareholders likely knows it, but if by end of Q2 2018 there is no serious improvement on financial figures and production, then, it will maybe not be the beginning of the end but the end of the beginning. It was already a shock to me how Tesla disappeared from top ten or even top twenty best sold plugging models on the vast majority of car markets outside of the US in Jan. & Feb. 2018 (EV sales blog by Jose Pontes), now all that can change quickly if Tesla makes a really good month of March which is not uncommon.

I actually think the biggest risk to Tesla is if the bubble of financial speculation built by lax monetary policy start to deflate. We’ve had years of easy money and it’s resulted in stretched stock valuations, and absolutely huge bubbles in things like cryptocurrencies. Tesla’s clearly benefited from that too.

As long as we remain in this environment they can raise as much money as they want. However, if speculative fervor starts to cool then they could quickly be in trouble. That’s why if I were Tesla I’d be trying my damnedest to stem the losses and actually become somewhat close to revenue neutral.

Another Euro point of view

Yes, hopefully for Tesla this speculative bubble will still have some air in it between now and when they need to raise cash which is very soon. Also I can’t imagine Tesla going belly up but rather a huge financial restructuring & board of directors reshuffle. I use to think that this easy money from which Tesla benefited from years from that bull market was a blessing but now I am not sure that this sort of environment can produce the right corporate culture in a cut throat business such as car manufacturing, probably not.

I expect the Tesla brand will be around no matter what. At this point the brand (and probably the car designs) are worth something to somebody. Now, the stock would probably have to sell-off something like 75% before it made sense to purchase them, but I think it would happen long before they went to zero.

Another Euro point of view

Exactly my opinion, I bet this will take place within 18 months, probably sooner but we all know Elon’s miracles which could push this scenario a few quarters away.

Nissan Leaf sales in Japan during the next few months will be interesting.

There are more than 7,100 Chademo chargers in Japan.

And how many million home chargers are there in China ?

Heard phevs, hybrids are much more complex in every way than the legacy car, could be wrong.

Reading through some European electric vehicle forums, some perspective Leaf owners are being told there is a 4 month wait for delivery. And its also interesting to note that most European markets only started to receive deliveries of the new Leaf during February, not from the first of the month. March will be the first month that the Leaf is available for purchase and delivery from the 1st day of the month. All European Leafs are made at Nissan’s UK Sunderland plant which has a capacity of 50,000 Leaf’s per year, or 4166 per month. With a partial sales month in February of 3766 Leafs, Nissan Europe is almost at monthly capacity for the Leaf. They may well have to expand the Sunderland plant to increase production capacity. 100,000 Leafs in 2018 is looking like it may well be easily achieved.

Excellent news. Still Feb was only a partial month in some European countries and the production is not in full swing. Hope March sees better results.

Yes, Nissan Leaf sales are rising further in March compared to February. 🙂

Norway sales figures:
– February = 977
– March 20. status = 1193

Edit: 1291 Leafs just a few hours later…..