Nissan LEAF Sales Exceed 2,000 in October


Nissan LEAF

Nissan LEAF

Nissan LEAF sales are up in October, as the automaker reports selling 2,002 units.  This figure represents a 26.8% increase over LEAF sales of 1,579 in October 2012.

Nissan LEAF

Nissan LEAF

Nissan’s YTD tall for the LEAF now checks in at 18,078 units, compared to 6,791 units sold through the end of October 2012.

Nissan’s Erik Gottfried, Director of Electric Vehicle Sales and Marketing, told us this in connection to LEAF sales for October:

“LEAF sales in October set a monthly record for the eighth month in a row with improved availability of the popular S trim driving further sales in new wave markets such as Houston and Boston. Atlanta held on to the title of No. 1 LEAF market for the third month in a row, narrowly edging out San Francisco. As LEAF sales continue to diversify geographically, we saw particularly strong sales in the Central Region led by Denver and Salt Lake City.”

Since March of this year, sales of the Nissan LEAF have remained strong and consistent, prior to that production constraints in Smryna, Tennessee severely limited sales.

After ironing out those constraints, LEAF sales have hovered around the 2,000-unit mark for the majority of the year:

  • January: 650 (production constrained)
  • February: 653 (production constrained)
  • March: 2,236 (production in full swing in Tennessee)
  • April: 1,937
  • May: 2,138
  • June: 2,225

    Nissan Worker Assembles LEAF Battery in Tennessee

    Nissan Worker Assembles LEAF Battery in Tennessee

  • July: 1,864 (production constrained or was it an allocation/trim level issue?)
  • August: 2,420 (all-time record for Nissan LEAF sales in a single month)
  • September: 1,953
  • October: 2,002

InsideEVs learned awhile back that Nissan did decide to increase monthly capacity up to around 2,700 units (from an initial plan to produce approximately 1,900 per month) after realizing that demand has been high since slashing the base MSRP of the LEAF down to $28,800.

Unfortunately, it takes some time (5 months, according to Nissan) to get production up to that volume.  However, the impact of increased production seems to now be making it to dealerships, as Model Year 2013 inventory approached 3,000 units for the first time ever.  That’s roughly 1,000 units above inventory levels at the end of September.

Nissan expects the full 2,700-unit production capacity to make a big impact starting in November.  That’s when the Model Year 2014 LEAF enters production, too.  Those 2014 LEAFs are expected to hit dealerships in December.

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8 Comments on "Nissan LEAF Sales Exceed 2,000 in October"

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Volt squeaks in front again. Promising trend for Nissan though.

I think it is a great news. but it also indicates that nissan leaf sales in US will not exceed 50000 per annum for a long long time, to go beyond 50000 cars per annum, nissan has to diversify into different models.
Electric cube would be great for starters. they can also make a minivan.

Why a cube? That vehicle already doesn’t sell very well. Why make an EV version of it? An Altima, Rogue, or Murano would be the logical choice.

Yes, the Cube doesn’t fair well at all, 400 units per month if I recall, but it does make sense.
Regardless, an electric Cube would help Cube sales. Look at Smart, their ED already accounts for 1/8th to 1/6th for all Smarts sold per month in the US, and they haven’t started to roll out more in the US just yet.

It’s a cheeky loveable car that will turn more heads than the LEAF and like in these new wave markets, if one person sees them charging on the street or charging in their neighbour’s driveway, consumers would then be aware (A lot of people aren’t aware of electric cars other than the Model S) and possibly buy. Just like what’s happening to the LEAF over there.
Not to mention, dealers would expose them more knowing how hot the LEAF is in those markets.

I think the LE and eNV200 together with the Leaf would push Nissan past 50,000/yr. And these are two vehicles they are already planning to bring to market.

LEAF needs more battery capacity to increase sales along with another price decrease. Not to mention a more durable battery. By this time next year there are going to be a lot of disappointed Atlanta LEAF owners upset that they have lost 15% capacity and range in less than two years unless they have snuck some secret sauce into the batteries going into 2013 LEAFs.

If Nissan wants to sell more electrified vehicles, a PHEV family hauler with 20 miles EV range and 40 MPG on gas would be a great seller.

I don’t think Nissian Leafs are going to get past 3000 or 3500 unless they double the range on it to 150 miles in that it is very common for people to drive 60 miles one way and 80 miles of range is kind of jittery for a lot of people.

The thing I’m starting to not understand is the Volt cut it’s price but the Leaf is still handing the volt it’s rear end and in a lot of cases is still staying the same as the volt. And it looks like the Leaf might win when they up production capacity next month.

Volt is still more expensive.

Also in State such as GA, where the State incentives is making a LEAF lease bascially FREE for 2 out of 3 years.

Volt can’t compete against FREE LEAF.

LEAF is cheaper and gets more state incentives by far than the Volt.

at the end of the day, price matters.