Nissan LEAF Sales In Europe Dip Below 2,500 In August 2018

SEP 25 2018 BY MARK KANE 24

In August, Nissan sold some 7,000 LEAFs globally.

August was one of the slowest months for the new Nissan LEAF in Europe as just 2,480 were sold. That is still almost 5% of total Nissan volume in Europe, but far from the peak of 6,503 in March.

The results are not fully understood as on several occasions now, Nissan stated that there is tremendous demand for the LEAF with a total of no less than 43,000 orders (we estimate that well over 20,000 received LEAFs and another 20,000 customers wait for delivery).

Total Nissan LEAF sales in the four biggest markets amounted to 6,910 in August:

  • Europe – 2,480
  • Japan – 2,065
  • U.S. – 1,315
  • Canada – 1,050

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Summer holidays in August

I thought rapidgate…

If history is a guide September sales are +50%

The global annual cumulative total sales of the Nissan Leaf in 2018 will probably be about 90,000.

That would already be record for the Nissan Leaf.

Something seems fishy with those number since according to elbilstatistikk there were 1600 sold in Norway alone in August.

Europe (Norway)

Exactly, there’s other nations In Europe

Jose reported 1241 new Leafs in Norway for August. Can you provide a link to the 1600? Or does this include used-imported?

Still, the current article suggests at least half of Europe’s Leaf volume went to Norway. That is somewhat uncanny; in July it was <25% and in June about one-third. But then, some Euro markets completely doze off in August.

You are correct. My mistake. The 1600 number is registered leafs, which includes used/imported

Click on the August 2018 bar and you see there were 1658 leafs registered in August.

Yeahs it’s unrealistic

The Leaf is getting rather long in the tooth. This downturn is much as I predicted it would be, months ago.
Perhaps people are waiting for the new Leaf, which is being delayed. Or maybe one the newcomers on the block.

There’s no downturn. As of July it was 49,000 and change worldwide and for that month 7,600 and change. That is almost exactly an average of 7000 per month for 2018. Europe is very seasonal. Not much of a downturn overall globally. More of a dull sameness.

One surprising fact with these numbers is the LEAF popularity in Canada.
Considering the country’s population, it is especially high.

Likely due to the cancellation of the $14k Ontario EV incentive – every available one in Ontario was sold to meet the Sept 10 deadline. Big drop coming for this month’s numbers.

There was a frantic rush to get Leaf’s to Ontario as the new gov’t cancelled the incentives. This is probably behind the surge in sales. I expect a serious sales slump which will show up in the national stats next month. Electric cars are more expensive in Canada than the U.S. which makes the Leaf a more attractive option for those whose income doesn’t put them in Tesla territory. The Bolt is not serious competition when none are available and you have to wait a year.

Germany the biggest car market in Europe has up to 12 month waiting time for the Leaf-2.0.
So the problem is not that demand goes down, it’s production/delivery delays – or priority given to other countries where some tax incentives are running out shortly.

I guess people are waiting for the 60kWh version. Until then, Kona and Niro will eat up their sales.

I suspect that’s also the reason. Maybe because of the larger range, maybe due ot the reported battery active TMS. It’s not exactly the same situation, but In the UK, where the Kona EV is offered in both 40kWh and 64kWh, 95% of the orders are for the 64kWh.

Even though aug might have been slow, the new leaf, even with its not so good battery proves that there is massive demand for evs if ppl are willing to buy a relatively short range ev like this, then imagine the model 3 in eu.

I think they only make 2000-2500 a month at each of the three plants. Might be limited by battery supply or how many other cars they also have to make at each plant. I would like to see them sell a million next month, along with Tesla, Chevy EVs, and other EVs. The sooner we can put down the last fossil fuel burner the better. The North American plant has to supply South America, Central America, Mexico, Caribbean, and Canada too. Most sales in Canada and USA.

Another Euro point of view

This Leaf 2 is on the verge of a mild commercial failure. I saw one today, not inspiring to look at at all. IMO Kia Niro will do much better. Nissan is a real letdown regarding EVs. They probably started too early and lost enthusiasm when looking and the profit and loss aspect of selling EVs at that period of time when batteries were just too expensive.

Do Not Read Between The Lines

They’re selling over 7k per month. Like everybody else, they can’t make enough to meet global demand.

Niro will do much better, if by much better you mean more people will want one. Since HyunKia will only make 50k Niro next year, it won’t outsell the Leaf.

More than 300,000 Leafs have been sold worldwide through January 2018, making the Leaf the world’s all-time best-selling highway-capable electric car in history, HISTORY !

Mild commercial failure ? Then what is Tesla, Uber Failure?

Probably due to the 2 week annual summer shutdown at the Sunderland plant at the end of July restricting supply in August